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Unwrap your new favorite fragrances! Holiday nostalgia meets the spirit of wanderlust in our latest fragrance release

Journey through holiday memories and worldly destinations with our 13 enchanting new scents.

This collection curates fragrances that evoke memories of festive gatherings and far-flung adventures, each crafted to captivate the senses and elevate any space.

Three glass pumpkin jars in clear, black, and orange on a stylized chess board table.

Limited release: Pumpkin Jars

Get ready for spooky season with multi-wick pumpkin jars complete with stem lids.

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Maple Walnut Pancakes: Wake up to pancakes every morning with this yummy, warm, and true-to-life scent.

  • Vibe check: Comforting and delightful

Arctic Ivy: Complex, but as delicate as the first frost, this sophisticated scent dazzles with notes of eucalyptus, sage, and musk.

  • Vibe check: Relaxing and graceful

High Tea: As fine as a cup of Lady Grey Tea, this fragrance invigorates with zesty bergamot and lemon over a heart of black tea.

  • Vibe check: Uplifting and cozy

Pistachio Meringue: Notes of pistachio, almond, and vanilla sugar are spun together in this scrumptious scent.

  • Vibe check: Playful and inspiring

Harvest Moon: Spellbinding notes of green leaves, succulent plum, cinnamon, and a hint of smoke pay homage to the autumn equinox.

  • Vibe check: Enchanting and calming

Uncharted: Think rugged explorers in far-off places—this scent blends fresh grass and chilly air with notes of leather.

  • Vibe check: Exhilarating and confident

Evergreen and Apple: Aromatic and crisp, notes of apple, fir, and juniper are balanced by tart cranberry, cedar, and sugar.

  • Vibe check: Invigorating and joyful

Marrakesh Market: Evoke a spirited Moroccan market with lively spices fused with incense, patchouli, and tobacco.

  • Vibe check: Vibrant and warm

Apple Ginger Spritz: Sparkling top notes of tart apple, sweet strawberry and spice are grounded by cedarwood and patchouli in this cocktail-inspired fragrance.

  • Vibe check: Celebration and inviting

Sparkling Negroni: Pure fun and fizz, bursts of citrus marry with champagne and gin in this cosmopolitan scent.

  • Vibe check: Charismatic and intriguing

Sugar Plum Punch: Raspberry and citrus top notes dance with cran-apple goodness while a hint of cinnamon adds the magic of the season to this merry fragrance.

  • Vibe check: Cheerful and fun

Bonfire Embers: A crackling campfire at twilight, this scent is a camping fan’s delight. Earthy-green undertones of moss and patchouli give interesting dimension to the notes of smoke and charred wood.

  • Vibe check: Grounding and soothing

Glacier Lily: Like a delicate flower in new-fallen snow with notes of ozone, heliotrope, lavender, and amber.

  • Vibe check: Pristine and tranquil

Unlock every note with a 1 oz bottle of each scent + 100 CandleScience-branded fragrance blotter strips