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This exploration of our new Fall/Holiday 2022 fragrance collection takes a close look at the trends and stories that sparked their creation.

One of the things that makes working with fragrance so exciting and special is the way a single scent can be so many different things to different people. We hope the ideas and stories behind each fragrance inspire you to curate your own unique experience.

First, let’s dive into the trend report.

Trend report

Global Influence – Persistence of Memory – Farm to Fragrance

What’s the common theme here? Connection.

We’re all looking for a way to connect. To others around the world; to the nostalgic comfort of the past; to the peace and nourishment of the natural world. The trends we identified for the fall and winter season make this clear.

Global Influence

This trend is all about finding inspiration and connection from around the world. Learn about fragrances and notes you may not have had the chance to encounter before. Take the time to dive into the historical uses and meanings of different scents and notes.

This trend is very wide-reaching and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. The fragrance families and notes we call out below are not all-encompassing by any means; rather, these are a small selection of the fragrance trends we’re seeing right now.

Fragrance families: warm spices, herbals, musky ambers, deep florals, rich woods

Notes to highlight: cardamom, amyris, tonka bean, persimmon, red currant, fenugreek, bamboo, pink clay, sandalwood


Borough Home
Light and Love Soap
ritual + root

Persistence of Memory

People continue to turn towards nostalgia for comfort and inspiration, and this is heavily reflected in fragrance. A resurgence of both classic scents and the most memorable scents from our youths–no matter the decade! Embrace this trend with branding and scent names that call back to the time period you’re referencing. 

Fragrance families: sweet gourmands, soft florals, creamy woods, sparkling fruits

Notes to highlight: vanilla bean, cedarwood, juniper, brown sugar, red berries, amaretto


MK & Co.
Pourly Made Soap Co
Ember and Ash

Farm to Fragrance

This trend includes thoughtful, authentic scents that call back to the simple beauty of nature, and all the goodness it gives to us. Think scents that would be perfectly at home at a farmer’s market display. Opt for branding that alludes to natural materials and colors. 

Fragrance families: deep forest woods, cooling aromatics, green herbals, fresh fruits

Notes to highlight: honeycomb, mint, pear, orange peel, cream, peppercorn, oakmoss, bergamot, coastal air, cedar, blood orange, rain

Reverie & Raven Candle Co.
May Flowers Candle Co.

Now that we’re familiar with the trends that inspired this collection, let’s take a closer look at the fragrances themselves...

Campfire Marshmallow

Trend captured: Persistence of Memory

Picture it: It’s a chilly night in late fall and you’re sitting around a crackling fire with friends, impaling marshmallows on skewers, attempting to get juuust the right amount of char. 

Campfire Marshmallow takes you right back to that favorite childhood memory. It’s a gorgeous balance of gooey toasted marshmallow, crisp winter air, and smoke.

Branding Ideas

Have fun with this scent! We love the boldness of this label design–it would be a modern, eye-catching choice for an entire line, and you could even swap out the icon according to the scent for a cool detail. 

For some other name ideas, try Roasted Marshmallow, Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla Fireside, or even something more thematic like Ghost Story (fun for Halloween!). 

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 2.25" x 7.75"

Persimmon Citron

Trends captured: Global Influence, Farm to Fragrance

Citrus scents can be difficult to get right, and given the significance of the persimmon to many cultures, we knew it couldn’t just be “right.” It had to be stellar. In China, persimmons are given as a symbol of good luck during the New Year. In Korea, and as part of Buddhism, persimmons represent transformation. In Western traditions, an orange was a luxurious, sought-after Christmas gift and remains a common stocking stuffer to this day.

Branding Ideas:

We’re seeing this label style everywhere! Shorter wraparound labels are great for pairing with luxe and stand-out candle containers since they don’t take up so much space that the beauty of the jar is hidden. We selected our Gold Tumbler Jar for this scent–not only is it a newer addition to our lineup, it’s perfect for a special holiday collection. A Silver version is also available, and could also be very festive to include. 

If you’d like to switch up the name, we suggest Ripe Persimmon, Persimmon and Tangerine, or Stocking Stuffer. 

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 1.5"x7"

Red Berry Balsam

Trends captured: Persistence of Memory

A classic scent, Red Berry Balsam offers something comfortingly familiar when the days are short and the sun is scarce. Fresh, woody pine scents always have a place in any winter collection, and this is a great choice if you’re looking for a pine with some extra oomph.

Branding ideas

Lean on the familiar and the happy nostalgia of this fragrance. If you’re thinking about some alternative names, stick with something descriptive like Holly Berry Balsam, Black Berry Balsam or opt for more “experiential” names like Winter Woods or Holiday Special. 

For colors, rich reds and greens are obvious but very apt choices.

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 2"x 2"

Orchard Pear

Trend captured: Farm to Fragrance

A fresh and versatile fragrance, Orchard Pear is a cheerful accompaniment to any space. Fall and winter scents are typically pretty identifiably fall and winter–think pumpkins, pines, warm spices, etc–and often don’t transition well as the season changes. Pear scents, however, work very well as multiseason or transitional fragrances. Orchard Pear is authentic, crisp, and juicy–perfect for both the fall/winter seasons and as a year-round offering.

Branding ideas:

If “Farm to Fragrance” is a trend you’re already vibing with, we recommend keeping the name as-is, or opting for a similar name like Anjou Pear or Ripe Pear. 

When we were thinking about designs for Orchard Pear, we initially thought about a more rustic-leaning look. But we said this is a versatile scent, right? So instead, we went with a modern, more minimalist design and chose our Green Matte Tumbler with its fancy gold electroplated interior. Pear-fect! 

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 2" x 2"

Woodland Snow

Trend captured: Persistence of Memory

There’s nothing quite like the experience of walking through the winds on a crisp winter day, leaving footprints behind on the pristine canvas of newfallen snow. Woodland Snow captures that experience in an ozonic, coniferous fragrance oil. 

You can never go wrong with a chilly, woodsy scent in the winter–Woodland Snow is the perfect choice for lending an elegant charm to seasonal collections.

Branding ideas:

We designed this label to reflect the sprinkle of magic that makes Woodland Snow so special. Kind of makes you think you’re smelling the fragrance before you even light the candle! 

For alternate name ideas, we like keeping it more on the conceptual side since it’s such a nostalgic scent. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your customers by evoking some of their own memories. Think Winter Cabin, Moonlit Snow, First Snow, or Midwinter Night.

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 1.5"x3"

Black Cardamom and Cream

Trend captured: Global Influence

Black cardamom is having a moment–you’re likely to spot it as a note in fine fragrance or as an ingredient in food and upscale beverages. 

While green cardamom has a sweet-leaning aroma, black cardamom has a touch of smoky pleasantness. Both are widely used in Indian cuisine and are essential to many different dishes. 

Branding ideas:

We love the elegant simplicity of this label–the design is pleasing and not distracting, lending itself to nearly any style of home decor. 

If you’re thinking about other name ideas, try Chestnut and Cardamom or Cardamom Latte. It would also be a great scent to start with for a Chai Tea Latte blend. (We suggest Cinnamon Chai!)

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Vanilla Eggnog

Trend captured: Persistence of Memory

This holiday season standby has a place in many of our memories–this uniquely delicious drink isn’t just tasty, it has a little kick to it! (Anyone else ever accidentally drink the “adult” eggnog as a kid?) 

This is a fragrance we’ve had on our wish list for awhile, and we think you’ll love how the creaminess of Vanilla Eggnog is balanced with the pops of rum, amaretto, and spice.

Branding ideas:

Isn’t this a fun label design? Modern, yet whimsical. We can see a whole seasonal collection in this style, with different complementary colors for each scent! 

For other name ideas, you can keep it straightforward with something like Spiked Eggnog, or even get a little cheeky with, say, Holiday Season Coping Mechanism. 

Love this label? Create and print your own with Avery WePrint! Size: 2.5" x 2" Arched


Now that they're all dressed up, it’s time for these new scents to go forth and show off what they can do. Ready to smell for yourself?

Share your thoughts on these new fragrances by leaving a review, and show off what you create with the hashtag #CandleScientist and by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—we’d love to give you some kudos!