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How to make charcoal and coffee soap scrub bars

25 minutes
6 square bars


STEP 1: Prepare your supplies and workspace

STEP 2: Cut and weigh soap base

Cutting oatmeal shea soap base and weighing it.
Stirring melt and pour soap base.

STEP 3: Prepare the activated charcoal

Measuring and stirring activated charcoal.

STEP 4: Weigh out and add fragrance oil

Adding fragrance oil to oatmeal shea soap base.

STEP 5: Add the coffee grounds

Adding coffee grounds to melt and pour soap base.

STEP 6: Add the activated charcoal

Stirring activated charcoal into soap base.

STEP 7: Pour soap into the mold

Pouring exfoliating soap into square silicone soap mold.

STEP 8: Unmold soap bars and finish

Exfoliating melt and pour soap bars.
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