Baby powder fragrance oil Clean Scent
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Product Notice, August 2, 2021: The soap safe usage rate for this fragrance oil has been impacted by recent regulatory changes. While this fragrance has not been changed in any way, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) amended use standards that impact this fragrance.

The information displayed in the Properties section on this page is accurate; however, you may receive a bottle with the soap safe usage rates allowed before the IFRA change. These bottles were printed prior to the regulatory change and are being phased out. You have until May 10, 2022, to use the product at the prior usage rate for any existing products while you reformulate. 

Learn more about IFRA 49: What Candle and Soap Makers Need to Know and IFRA 49: Soap Usage Recommendation Changes.

Freshen any space with the clean, instantly recognizable scent of our Baby Powder fragrance oil. Top notes of sweet orange and airy ozone blend with delicate florals of violet, rose, and orange blossom. Base notes of cedar and powder finish off this classic aroma. Candles and wax melts bring a powdery, clean freshness to any room. It’s a go-to for baby shower favors and for creating a comforting and soothing atmosphere.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood and patchouli.

Blends well with: Lavender, Wild Rose, Cotton and Iris, Day at the Spa

Alternative branding ideas: Newborn

Note Profile:
Top: Ozone, Orange
Middle: Rose, Orange Blossom, Violet
Base: Powder, Cedar

Suggested Colors: Ivory, Blue, Pink
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe No
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 210 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 34 reviews)

Cold Process Soap

Nice scent and strong, my customers loved it. It does not discolor or accelerate the trace. I already ordered more.



Smells more like baby lotion than baby powder. Used this in my soy wax melts and the scent was insane at 1 ounce per pound. Cut it back and it still has a very strong scent. No denying the power of this scent.



This scent is amazing!! No kidding, It smells like a baby's butt after the shower. I definitely recommend. Blends so well with soy-wax 464 :))


The Best

This scent is amazing.

Handmade By Me

Out of the bottle... yes it smells identical to baby powder!!!! On the blotter strip, it smells a bit more floral and I actually like it a bit more on the blotter. I haven't tested this one in the candle yet, so I can't comment on CT/HT.


Baby Powder Fresh

I love this fragrance oil! It’s soooo strong in my candles and wax melts. Great hot and cold throw. I’m smelling them right now as in writing my review. Lol! Don’t hesitate on this one.


Smells Great

The scent is very true to it's name and smells just like baby powder love the scent.


candle making

Great "true" baby powder scent. Not fake. I use it in candles and it has great cold and hot throws!


I love this fragrance. Deserves 5 stars.


More than slight acceleration.

It was insane, and I am proficient in working with problematic scents as an experience soap maker. The scent is great. Perhaps is better for just candles.

Soaps by SunRise

Wonderful powder scent!!

Used this in soap and worked great! Left my soap a yellow color even after using titanium dioxide as a colorant. I didn’t mind the color change as the fragrance is so good!!

Beth Williams

just OK

I've smelled better


Baby powder fragrance oil

The “new and improved”baby powder scent is truly a disappointment. It does not have the strong smell that me and customers are used to. You can barely smell anything. So disappointed will be looking for other manufacturers. This is not the first fragrance I am disappointed with. Idk why the fragrance smell are becoming lighter and lighter. It makes me look bad as a business.


Baby Powder

I received a sample of this to test for gender reveal Candles & out of the bottle it definitely smells more like the pink johnson's and johnson's baby lotion to me but definitely still a "baby" scent. Haven't tested it in a cured candle yet but hoping it has a decent throw in my coco apricot wax - if not thinking of playing around with mixing it with lavender.


Please Help

Hi i received my baby powder FO today and it smells amazing but the top of my candles are looking slushy as they are becoming solid using 464 soy wax, any tips on why this could be happening with this scent? all my other candles with other scents look great.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team will be reaching out shortly!


Soy candle maker

Very disappointed with the new formula. I'm currently making candles for a baby shower and had to restock to complete the order. I was shocked by the lack of scent in this version, it barely smells like anything never mind baby powder. Its so disappointing, and I'm at a loss now, half of the candles will smell like baby powder and the other half like nothing. My long time baby powder customer are going to be very disappointed. Bring back the old formula!


Best FO!

This fragrance is amazing! I use IGI6006 and both CT&HT are fenomenal! Also very strong on my melt and pour soaps, I just love it! Thank you CS!



Baby powder has become my favorite in my candles, even made a car air freshener which is amazing!!! Please never stop making this one.



Absolutely love the baby powder fragrance in my candles! It's clean and fresh, and makes me smile with every sniff. Don't change a thing. P.S. I started on the reformulated version.


Not a fan anymore

Very disappointed this doesn't smell the same as the original baby powder. This one does not appeal to my customers or myself and I can't find that version of baby powder anywhere. So sad!

Scrubs N' Buttaz

Looooove it!

I honestly didn't know I liked the smell of baby powder this much. It's fresh and light, pure powdery heaven. It behaved reasonably well for me in a goats milk soap. Though there was some discoloration, I think some TD could help ameliorate the effect. It began to gel immediately; I had my soap in the fridge for 15 hours and when I cut into it, there was pretty significan partial gel. My soap was also a little on the chalky side when I cut it, but I'm pretty sure that was my impatience, not the fragrance. Unlike many other scents, days of exposure to it (curing on a rack) are just making me happy instead of headachey - I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this again.


Nice with other scents

This definitely captures the baby powder scent but I am not crazy with it on its own. I do like to mix it with other scents (like pound cake, cake, or vanilla). By itself, I would probably only make a cornstarch stain blotter with it.

Keep in mind that I'm a novice & don't use my oils to make products for others. I only use oils in a wax warmer pot, or as a room fragrance, or as personal fragrance (mixed with a lotion).



When we first purchased the original baby powder, it was a big hit!! Our customers loved it... this fragrance was one our best sellers... great reviews!

Now, with the reformulated version, our customers don’t like it as much.

Please go back to the original version.

Lotus Candles

Not the same. I'm hurt it's not that strong

Not the same. I'm hurt it's not that strong as the old one I use twice as much which made mess.of things. We need to at least have a option to pick the baby powder we liked.
#1 seller baby powder 😣


Smells like Johnson & Johnson baby wash.


Definitely Spot On0-Reformulation is SOOOO much better than Previous Baby Powder

The previous baby powder did not smell at all like baby powder. It had a more lilac-lavender soft smell. Nothing powdery at all, and the previous version didn't hold up in my soap for over 6 weeks.
However, THIS version is spot on. Perfect, perfect. Powdery, light, best baby powder on the market. Please don't change a thing!!



I have tried over 15 suppliers of baby powder fragrance for CP soap. This is the very best, wonderfully powdery scent. Not chemical or perfume smell - holds extremely well (like after a year) in CP soap. LOVE IT! Recommend highly.


Baby Powder Fail!

The reformulation of your baby powder is a bust. It smells nothing like the original. I am soooo disappointed because it was one of my best sellers and no one else's baby powder fragrance even comes close.


Smells fresh...It’s Baby Powder at is freshness!




Love the sweet scent! I didn’t think I would like it but it grew on me and now I love the scent!


Better than Before

I LOVED this baby powder scent, smelled just like J&J, was strong, and stuck in my cold process soap. The discontinued version did not have a true baby powder smell, it was more floral. Thanks for new scent CandleScience!


Candle Maker

I ordered this revised version and I am highly disappointed in the new baby powder scent. This was one of my biggest sellers in my Candles and I even had a little left in my old bottle and the two smell nothing alike. I went ahead and made a batch of candles with the new version anyway and now I have customers complaining and I have to search for a new baby powder scent from another company so that I can send out replacement orders so that I don’t lose those customers. This has caused me a lot of stress and money. And the description is very misleading because they say that the original scent was preserved and it was not and I would like a replacement fragrance oil for the inconvenience. Do not buy this, it is not a good one anymore.

Pink Crystal

2 year candle maker

This is one of my absolute favorites I received the new version no change note still my top seller keep up the great work Candle science