Fresh Spring Scents!

Looking to capture the rejuvenating essence of springtime? Try some of our favorite fragrances for spring!

Cotton Tree

"Cotton Tree is my new favorite! It's floral with a bit of woodiness that balances it nicely. It's also ridiculously strong in soy, so it's nice when I'm looking for a fragrance that packs a punch!"

Shelley S.

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Blood Orange

"Blood Orange fragrance is my new favorite! It literally smells like a bowl of fresh zesty orange slices and tangy grapefruit. Truly refreshing and yummy without being too sweet."

Phyll A.

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Garden Mint

"I really like how this scent balances the herbal notes with the fresh mint notes in a way that I think is indicative to spring. Very fresh and clean!"

Sean S.

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"This floral is my favorite smell to remind me spring has arrived! "

Heather B.

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Cucumber Melon

"Cucumber Melon can be soothing and invigorating at the same time. It makes me want to be outside sipping on a cucumber-melon drink! "

Julia M.

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