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How to make enamel mug candles

30 minutes+
2 mug candles
A green enamel mug candle next to pinecones and pine branches.


STEP 1: Determine mug size, wax weight, and wick size

How to make a by the campfire enamel mug candle
How to make a by the campfire enamel mug candle
Wick Guide to determine wick size and series

STEP 2: Measure fragrance oil and blend

Pro Tip!

Pouring and weighing fragrance oil for candle making.

STEP 3:  It's Candle Time! Melt wax, wick containers, and pour

Pouring and measuring soy wax flakes for candle making
Cleaning out enamel camping mug to prepare for candle making
Placing wick stickers onto a wick and placing the wick into an enamel mug for candle making.
Pouring fragrance oil into melted soy wax flakes.
Pouring melted soy wax into prepared enamel mugs for candle making.
Overhead of two enamel mug candles cooing with the wick bars holding the wicks in place.

STEP 4: Finish and enjoy

Trimming candle wick with scissors.
Close up of a green enamel mug candle with a label.
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