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How to make wax fire starters

25 minutes
12 fire starters
Wax fire starter with rosemary and cinnamon stick on a log


STEP 1: Prepare the muffin tin and fillings

Pro Tip!

Placing muffin wrappers into muffin tin.
Rosemary and cinnamon in a muffin tin.

STEP 2: Weigh and melt your soy wax

Pouring wax into melting pitcher.

STEP 3: Pour wax into prepared cups

Pouring wax into muffin tin with fire starter filling

STEP 4: Cool and ENJOY!

Wax fire starters in a muffin tin
Closeup of a wax fire starter
Wipe out wax from your pour pitcher with a paper towel and save the paper towel for an even easier fire starter
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