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As of 12/02/2017:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Bayberry was discontinued. For a similar fragrance, we recommend trying our Mistletoe, Christmas Tree or Holly Berry.

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! That's what you'll be thinking when you try our Bayberry fragrance oil. This Bayberry scent is the perfect blend of fir and balsam with the just the right amount of nutmeg and spice.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Patchouli.

Note Profile:
Top: Bayberry
Middle: Pine
Base: Patchouli

Suggested Colors: Any shade of Green
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-3%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 2.01% - 5%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 174 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Average Rating:

(based upon 21 reviews)


Was looking for a recipe and came across your product deletion, too bad, I would have purchased immediately. There is tradition in my family of lighting a bayberry candle during New Year's Eve for luck in the coming year, I think it has Irish matter, the house smells great and I bet some scientist now has the technology to prove that the energy has shifted as a result of the ceremony because it is an affirmation of continued abundance for me in 2018. I hope you bring it back.


Hands down the best Bayberry available... why did you discontinue it?

Business owner

Please bring this scent back. I absolutely love it and cannot find this scent anywhere else that even compares

I just bought this scent to make Christmas candles... love it! Went back to buy more only to discover it was discontinued! Please bring it back!!!


You announce NEW scent on the home page maybe add something that is being discontinued to the homepage since its not logistical to send bulk emails to business customers...SO DISAPPOINTED

WOW..Have orders for that specifically!!

How can you discontinue a holiday staple, none of these mentioned come close to Bayberry. Would've been nice to have advance notice, I have outstanding orders

PLEASE don't discontinue!!

This scent is absolutely amazing! It has the perfect balance of everything that you would want in a Christmas candle. I'm so disappointed that I saw it was discontinued on the website today. PLEASE bring it back!

Very Lovely Scent!

Being new at making Soy candles, I have been trying out various fragrances. I received this a little while back and found the scent in the bottle to be a little strong, after all, it is concentrated. However, I really like the earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet smell. It really had a decent hot throw and I prefer the way it smells in the candle over the bottle. I used 1 oz. Per &16oz., next time, I will use 1.5oz. because I prefer a stronger scent. Very lovely!

Great Bayberry scent! Very traditional!

I love this bayberry scent. It's a little stronger than most and it throws beautifully! A perfect scent for Christmas and New Years!


This scent was far too weak for my preference. I thought perhaps it would have a better hot throw when I tested one (after I made several for a holiday party and for gifting) and was disappointed. Very weak.

Great Product and Great Service

This smells wonderful -- authentic and not chemically like most of the other bayberry fragrances (and even candles) smell these days. I'm excited to use it. I also have to compliment CandleScience about how fast my order came (it arrived 48 hours after I ordered it, and they're located across the country from me!) and how well it was packaged. This is my first time ordering from them, but it won't be my last.

Owner, Glad Stone Incense and Candles

This is THE classic Bayberry scent from the 1960's. Bayberry fruit has a wax coating that's traditionally used to make Christmas candles with, that give off that wonderful scent when burned. Unfortunately, they don't produce a scent oil, an essential oil, so the scent has to be recreated chemically. This is is. I just bought an 8 ounce bottle to check it out, and this is the kind. I've been trying other scent-oil companies concoctions and mostly they reek of cloves and this or that rank perfume. This does not, it smells exactly like the old Bayberry I remember. Great job on this, truly. Well done! This will be superb for Christmas candles.


It's a shame that some crafters who are unfamiliar with true Bayberry fragrance have given this fragrance less than good reviews. Bayberry is a shrub that grew abundantly along eastern coastal areas. Our ancestors harvested the small berries to extract a pleasant smelling wonderful wax that they used to make excellent candles. This is not a fruit/berry type fragrance despite the name. I feel that Candlescience's version is a dead on ringer and a great fragrance. I only wish it were soap safe. I love it!


I grew up with Bay Berry candles burning every Christmas. I bought 1 oz samples from numerous distributors and I have to say Candle Science offers the best authentic Bay Berry fragrance oil I have sampled yet. I just ordered a 16 oz bottle because I've been telling all the Snow Birds down here I will be offering this candle scent. After reading some other reviews, I am afraid the larger bottle will be weaker than the sample one I purchased. I sincerely hope that will not be the case. Surely Candle Science will sell us the same quality FO in a larger size as they sell us in a sample size. Otherwise, it will most certainly hurt their business to dupe good paying customers!

Suprised by other recent reviews

This is one of my top three year-round best sellers. I'm really surprised to see so many people not liking the scent- I originally made it for my mom who remembers when Bayberry candles were very popular during the holidays and now it's hard to find a version that matches her memory of this scent. She loves it- my customers ranging from 20s - 50s love it. Please don't ever stop carrying this.

Inaccurate Description

The description of this scent says it's the perfect blend of fir and balsam with the just the right amount of nutmeg and spice. I detect none of this. In my opinion, it's a very strong, unpleasant, perfumey scent. The description is way off.

Nice scent!

I really like this scent, it is strong, but great! My customers love it!

Why was I thinking it would smell like berry?

I don't know what your house smells like during the holidays, but mine does not (and did not) smell like this. I guess the name threw me a little, as this is nothing like a berry scent. And of course the details above don't say anything about berries either. However, as I am constantly on the look out for really strong scents that can fill up a room, this one foots the bill. It is a little flowery for my tastes but I find the scent pleasant nonetheless. I wish I could come up with better adjectives to help the next person, but no particular scent really jumps out at me in order to define the fragrance better and I can't think of a comparison scent.

Nice smell, not too strong

I bought this because my mom and aunt requested Bayberry. They were both born around 1960 and said that Bayberry was a classic Christmas smell from their childhood. For me, this smelled like a softer version of Old Spice. Definitely has a manly sort of feel. This candle would probably be good in a mixed crowd because it is not too sweet or strong. Unlike other "perfumey" FOs, this did not give me a headache to pour, which is great. I used this is GB 464 at 1oz/lb.

Great Scent

I have had so many requests for this scent. Even though Candle Science rates it only 2 stars I say it is a 3. I use GB 464 and use 8.5% FO

Awesome Bayberry!!

I have tried Bayberry samples from 7 different companies and to my nose, CS has the best smelling Bayberry, bar none! It is a complex and woody scent. You can really smell the different fragrance notes in this one. Plus it has a fantastic scent throw in Glass Glow Palm wax. (If this stuff were body safe it would make a really nice cologne.)