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As of 05/13/2019:

This version of Fresh Coffee was discontinued and has been replaced with a new version. For more details see below.


REVISION NOTICE: It is CandleScience policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance was changed for any reason.

As of May 2, 2019 our Fresh Coffee was revised to meet our new stringent safety standards of being Phthalate-free. See new version.

Dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate.

Note Profile:
Top: Coffee
Middle: Sugar
Base: Vanilla, Chocolate

Suggested Color: Brown
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-5%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 2.01% - 5%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 195 °F
Phthalate Free No
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Average Rating:

(based upon 85 reviews)

Seasonal Scents

Strong and bold! Just like I like my coffee
I've ordered multiple times and will keep ordering for sure. I mix with other scents and all the coffee ones are the best sellers!


I was very skeptical on this scent. I wasn't sure if anyone would even buy a coffee scented candle. I brought my samples to a vendor event and it was everyone's favorite. I sold out immediately and had to take many pre-orders. It smells like when you walk into a icecream/bakery shop. 5 stars!

Fresh Coffee

This scent is amazing! My candle came out looking and smelling just like fresh coffee. It smells great!


I love this coffee fragrance!We are coffee lovers. I tried different suppliers, but this is our favorite!

Use with caution

This is a very strong scent. Very true to a bitter coffee smell. I am currently testing it. I made a straight coffee candle using the 1 ounce to a lb to igi 4630. It was way to much. I made a "vanilla cappuccino" using half ounce of cake bake and half ounce of coffee. Still to much. I am fixing to test carmel popcorn which is buttery caramel smell and coffee 3 to 1 ratio. The fo's alone the coffee is still a tad much. I will rereview once poured and tested. I think this coffee fo is the start of something I just need to find out the proper ratio for a subtle hint. I'm thinking just a few drops mixed with a vanilla scent. My husband loves all of the test I have done. The one of coffee and cake bake you dont even have to light it it smells the living room not lit. So that tells you how strong it is. The bad reviews are simply people not using this oil properly I believe. I would advise anyone to just buy the sample. Start off small with it and add up to achieve your liking. I have went backwards and did strong now I'm tapering down. If this current test with the 3 to 1 carmel corn/coffee doesnt pan out for me. I will try 1 ounce of a vanilla fragrance to literally a drop of this coffee. I hope this helps someone trying to achieve a "coffee shop" "cappuccino" type candle.

Not the best

It is a very bitter smell and isn’t pleasant.

so far so good!

with the mixed reviews, I was a little hesitant with how I would feel with the fragrance. I purchased the 1oz as a gift for a friend, the smell from the bottle was strong (and amazing per my friend). Tried the fragrance in Paraffin wax, was hard to smell the coffee. We remade the candle in soy wax and it was a success! there has been mixed reviews about purchasing a larger quantity and having the formula of the coffee scent change, but I am hoping purchasing the 4 or 8oz will not be a regretful decision!

This is an extremely strong scent. So strong, in fact, it gives me a migraine... It really does smell or freshly brewed coffee though.


These reviews are all over the map, so I'll share. Honest reviews are one of my favorite things about Candle Science - people actually give real reviews, it helped me so much when I first started making candles.
This is a top 5 best selling candle for my company -- all year. The way I achieve this is by using 15% FO, yes, that's right 15% in 464 with either a wooden wick or a cotton wick (I make it with both, but better with cotton wick). I add 1 whole coffee bean and a pinch of freshly grown coffee on top. If you add too much ground coffee on top of the candle it will ruin the top of the candle - it won't stay smooth.
And then you need to let it cure for 3 weeks (8 oz and over). After 3 weeks it will turn a creamy ivory and smell fantastic - and you won't be able to keep it stock. So unless you want to keep an active waiting list, make large batches (multiple cases) at a time. Hope that helps.

A Perfect Scent For Coffee Lovers Everywhere!

I have no idea why this scent doesn't have a full 5-star rating - I think some of these reviewers are just cynical or maybe their noses are broken. At any rate, this FO is a flawless duplication of fresh ground/brewed coffee if I've ever smelled one. I got this originally as a sample, and fell in love with it. I rarely make snap decisions, so I also ordered similar scents from 3 other candle making companies out there, and of the 4 total samples I tried, the Fresh Coffee from Candle Science won out by a long shot. Some of the other samples were nice, and some were very nice and much more complex than CS Fresh Coffee, but this one is by far the most potent.

I make candles, so you typically have a significant drop in scent between cold and hot, and between FO in a bottle and FO mixed in wax, however, with Fresh Coffee, the scent stays pretty much static all the way through, so what you smell in the bottle is what you'll get in your final product. I'm a fan of coffee in general and I don't smell ANY chemical odors from this oil, and my nose is pretty darn sensitive. Bottom line is that I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about their coffee fragrances, and I encourage you to disregard the negative reviews on this product. Instead, grab a sample bottle of your own and give it a shot for yourself - you won't be disappointed.


I wanted to give this scent a try and I don't regret it at all, smells like fresh brewed coffee and I just love it! I will order a bigger bottle now.

Head Sorceress

I love this coffee fragrance. It smells exactly like fresh coffee brewing. Perfect! Just ordered the big bottle.


The smell out of the bottle was terrible, but I thought I'd give it a try and see if it changed once added to the soy wax. It did not. Immediately after pouring the candles, my three year old asked why our kitchen smelled like poop :( This scent is VERY strong, bitter, and not what fresh coffee smells like at all. When I received my box, the bottle was about half poured out into the package. Candle Science kindly replaced the bottle, however I wish I had just asked for a different scent (honeysuckle jasmine is lovely!) instead. It's just not good. All of the other scents I've ordered have been great though!


I purchased a 4oz bottle and wished I had purchased more - love! True coffee scent - great hot and cold. Was a big seller for at last show.

Doesn’t smell like coffee

I was hoping for a nice and warming scent. A scent that reminds you of delicious coffee in the morning time. However, it smell chemically and strong. Not like coffee. At all.


I’m a coffee lover, so I wasn’t sure on this one by the mixed reviews, but I’m so glad I tried it! I adore the rich, delicious scent. I could smell it from the bottle before I even opened it. CT and HT are both awesome (using GW 444). Everyone that experienced it, loved it.

I tried coffee from another candle business and it had a horrible smell. I truly love this one, every time I order, I have to get this one

House of wax

This one is really bad . Really really bad . I can't remember ever opening a bottle of fo , and feeling sick to my stomach . This has a sulfur/ bitter smell to it . Someone else said rotten eggs . I agree . You may want to try a 1oz sample first before going for a larger quantity .

Love it!

Not sure how this one has so many bad reviews, this is my second time ordering this scent because all of my customers love it, I can't keep it in stock, please never get rid of this scent, I've tried many coffee scents from different sites and never liked any of them but this one smells so good!


I am a serious coffee drinker so I hate fake coffee scents. This one did not disappoint! It smells delicious, and mixes well with Very Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge fragrance oils in candles. Only wish it were phthalate-free!


Strong, bold in parasoy tarts. Love the coffee / chocolate mix. Cured tarts for 5 days. Even my family members commented on how good this is when they walk in the house.

Experiment and Give it a Chance

Smells very off-putting in the bottle. BUT! Try this: I use Soy Wax in pint Mason jars using ECO 8 WICK.

TRY 1/2 scent as coffee, 1/4 banana nut bread and 1/4 ginger saffron.

Smells like a hipster coffee shop!
Amazing! Large hot throw.

This is the best throwing coffee scent ever found. It smells a lot better when burning.


I have been buying my candle supplies from candle science since I started my business.
When I first introduced this fragrance to my product line it was a hot seller and great fragrance throw ,so I bought a gallon.. I later discovered that there was something wrong the fragrance oil. My candles were starting to tunnel and not burn as they used to - after much trouble shooting I narrowed it down to the oil and not the wax or wicks. I recently purchase 2 more 16oz bottles in hoping this will work and they will burn as they should, if not - this will be off my list.

Shop Owner

I'm not sure what it is, but I don't like this scent at all. MAKING it, it smelled great. But this cold and hot throw, I don't like it at all.
I'll be using the rest to mix with other scents.

So disappointed... very lite smell.. I got 4oz bottle and it wasn't 4oz it is 3.50oz... i took a picture i wish a can post it... So I get an expensive delivery for less amount of what i order- for nothing like fresh coffe smell... I will never buy this on again... I don't even know if I am gonna buy from this website anymore... I notice some of my dye colors are not the write amound too...

Fresh coffee fragrance

I am new in Candle Science, I bought Fresh Coffee and I did not know how amazing is this fragrance.... My client wrote a review in my Etsy shop, with a good review about it..

Good and bad

I made this in 464 at 9% FO load. after curing for two weeks the scent is strong. Here's the issue. When you put the candle to your nose and sniff it is too strong and kind of somewhat bitter. Not as pleasant as you would want. However, if you have the candle just sitting around on a table with the lid off, the cold throw is amazing. It really smells like a coffee shop and is delicious. It's hard to convince people to give it a shot because everyone instinctively puts the candle right up to their nose and takes a big sniff but of course they end up finding it off putting. I think this may be better as a reed diffuser oil, or blended with the hazelnut FO. I have not tried using my wax melts made with this scent yet, I expect that they will be good, you just have to smell this one from a bit of a distance.

Smells Horrible

First batch smelled amazing and my customers loved it which prompted me to order a larger bottle. 2nd bottle smelled absolutely HORRIBLE. Like rotten eggs. Made a candle and the smell was even worse. Candle Science please fix and return to the original ingredients.


I absolutely love this FO. I was looking for a strong fresh coffee scent on other websites without any additional notes like vanilla, hazelnut etc.and did not find any.
I give four stars only because it is not phthalate free. I really hope it will be upgraded soon.


I've been buying this fragrance for over a year now, and the last two bottles I purchased smelled awful. Similar to the reviews below, burnt and very acidic. I am not able to sell these candles. Customer service says there has been no change in their process. Disappointing, as this was a best seller.

Bad batch?

I've bought several scents from Candlescience and always been pleased. On reading the reviews of the fresh coffee scent, I felt safe enough to order a big bottle. Whoops! I'm not sure if there was a bad batch recently or a change in recipe (see that the recent reviews are mostly negative!), but it smelled like a mix between burnt coffee, skunk, and just gross. I tried making bath bombs from it anyway, thinking "maybe it's just me". I even mixed in a little vanilla. I took them in to my customers (thankfully they are local and willing to tell me what they think) and they too thought the scent was disgusting. I ended up throwing out the entire bottle and wasted a lot of materials making bath bombs I also had to trash. I'll still order other scents from Candlescience, but stay away from this one until there is a change!


I love candlescience and almost all of my candle oils are from here. I usually only comment on scents I love, because most scents are a personal preference... But this scent is really gross. I bought my first bottle several years ago now. I never liked it but some people loved it. I found it was either a HATE or LOVE with people... no in between. I had some left in the bottle so I went to use it and there were black chunks in it (I don't know if oils get bad over time?) so I ordered a new one because I want to add a coffee flavor. The one I got this time around was even worse!!! It smelled SO bad. I only made a couple candles with it the same time I poured a bunch of others. That was in the basement. My family could smell it strong all over the house and they all hated it. I had to run see a friend and I reeked of it. I put those candles in a box as to contain the smell and did not bring them to the show I had in fear that it would be the only smell costumers would get and walk away! I would love to see candlescience come up with a completely different oil for anything in the coffee family. I would try something new. But I'll never get this one again.

Very inconsistent

I have purchased this oil many times and my customers love it and so do I, but several times, including this last order, this oil smelled completely burnt, like burnt bad coffee. I am worried because I just ordered a 5lb jug of it and haven't opened it yet, but the 16 oz I just poured my last batch from was exactly like another one I purchased from you, which smelled bad, and burnt. My husband even commented, saying it didn't smell like it usually does, and that it smelled burnt. Not sure if I should keep purchasing this after this 2nd go around with it smelling burned. Crossing my fingers the 5lb jug isn't like that...Your shipping is too expensive to have this keep happening....

I smell... skunk???

I'm new to candle making, but have a pretty good nose for fragrances... However, when I added it to 464 soy wax and poured the candles, I noticed right away that there was an almost skunky smell to these candles: it was all acid with no sweet or smooth notes. But I capped them up and let them sit for over a week- hoping they would settle down once fully-cured and then lit. Unfortunately, no... My husband even commented when he came home that the house smelled like skunk. I've loved the other scents I'm testing, but Fresh Coffee is a no go - I'm not sure I'd even try it blended with something sweeter.

Very nice to me

Well I'm not a professional but I put 1oz in a lb of 444 soy wax it smelled great to me not like coffee but good one person said they smelled smores I can't put my finger on it but well it worked great for me hot throw and cold throw

Very strong

I made this last night and my house STILL smells like coffee.

A force to be reckoned with.

This is one of the strongest fragrances that I've bought from CandleScience - OOB, cold throw, and hot throw. While I have started using 10% FO in most of my (GB 464) container candles, I only use 3-6% of this one to achieve the same result. Too much of it and it's overwhelming and unbearable in my opinion, and can even affect the scents of candles around it. However, when used in appropriate amounts, it is one of my most popular fragrances.

My Best Seller

I was surprised how this coffee candle sold in comparison to all the others. It is a delicious strong coffee smell without being bitter. Hot and cold throw is great! Almost everyone that buys this candle, buys it in multiples. This is my first season with it and I've had to make more after each show. Thank you Candle Science!

One of my favorites! This is a nice strong scent and truly smells like coffee!
You can smell this scent in the room for sure and my husband Loves It!

This is my best-selling candle!

I use this fragrance by itself in soy wax, and my customers and I love it! Hands down, it is my best selling candle, out of about 40-50 that they have to choose from.

Very weak hot and cold throw. Such a disappointment

I ordered 1oz bottle to try this scent and I really liked it. So I went ahead and ordered 5lb jug. To my huge disappointment in my first butch of melts and candles there was very little to no hot throw in melts and candles :( Next butch I added some vanilla, I saw someone said you have to mix it with vanilla, so I tried that and still very weak hot throw that lasted about an hour :( I wish I never bough 5lb. I am going to try mixing it with some other scents and see if I get good hot throw. But for now it's just a waste of money :(

New to candle making. Love this FO with Very Vanilla! Favorite scent so far by friends and family. I would have given it 5 stars - but wouldn't make this fragrance without blending with another, also would love for it to be phthalate free.

Love the scent but...

I love the scent and it has great hot throw but it contains phthalates and I can't sell them to my customers. I gave it 3 stars because of the phthalates.


I would have to agree, overwhelming. My husband left the house and said call me when it's over! lol

Wish I would have only ordered an 1 oz now I'm stuck with 8 ugh. Guess I'll be experimenting :)

Fresh coffee that's been brewed by a mad man

This scent does smell like fresh coffee beans, but is extremely overwhelming on its own. A little bit goes a long way with this scent, I blend it with something else and it's a customer fave.

This smells more like burnt coffee beans than fresh coffee. Not really pleasant. Performed well in GB 464 though.

Owner Liz's Love

Too Strong...
I tried the 1oz and really liked it, blended with Very Vanilla really well. When I got the 16oz, it was much stronger, too strong even when I cut it with vanilla.

Smells very burnt...

I'm not sure if I got a bad batch of this, but the coffee smell is awful. Smells extremely burnt and almost chemical-like. Would not recommend unless they change the formula. My whole house had a horrible smell after making just one candle with it.

Love it then not so much...

Right out of the bottle, this smells amazing, just like fresh-brewed coffee! I use it in CP soap and my whole house smells of fresh-brewed coffee for days, as does the just-poured soap. However, now that 6-8 weeks have gone by, the cured bars smell like burnt coffee :( I still have to try a bar in the shower to see if the original fresh-coffee scent comes back. But right now, I probably couldn't give these bars away, which is too bad considering how wonderful they smelled at the start.

Fantastic and a Favorite

I love this FO in GB 464 and my customers do, too! That being said I use a heavy 1/2 oz per pound of soy wax - a little goes a LONG way. I like to add a drop or two of Very Vanilla to add a little warmth. I love vanilla in my morning coffee, so adding a dash of vanilla to my coffee candle seems authentic. If you don't like the strong coffee smell, try using only a 1/2 ounce per pound of wax - I started with this based on older comments and it made all the difference for my candles. I always read the reviews on CS before I order. Most reviewers do a great job sharing their experiences and I appreciate that - THANK YOU ALL!

Eden CandleWorks

In Soy, the hot throw smells just like brewing coffee. Perfect for our coffeehouse customer!!


I love coffee...but this stuff... From the moment I poured an ounce into a dish for transfer, to adding it to the pitcher, to waiting for it to cool...I was sick to my stomach from the smell of it! I had to leave my apartment for an hour to settle my stomach and get rid of the resulting headache.

I still have 7 more ounces to use...and when I get my courage up, I'm going to attempt mixing it with other fragrances like vanilla or chocolate fudge in the hopes that the effect is improved!

So far, this is the only fragrance from Candle Science I've had an issue with so I will keep ordering from them...just not this particular fragrance lol.

Yikes. Never again.

I'd have to agree with the numerous "burnt coffee" reviews. I definitely won't be ordering this scent again. (1 oz)

A distinct scent

Has a bit of sharpness to it that I don't particularly care for (Hazelnut Coffee is better IMO) but this candle sells well for one of my wholesale customers, especially since I put fresh coffee grounds on the surface.

Same Megan as below

I made the post on 12-12-15 as well. First order of Fresh Coffee I made was a 4oz bottle, they sold so fast I bought an 8oz bottle next but the fragrance was off. The 8oz was certainly not the same as the 4oz bottle I bought on November 8th, 2015. It smelt as if the fragrance was balanced different, like maybe one of the combined elements was slightly increased in the mixing/measuring process to made the "Fresh Coffee" smell.

These sold so fast!

This coffee scent reminds me of having a cup with cream & sugar, and I enjoy it. I imagined it would have smelled like fresh beans but that's okay. I use 464 soy wax 1lb to 1oz scent ratios and it's a great strong scent that fills any room. This is quickly becoming a most popular scent out of my 20 + options, along with very vanilla.

Not the same in all sizes

I ordered a 1oz. and it e and it smelled great, my wife loved it and thought others would as well. I ordered a larger amount it smelled nothing like the smaller bottle. Smelled like burnt coffee, I do not recommend this scent.

below comments

I think if 27 people got it right, then this Girl BELOW did something wrong!!
This site is the BOMB


I was expecting this gorgeous coffee scent based off of the reviews. What I got was this horid bitter burnt cheap coffee smell. It hardly even smells like coffee. It is also very strong.
I tried to cut it with some vanilla to make vanilla capiciono candles and I'm embarrassed to give these out.
I made gorgeous candles with a hidious scent. Instead of giving them out for Christmas I'll be giving them to my trash can.
I'm very disappointed and quite frankly I doubt I'll be buying any other fragrences from this site.
What a waste of money


I not only love this scent, my customers do as well. It smells just like a fresh coffee house on a cold morning. OMG, my stores favorite, along with the HAZELNUT COFFEE. Both are the 2 best sellers for me.

LOVE this scent, so do customers. It doesn't smell like black coffee, more like a cappuccino, but it's not too sweet, a gorgeous scent!

Customers want to drink it!

Amazing scent and smells just like fresh brewed coffee. Only problem is.... it is not selling. I move a lot of candles in 2 weeks and as awesome as the scent is not selling :-(

Husband is in love

I make some awesome blends but honestly my husband is very picky about candles. I made candles with this go and he even asked for some tarts for himself.
I should think this will surely be a best seller and a standard all year long! Thank you candle science. on!

Owner - Pendora's Candles

VERY STRONG! Tried the sample and WHOA, does a little go a long way. We use a soy/paraffin blend and so usually do 1.5x the suggested. Not with this one. It was too much. Completely overpowered our workspace. Smells like a strong, black coffee. We were thinking it would be more subdued, like a cappuccino. We might try cutting it with Chocolate Fudge or French Vanilla to make a Mocha or Latte flavor. Definately ordering more, though. Already have requests for more just from the samples we made!


Perfect coffee scent! Very strong hot and cold throw so maybe to just 6%.

I found this scent a little off-putting when I opened the bottle, because it had a kind of chemical scent to it. BUT I was thrilled with it in the candles! I made some straight up coffee and others I did a coffee and vanilla combo, and that smelled really good!

to correct a typo on my previous review

I meant to say that, like many coffee scetns from other companies, this one also does NOT smell like straight-up coffee. As posters below said, there's vanilla and caramel. It does not smell like "fresh" coffee as per the name in my experience.

Amazing scent!

Don't believe any of the negative reviews on this FA. It is soooooo difficult to find a true coffee scent that doesn't have some other kind of nut note to it. This one hits the spot! One of my best sellers! Unbelievable likeness and amazing hot and cold throw! A pure winner!!! CS never take this one off your list!

There must be something about the chemistry of coffee scents that makes it difficult in soy. I've tried several coffee scents and they almost never smell like actual black coffee. This one also does smell like straight-up coffee; it has some caramel in it, some rather buttery undertones. I do not want butter in my coffee. I see many reviews that say it smells like actual coffee, but given the stuff people drink at Starbucks these days that they think is coffee I am hesitant to trust all these reviews given my experience. A caramel frappucino is not coffee, people. No vanilla, no hazelnut, no whipped cream, no caramel. I drink it black from a french press, for the record.

Don't listen to the negative reviews! This one is my best seller! Very difficult to find a true coffee scent at Yankee or any other major candle distributor. CS has a huge hit on their hands here. This smells smoother than coffee grinds and is very true to it's name. If you're looking for straight up coffee look no further! Perfect hot/cold throw in both IGI 4630 and 4627.

I've been using this fragrance for several years now. Mixed with vanilla hazelnut is -hands down- my most requested candle. Used in both GB 464 & Eco Soya Advanced.

I ordered the 1oz fresh coffee. When we opened the bottle it smelled like a fresh cup of coffee. We mixed 1 oz Fresh Coffee fragrance to 1 lb 464 soy wax. Temps Used 185deg put dye and Fresh Coffee fragrance in let cool to 170 then poured We had Great cold and hot throw. We liked it so much we order a 4oz bottle we made another batch. The 4oz Bottle did not smell the same as the 1oz bottle. With the second batch we had no cold throw and little hot throw.
So we order a 8oz bottle it did not smell the same as the first 1oz bottle. Can someone please help?..........

Good Scent

I really liked this FO. I used 1 oz per lb of soy way and topped with a layer of very vanilla. Nice warm fragrance and good hot and cold throw.

No hot throw

Well this smells good out of the bottle, but I get no hot throw in paraffin or soy. What a shame.

delicious coffee!

This is very strong so use less than you would normally use. I put it in lotion for a "smells my boyfriend likes" bath set. It smells really good, like a true coffee with maybe a burnt caramel note? It is also a cool scent to blend a little into scents like cake, chocolate and other bakery scents.

not exactly coffee

If you had to "guess the scent ".of the candle, you would guess "coffee ". But this does not smell like actually fresh coffee to me. I think it needs a bit of tweaking. 464, 1.5oz per lb


This is NOT what we expected, it smelled like burnt coffee. Even when trying to mix it was unusable. So unhappy we threw the whole 8oz out. Would not recommend this scent to anyone!


This smells like a fresh cup of coffee. I mixed 3/4 oz Fresh Coffee fragrance and 1/4 oz Very Vanilla fragrance to 1 lb 464 soy wax. Great cold and hot throw.

need more coffee!

Wow. Better than expected. No chemical smell at all. This fragrance smells like rich, dark roasted coffee beans. A definite win.

fresh brewed coffee

I use GB 464 wax, this fragrance is very strong, so do not over pour the fragrance or you will get a burnt coffee smell as you pour your wax and when you burn your candle.


Smells just like they said, a nice cup of coffee. I like it on its own, but I made a layer candle of Fresh Coffee and Buttercream, smelled like a latte, it was a HIT!


I could smell this before I opened the mail package. Smells just like a cup of black coffee. This will be a great blending scent or just fine alone.

Smells like the real thing

This fragrance was so true to real coffee. Now my coffee addicted family loves this scent and so do I.


It smells great OOB, has great hot throw and cold throw in my paraffin 4625 wax. Be aware it does smell like burnt coffee during pour.


Fresh Coffee is awesome in my 50/50 soy blend, it smells just like it's name with a strong scent throw. It's an awesome mixer too ... I used it to mix Cinnamon Caramel Latte ... absolutely the most delicious scent. My search for the perfect Coffee is over; sure to be a best seller. Thank you Candle Science.