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How to make loofah soap

2 hours
8 bars
Closeup of loofah soap


STEP 1: Prepare your supplies and workspace

STEP 2: Prepare the loofah

Pro Tip!

Cutting loofah for soap making
Loofah placed in bowl of water
Squeezing excess water out of loofa

STEP 3: Prepare the soap base

Cutting melt and pour soap into pieces
Adding fragrance oil and red dye to melt and pour soap
Pouring melt and pour soap into silicone mold

STEP 4: Place loofah slices

Pro Tip!

Placing loofah into silicone mold

STEP 5: Fill in the mold

Pouring soap onto loofah soap

STEP 6: Top off the soap mold

Pouring soap onto loofah in silicone mold

STEP 7: Remove soap from the mold

Removing soap from silicone mold

STEP 8. Cut soap and package

Closeup of melt and pour loofah soap
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