Merry Mistletoe Type

Merry Mistletoe Type

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A blend of citrus, blue spruce, and frosted cranberries create this perfect holiday scent!

This fragrance is infused with Fir, Peppermint, and Cedar Leaf essential oils.

Suggested Colors: Dark Green, Red
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Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Flashpoint 187 °F
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Submitted on 2015-08-26

This oil is our very best seller, hands down! Everyone loves it and is my favorite as well. No longer just a holiday scent, it is requested year round. Very strong cold throw and even stronger hot thrown in soy wax.

Great in CP soap
Submitted on 2015-08-17

This scent is one of my favorites for the holiday! It soaped beautifully with no A or D.

Berry-Pine Mix
Submitted on 2014-05-09

I was looking for a dupe of Bath and Body Works' Merry Mistletoe scent, and this one comes very close. It doesn't quite have the cologne-like undertone of BBW's and is instead really heavy on the berry note. During the cure time, the berry (cherry-like) note wafted all over and could be smelled from across the room, but while burning, it has a surprisingly light-to-medium throw in 100% soy wax. The berry note mellowed out a bit when lit and the pine note came through a bit better.

Great Holiday Scent
Submitted on 2013-12-18

Perfect holiday scent. Not too strong on the needle fragrance - well balanced and warm.

Submitted on 2013-10-30

I was looking to find a Christmas fragrance for my winter collection and chose to go with Merry Mistletoe. Wow! I am very pleased with how good it smells, it is on the top list of my favorite fragrances. Thank you candle science!

Wonderful!!!! Love it!!
Submitted on 2013-05-14

This is a wonderful scent for the Holidays/winter. It is one of my new favorites. Very different and fresh smelling yet a perfect Christmas scent! I use 6006 wax. Would definitely recommend this one.

Excellent Christmas scent
Submitted on 2013-01-31

I used it with GB 464 and it was wonderful. It has all the smells of Christmas combined perfectly.

Excellent Christmas scent
Submitted on 2013-01-31

I used it with GB 464 and it was wonderful. It has all the smells of Christmas combined perfectly.

Fantastic Seller
Submitted on 2013-01-26

First time making and selling candles. This scent was fantastic. Customers were buying them hand over fist. Smelled like Balsam Fir.

Submitted on 2013-01-07

New and improved Mistletoe? Definitely not. Every single customer that smelled it said, what other smells do you have? I loved the old Mistletoe and will be getting that next time, this smells like weak-cheap candle with no sort of cranberry or anything.

Great addition for the holidays
Submitted on 2012-11-11

Yesterday was the first day I introduced this scent and it was the first to sell out! Customers loved that it was something different but still a holiday/winter type of scent. Used in 444 and had great throw.

Very Refreshing !
Submitted on 2012-09-13

I have to agree that this is a great Christmas scent,sometimes you just want something a little different other than the bakery fall/winter scents and this one does it for me.I used tis in 464 and the hot and cold throw is fantastic !

Here comes Christmas!
Submitted on 2012-09-12

This scent is so much better than regular Mistletoe. It smells like the holidays in a bottle. Great hot and cold throw with 464. Great job Candlescience!