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Generally associated with the flower child era of the 1960s, Patchouli is making a comeback! The fragrance begins with rich spice notes of ginger, cinnamon, and clove that give way to a strong core of patchouli with traces of jasmine. Warm, woody base notes of oud, amber, and even more patchouli add to this earthy, nostalgic scent.

Create high-end candles, melts, and reed diffusers with this sophisticated blend of cedarwood, clove, and patchouli essential oils. Lightly scented soaps, scrubs and lotions give off a timeless scent all year long. While exquisite on its own, patchouli is a favorite for blending with other fragrances by adding a rich base note. Patchouli is an upscale free spirited fragrance that works beautifully in modern settings.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli, clove, and cedarwood.

Note Profile:
Top: Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove
Middle: Patchouli, Jasmine, Cedar
Base: Patchouli, Oud, Amber

Suggested Colors: Ivory, Green, Burgundy
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 225 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Average Rating:

(based upon 29 reviews)

Best Patchouli ever

Patchouli is on the top of the list of favorite
fragrances. Candle Sciences version is the closest that I’ve ever come across! It’s earthy and is great standing alone and a fabulous fragrance to blend with. This is a staple in my repertoire. Love!!!

Diana Gonzales
Perfect Scent

I have worn Patchouli as a perfume for several years and this smells exactly like the oils I buy.
It works very well in 646 soy wax. My clients (that like the earthy/masculine tones) LOVE this scent!
It's not overwhelming or overpowering but it is an acquired smell.
So, if you're not an old hippie or into that kind of thing then I wouldn't recommend it!

Best Patchouli Ever

What a perfectly wonderful Patchouli! You have to be a lover of Patchouli to know a great one! Trust me this is amazing. I use this to blend with other fragrances and I’m never disappointed. It’s a great on its own or to blend with. Candle Science, you did a great job on this one! Please never discontinue this!

Diana Gonzales
Smells Great!

This FO *does* smell like patchouli. I've bought patchouli FOs from a couple of different vendors and they smelled nothing like patchouli at all. In my soaps, I use quality dark patchouli and aged dark patchouli oils from Indonesia, and this FO smells just the same to me. Haven't used in a product yet, but I'm sure it will be fine, and I will be ordering a larger bottle soon. Love this!

Read Description Before Buying!!!

I fully agree that this is absolutely not JUST Patchouli, and if I were to buy this FO without reading its product description and/or reviews first, fully expecting it to be as it is named: "Patchouli", yes, I'd be in for quite the surprise... And maybe even upset. BUT... If I were looking for a FO with aromatic notes that described a "Witches Brew"-type scent to a "T" (and not just ANY "Witches Brew", but one that rivaled the likes of the original MW "Witches Brew"; arguably THE BEST "Witches Brew" on the face of the planet!), I'd be doing a happy dance the second this outstanding FO tickled my olfactory senses... Which I did, and which IT did!! This is a 5-Star FO, disguised as a 3-star one due to a 2-way misconception; A name not quite fully conveying its aromatic notes, and a misunderstanding that a straight patchouli FO would carry notes such as clove, cinnamon, jasmine & Oudh. This is an absolutely FABULOUS "Witches Brew"-type scent that blows all typical "Witches Brew" FO's out of the water! Is it straight patchouli? Definitely not, but It's PRECISELY what I hoped it was going to be when I ordered it based off its aromatic notes & reviews!! If you're looking for an EXQUISITE "Witches Brew" to set your products apart from all the other ho-hum "Witches Brew" FO's out there, you've just found it!! If you're looking for straight, unadulterated patchouli scent, you may want to skip this one. I fully feel this SUPERB fragrance oil could easily earn the 5-star rating it so very much deserves if the name were changed to better reflect its full aromatic bouquet, and/or if prospective buyers fully took into consideration its very accurate product description (and listed aromatic notes) prior to making a purchasing decision. For what I was looking for, this FO didn't just meet my expectations, it exceeded them!

Candle Guy

I bought this scent because I wanted to make my own version of a Patchouli candle I buy in stores. I HATE this scent. It smells so weird. Too bad I bought 4oz and I don't see myself working this scent.

Terry Harris
Worth a try

I really enjoy the scent of patchouli essential oil. This fragrance has the essence of patchouli, along with other scents - I call my candle Cedar + Patchouli. I have actually tried to discontinue the candle, but it continues to get purchased so I keep making it!

I love it but it's not patchouli

I love this fragrance. It has amazing cold and hot throw in soy wax and smells enchanting. That being said, this is not patchouli. Scents like sandalwood and patchouli need to be straight up what they are and not blended because people are a bit fanatical. Please don't discontinue it. Maybe rename it like antique sandalwood becoming library. The same people who hated antique sandalwood enough to make faces and act repulsed now buy library from me and really like it. I am forever searching for a patchouli fragrance oil that actually smells like a true patchouli, come to think of it I have never found a candle that smells like true patchouli, maybe it can't be done.

I don't like it

I love the smell of patchouli, my perfume and candles I always tend to get stuff with this notes, i read the reviews but added this as my free scent, and yes its terrible. I am new to candle making and so far have ordered at least 35 ( here to buy more as I type) and will have to say this is the first scent that I am disappointed in. I mixed it with a few other scent and still did not like it. I still want to try patchouli but would have to order from a different place.

Please work on this

If you read the reviews(candle science)
the consensus on this is pretty clear,
its not patchouli PLEASE re work this
I need a good patchouli scent!!!
Thanks ;b

Lucky Rooster Candles
Not patchouli at all

As in a title, it's just far from patchouli scent. Disappointed.


I’ve been searching for a good Patchouli fragrance oil for YEARS!!! Nothing has ever come close to the essential oil fragrance at all.. until NOW!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is the absolute closest you’ll get to the real fragrance of Patchouli. I’m amazed and so happy!

Smells So Bad I Can't Use It

Typically I will take a chance on any and every scent by CandleScience because this website sells phenomenal products. However, this scent was awful, it does not reflect the description on the website. It has sort of a dry musty sock scent (no Jasmine or cedar or amber or anything written). I am super disappointed and will be returning my 8oz container.


I’ve searched high and low for a true Patchouli fragrance oil. This is the perfect blend to mix with other fragrances to create unique scents! I love it alone or use it often to add a twist to other fragrances ! I’m not sure what the other reviews are all about but for anyone who knows what a true Patchouli smells like this is it!!

Diana Gonzales
Great Witches Brew Scent

This doesn't smell like a pure patchouli note, but it does smell like a classic fantasy "witches brew" fragrance concept, which is a combination of patchouli and warm spices. This blend is heavier on the patchouli than the spices, making it an especially earthy and awesome "witches brew" scent. Having it named as just "Patchouli" is misleading and would explain the negative reviews. If this fragrance was marketed as a "witches brew" interpretation, though, it would be a 5 star fragrance, for sure.

Like Awesome

I was very skeptical about getting this because I heard a lot of people don’t like patchouly but if you’re from that Stone Age 1960s model like person. You’ll love it. I made several cases and sold out in two days now have request for soap. This is one of my top si I was very skeptical about getting this because I heard a lot of people don’t like patchouly but if you’re from that Stone Age 1960s model like person. You’ll love it. I made several cases and sold out in two days now have request for soap. This is one of my top scents!

Southern Dezires
Not patchouli at all

Don't be confused about the name, but this fragrance is completely hopeless. Nothing to do with patchouli. It smells more like a medical ointment.

Arianna from Zapah_lab
Doesn't smell like patchouli

I think this is another case of mixing too many other scents in with the FO, when you just want patchouli

Smells really off

I purchased a sample to use with another scent but when I opened the bottle it smells rancid? I sent a message to Candkescience and they checked their supply and said it was fine. I’m not sure why it smells so bad but pachouli is not this smell.

I was hoping for a nice pachouli like the good old days. I will have to look elsewhere to find it I guess.


Does not smell like true patchouli, just smells like spices.

Tranquility soy candles by Patti

Great Scent...reminds me of the 60’s...I love it..hey all you baby Boomers give it a try. Thumbs up for me

Best Patchouli FO

This is by far the only patchouli fragrance oil I have ever liked. It’s 99% like a true patchouli E.O., it has a little spice cinnamon-y scent but it’s very small a faded. I love it!

Decent, nothing to write home about

Patchouli is earthy and spicy, and like a previous reviewer, I also get hints of chocolate. It reminds me a bit of CS Antique Sandalwood, slightly dusty, faded and soft, no sharp edges or unexpected notes. In a soy/paraffin candle at 10% has a limited cold and hot throw. This FO is pleasant enough, but has that generic candle-y fragrance that is nothing to get too excited about and won't sell your high-end candles if that is what you are looking for.

Loved the scent but faded to nothing

I was very happy with this scent (I'm not a real patchouli fan). I used the max amount for CP soap and it smelled heavenly - however after cure it had faded to almost nothing! If you stick your nose right on the soap you can BARELY smell it. I am SO disappointed! I really liked the scent when it went in and I was afraid I was making it too strong... NOT! No, it's probably not as musty as real patchouli but I liked it that way, now it's nothing. :(

Give it a try...

I buy ALL of my FO from Candlescience, except for my personal fav Patchouli. So when I saw it was a new addition I went straight for a 4oz without even a tester! Needless to say you can smell the Patchouli, it is not the first thing I smell though. I smell strong Clove and maybe chocolate? one customer said licorice. It is a good scent, just not what I would consider patchouli. I have sold 1, over the other brand of patchouli I use. This is of course just my opinion, but I would def give it a try, I know I will be ordering another bottle to see if maybe a different scent in a different batch :)


I was so excited to hear that my favorite oil supplier introduced Patchouli to their list (and so were my customers)! It is very subtle and not too earthy with hints of spice. As far as performance goes, the scent throw in soy is very light and a little disappointing. I tried it in foaming hand soap and the scent is much stronger and you're able to smell all of the noted scents! I was really hoping for a stronger scent in my candles.


Give this one a chance! Not overly earthy to me, but hint of spice, and with a slightly (but not too!) sweet licorice fragrance underlying. It's bohemian and I love it! I wasn't a fan of Nag Champa or Vetiver, and I typically love the earthy incense scents. This one exudes a more subtle spice aroma. While I do think this scent is good for year-round, I can more easily see this in a Fall/Halloween line-up. The "Witches Brew" comparison is spot on (and check the reviews for that one while you're at it!).

Mississippi Moon Candle Co.


Patchouli identical to the essential oil is not possible as far as I can tell. However, this scent is not meant to be that. This is a spicy blend with a patchouli base. I have made Autumn candles with this scent, from a different supplier for many years. There is a big name brand candle co that has a candle scent named Wiches Brew, and this is it.

Stick with the Essential Oil

I was excited to try this Patchouli blend, but boy was I disappointed. I hoped it would be better when I put it in the wax but honestly, all I can smell is Eucalyptus. I will not be purchasing this product again. I'll be sticking with my essential oil from now on.