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Frosted Juniper is an enchanting blend of fresh evergreens and fruits. Cooling camphor, airy ozone, and a hint of citrus start off this complex winter scent. Middle notes of deep red berry balance the woody pine and juniper notes. The fresh evergreen notes are reinforced by eucalyptus, fir needle, and cedar leaf essential oils.

Candles, melts, and reed diffusers made with this classic holiday fragrance create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Frosted Juniper soaps and other body care creations make wonderfully festive gifts for the season.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including eucalyptus, fir needle, lemon, cedar leaf, clove leaf, and galbanum.

Note Profile:
Top: Ozone, Camphor, Citrus
Middle: Pine, Red Currant, Berry, Pear, Cherry Blossom
Base: Juniper, Sage

Suggested Colors: Dark Green, Dark Red, Any shade of Blue
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 187 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.

Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Light Tan None

Lye Water Temperature 104ºF
Oil temperature 114ºF

We did not experience any acceleration or separation. The batter seemed to come to a light trace quickly but remained workable and very smooth while pouring into the mold. After 24 hours, we noticed a light orangish-pink border just inside the edges of the soap but overall no discoloration. The scent was strong and had a perfect mix of sweet berry and juniper. We did not observe any signs of the soap going through a gel phase. After 30 days, the bars have a very light tan discoloration and the orangish-pink border remained. The scent is still strong and smells amazing. This fragrance would be ideal for a variety of design techniques including basic swirls or even layers.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 10 reviews)

Love it!

I’ve used over 10 fragrances from them and this is my favorite. The camphor/citrus/ozone really gives an uplifting aspect to the pine/juniper. Very happy with purchase and would recommend.

Customer favorite

I brought this scent to my last craft show and it sold out! Everyone loved it!

Clean Winter Scent

This is a clean smelling winter fragrance OOB. I'm excited to use it in both CP soaps and candles for the holiday/winter season.


Love this sweetness of Frosted Juniper. It really stands out among the other holiday/winter fragrances. Can't wait to make more!

Your Holiday Highness

If you throw scintillating Christmas parties where you play the tune, 'Santa Baby' A LOT, then this is your scent. I mean, consider your tree trimmed. It leans more towards bright than sharp, but still manages a mild complexity. It probably turns out to be a secret prince in a Hallmark Movie.

Frosted Juniper

beautiful scent. it definitely smells of juniper but also has a refreshing scent.

Loved it.

Bought the sample. Made a candle. Loved it. Bought the 16 ounce bottle ... Can't wait to make a bunch more. Great FO. Thanks CS!!!


I’m always nervous about buying new scents and I did another order and purchased this!!

It smells soo good! Calming! I love it!!
I will be ordering this scent again!!


What a beautiful fragrance with the perfect harmony of fresh citrus, berries and pine! The fruit notes are the strongest to my nose. I’m thrilled to add this to my collection!

Familiar Because....

This one is familiar and for good reason. The base of the fragrance is unequivocally Black Sea, no doubt. Only CS can confirm this, but if you let the fragrance dry down, you are left with Black Sea. So, having said that, this one smell like a blend of one of the evergreen Christmas Tree fragrances and a smaller amount of Black Sea. The result is a nice, complex scent that is reminiscent of a more upscale smelling version of BBW Sweater Weather. It worked well in 464 soy wax.