Ecosoya Q210 Soy Candle Wax
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As of 09/20/2019:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Product Update: July 17, 2019

NGI/EcoSoya informed us that after 20 years in business, they are closing their doors and will permanently discontinue manufacturing all Q-series soy, CB-Advanced, and PB Pillar blend waxes. This wax will no longer be available once stock is depleted. Please watch the video above for more information.

The EcoSoya Q210 is a great option for container candles and tealights. We found this wax had perfectly smooth tops and great glass adhesion. The new EcoSoya Quantum soy waxes feature new technology that virtually eliminates frosting, allows for higher fragrance loads, higher pour temperatures and produces vivid colors. Ideal fragrance load is 6-9% for an optimal hot throw. Candle Making Note:
Based on our testing, we recommend using the LX wick series with this wax. We found it to burn the most evenly across different candle diameters and fragrances. The ECO and HTP wick series created unusual looking mushrooms after burning, most prominent in higher fragrance loads. Suggested candle wax replacement for CB-Advanced wax. When testing a new soy wax, it can be challenging to find the right process. To help you get the best results from NGI's new Q210 soy wax check out our lab notes.

Note: Wax is packaged in pastille form.
45 lb Case Size: 16.5" x 16" x 11.5"

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering Q210 Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Melt Point 115°F
Max Fragrance 12% or 2oz./lb.
Wax Types Soy Wax Pastilles
Pour temp 170°F (+/-5°)
Applications Container / Tealight
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 51 reviews)


Total garbage. This is my first try on 'reformulated' Ecosoya. The tops are wet, is this what other reviewers are referring to as 'smooth tops'? Wet tops, blemishes, and worse of all, any scent sweats up and onto the top. After burning, and really they need a small twig to get a burn going, the liquified Ecosoya displays a huge bloom of frost all over the inside of the glass, unsightly and not at all beautiful. Pouring hotter does nothing to remedy problems. Pellets melt slowly and form a glob. Melted Ecosoya is harder to control, drips ooze everywhere, not from my pouring technique .... been creating quality candles for years. One batch had sinkholes at the wick. Thicker heavier wicks still tunnel, you end up with half the Ecosoya attached to glass as the candle tunnels it's way to the bottom. Color is off, not a light creamy soy, rather a dull yellowed pellet. The stuff SMELLS AWFUL, stinky vinegar odor, that is NOT masked by scent load. Overall, this is a LOSER, pure and utter garbage. Tried mixing with my GOOD old version Ecosoya, the 'new reformulated' ruins the old soy version and there you go with another batch of unsellable candles. Sooo glad I didn't order 40lbs, and yes, you are paying MORE for purchasing 10lbs less than the older version. Happy holidays, avoid this wax, move on to another, Ecosoya does NOT have their act together. CandleScience seems aware of these issues, pull the product, you are going to have unhappy purchasers on this junk, please CandleScience .... people spend alot of money on these products, offering this is negligent. One Star is the lowest this rating system goes. I give this Ecosoya Q210 zero stars, as in NONE.

Windhorse Studio

Still having problems with Q210.

I am ready to give up with this wax. The first time I started making candles I used this wax (before they reformulated). I really lucked out because it was amazing and I didn't have to go through all the troubles that 1st-time candle makers have to go through with experimenting. When it came back out again I bought Q210 right away. It's nothing like it was but I have so much of it. Every wick I use in it mushrooms. I've tried CandlesScience's suggestion to use LX24. Better burn but still mushrooms. Now I see these recent reviews that everyone loves it now? Has it changed in the recent months because I can't get any cold throw and I hate how it burns? I still have a lot of this wax and I don't produce enough to just get rid of it. I need suggestions on what these users who love it are doing. My candle making experience has gone backward.

If not this was, what was is near perfect like the old Eco Q210 was?



I was really frustrated with Golden 464 because I could rarely get a smooth top and I would get sink holes, bubbles, etc. These however are effortless smooth tops every time and the texture, consistency, and overall physical appearance of the wax in candle form is just smooth and stunning. Rich colors, burns nicely. They do sink in a bit towards the wick when dry, so it’s not completely flat, but it is smooth and I am pleased. Glass adhesion is okay, not much different than golden from what I can tell. Overall this wax looks much more like a soy candle should look like than the 464 golden. Never using that again.


Very easy to work with!

I still somewhat of a beginner at this whole thing, but I found this wax very easy to work with. Pouring at 135-140 gets the best results, especially in tins. I never had any frosting when pouring at that temperature.

The cold throw is fairly weak at first, but once it goes past 3-4 days it is VERY strong. I find the hot throw takes much longer. I wait at least a week, maybe two before I consider putting it out for sale.

As will soy wax, the longer you wait, the better it gets. Just let it sit for a week and try it again if it's not very strong.

Home in the Range candles

Superior wax but you need to adjust temps

I have found the recommended pour temps to be way off. I have used Ecosoya (before the reformulation) almost my entire candlemaking career. It is a wonderful wax, but you do need to find the proper temps (the recommendation is completely wrong!). For my environment, pouring at 135 is perfect. I almost never have frosting. The cold throw gets stronger the longer it cures starting at 24 hours. Good hot throw does need at least a week. I love this wax and it is definitely worth the extra cost. If you are having issues with Golden Wax 464, try this wax. This wax is a little harder to work with compared to other brands but it has just to do with finding the perfect temps.

Jennifer M


I have just used this wax for the first time. My candle tops are totally smooth, not grainy, no sink holes as with 464 and 415. I heated wax to 185 degrees and poured at 160. As for the vinegar smell, it was very faint and once the wax is melted you cannot smell it at all. I will review cold and hot throw and wicks in three weeks when they have cured, but I am totally thrilled with the smooth tops.



We're getting excellent results

Like a lot of others, i was super worried after i ordered this wax and then began reading through the reviews here about the performance of this wax and the smell.

The concern has been unfounded, we're getting lovely results with this wax. It has performed well so far with every fragrance we've poured, getting excellent cold and hot throw, and it's probably the easiest, most forgiving wax I've ever poured.

We're sending at between 9-11.5% Most of our fragrances are seeing excellent cold throw as little as 24 hours after pour. I did a wick test with one candle the day after the pour and the hot throw on that particular scent was already pretty good. We tested again at 10 days and both cold and hot throw on every fragrance were fantastic.

The wax pours great and seems to be pretty forgiving. We've tested pours at 170, 160, 150 and 140 and so far have found that we haven't had issues at any of these temps. no frosting, no sweating, no wet spots or adhesion issues. It seems to have a lot of flexibility compared to any other wax I've ever used.

As for the sour smell. The way people have been reviewing this wax, I was expecting to be blown back by an unbearable smell of distilled white vinegar when I opened the box. The odor from the wax is actually incredibly minimal. I had to stick my head in the box to detect it. It does have a mild acidic smell. It isn't even particularly unpleasant. (To me it kind of smells like a donut shop.) the odor is at it's strongest when then wax reaches 185, and on the first melt i was a little concerned at how much of the odor there was. but once the wax is scented and cooled there is no trace of it in the finished candles, either cold or while burning. In short i've found the concern to be overblown, for us at least.

There was some testing and mild reformulating we had to do, but the end result is an easier pour that produces gorgeous candles with excellent throw. We're quite pleased.



I know that I reviewed this wax a few months back and gave it glowing reviews and 5 stars, however, after continuing to work with the Q-210 as I have poured my Fall candle collection, I just HAD to review it once again...Why...??? Because I really, really want everyone to know how WONDERFUL this wax is!!!

When I initially began using this wax back in February'ish, I followed the manufactures and Candle Sciences directions and melted to 185 +/- 5 degrees and poured around 170 degrees...I admit, it was good, and overall I was happy with the results, cold and hot throw were good... No complaints...

Since then I have done a couple of things differently and I am really glad that I did.

The first thing I did was I bought a Presto Wax Melting Pot off of Etsy...This allows me to control the temperature more closely than when I was previously melting it in the microwave, which would sometimes result in overheating...

Secondly after doing some reading on another soy wax sellers site, I saw that they were recommending that *their* soy wax be heated to about 160 degrees, and letting it cool to 130 degrees then add fragrance, stir gently and the pour around 115 degrees...Since their soy wax was also a soy/botanical oil blend, I got to wondering why their instructions were so different than the ones here on CS so I decided to try pouring the Q-210 following the *other* websites instructions just to see what would happen.

I am so happy that I did, as it produced, in my opinion, a much better result than when following the instructions here on CS...(Sorry CS)...

Here are some things that I have noticed as a result of following the method on the *other* website...

Using the Presto Pot and heating the Q-210 to 160 degrees did NOT overheat the wax, and *the fragrance oil incorporated into the wax fully even at 130-35 degrees*

I found that pouring into my Mason jars at between 115 and 120 degrees, and letting them completely alone overnight, I had virtually NO wet spots.

Tops were smooth and even.

Cold throw was wonderful within 24 hours after pouring, and after I put the lids on them and let them continue to cure, the cold throw has only gotten stronger and stronger.

The hot throw...After 2 weeks I began burn tests...Most of the fragrances burned strong, but some needed just a little bit longer before they really kicked out a nice strong fragrance. *I have found that the longer they cure the stronger the hot throw*...The ones I am testing right now I poured about a month and a half ago and they fill my entire house, so the hot throw is wonderful!!!

I have also noticed the by melting to the 160 degrees, the Q-210 does not turn that sickly looking peach, flesh color that my first sets of candles did when using the microwave to heat it to 185 degrees. Yes, depending on the fragrance oil you are using, it will slightly turn the wax to a creamy ivory, (unless you use Orange Blossom, then it will turn it a very pretty yellow orange, yet if you use Caribbean Teakwood you will not notice any real change in the color of the wax, it will look almost white).

I also use 2.5 oz of fragrance per pound of wax, period... and that produces and nice strong cold and hot throw.

For wicking I have found that I have *EXCELLENT* results with the LX 24 when using the 4 and 8 oz Mason jars, as well as the 6 oz Tins.

I also LOVE how the candle tops re-congeal to a nice smooth top after you blow it out and the wax makes the candles look real high end as opposed to *another soy wax* I tried that after you blew it out and it cooled, the top was all cratery and full of holes.

I would however STRONGLY emphasize that you allow for a LONG curing period...It really does seem that the longer they cure the better they smell...

I for one will begin my Fall/Holiday collection in the Spring of 2019, just so I have enough time, along with my soap making to get the candles labeled and packed away so they are all ready to September.

The more I continue to use this wax, the more I love is a great wax, and I really wish people would give it a chance...

I have also experienced EXCELLENT results with the Q-230 for my wax melts by following the same melting, fragrance and pouring temps...:) :) :)

As for the loudly complained about vinegar smell of the wax... I have found that when I get the box of wax home, remove the entire bag from the box and place it bag and all into a very large Sterilite storage bin, open the bag and let it air out for a few minutes then put the lid to the bin on it, when I go back to use it it smells just fine...what ***little*** vinegar smell is pretty much gone and I never smell it in the finished product.

Katherine ~ Owner, Dragonfly The Soap Studio

I love this wax!

I have been nothing but pleased with this wax. I have read all the horrible reviews from prior EcoSoya customers with their complaints about the change in the formula, yada yada. With anything new, you have to test and retest and tweak your process. I have had nothing but beautiful candles with wonderful scent throw. You can’t treat this wax like all other soy wax. It has it’s own set of rules and that’s why we test! I found that that with 210 the manufacturer recommends a higher pour temp. So the standard, heat to 185 F, add scent and pour around 135F formula doesn’t have the best results. They also indicated that with this formula some scents aren’t as strong, so it takes a higher fragrance load. Again, that’s why we test! I have had some wet spots but it’s my own fault for not letting the candles slowly cool down and pouring in a cool glass container. Wet spots don’t bother me. It adds to my candles charm. As far as coloring goes, you have to use the concentrated dyes for vibrant colors. Candlescience liquid dyes work great! I have reordered several times. I find it to be a great container wax! Don’t let the negative reviews discourage you! Just test the product and do the research before you make up your mind!


I like it!

I am using this as an alternative for my wax tarts because I ran out of my 415 , was not happy with the use for candles. Just did not feel like going through the work of figuring out which wick to use. It is hard when you already have a routine with wicks and wax. It is more of a hobby now even though I get reguest to sell . I will stick to making wax tarts it is less complicated.



After using the 415 & 465 since the original eco soya 135 has been discontinued- I started with a small bag of this +new and improved soy wax" to make sure. I have been making candles for over 8 years and this wax ate up the scent that I normally use and I already use a lot of fragrance oil. Unless you want to use more oil- then I would STAY AWAY from this NEW brand. Not sure why they discontinued the original 135 but sure do miss it. I have no issues with the 415 & 465 other than it's a little harder I think than the eco soy 135. Oh well.


Great Product!

So I am not an expert but I have made quite a few candles. I make candles out of liquor bottles and sell them on line and in my store. This is the second time I have used Ecosoya Q210 Soy Wax and I think it works great! I use a double bowler and heat the wax to 180 degrees. I add the scent at 160 degrees then pour at 135 degrees. The candle tops come out smooth, they do not sink in the middle and have a great cold and hot throw.


Stinks and Color Sucks

This was a huge waste of money! I purchased a 50lb box of this crap. Just put it out for the trash man. I do not understand why XCEL was taken away. I have seem many complaints about their new formula on platforms. Not good!


Owner/candle maker

I just received my worst ever product review from a customer of candles made with this wax. The product in question has been a staple in my product line for many years and has always received rave reviews. When my wax supply ran out I bought this wax. Up until this review my feelings on this wax had been mixed. It makes a beautiful looking candle but the wax itself carries a very strong sour odor. The odor, after a two week cure mostly disappears. But some candles still have a slight lingering sourness. I honestly did not detect the sour smell in the candles that received the negative review, but it seems the customer did. The review said the candle scent was "way off." The oils used in this product have not changed. The tins used have not changed. The only thing different was this wax. I'll not be purchasing more. I'm heart sick. I built my business with Ecosoya. I hope they fix this problem pronto.

K Casey

I’m very dissapointed with the new formulated Ecosoya brand waxes. I used CB-Xcel in the past and LOVED it. Now I’m trying Q210 because my old one is discontinued, and I wanted to stay with this brand because of its natural properties. I cannot figure this wax out. It turns dark gold every time and doesn’t have a soft wax texture after it’s cured. It turns very hard and sinks at the wick. :( AND IT BARELY HAS A COLD THROW. I tried 9% and 10% oil. It has a great hot throw and the LX wicks work well. Please let me know your thoughts and have any pointers for my issues. Thanks!


Mixed feelings

Its true, the wax stinks. Meaning the actual wax smells really strong. It gave me a headache while it was melting and made my studio smell like stale bad breath. But, the candles it produced are fine. Better than fine. They look beautiful and harden/remelt perfectly. I used my typical fragrance oil amounts without issue. While burn testing I did notice some wick funkiness, but not funky enough for me to not use up my current wick supply before switching to the CS recommended wick for this wax. I also tested a batch of lip balm with this wax as Ecosoya recommends this wax is cosmetic grade. The finished lip balm was nicely textured, but still had a slight sour smell that I'm chalking up to the stink of the actual wax. I will continue using wax for my candles but will not use it cosmetically. Now to try the pillar version.

Flora Oddchild


This was my first candle making experience. I ordered 20lbs and received the wax promptly (shipping is a pain -$). I then divided the 2 10lbs bags I received into smaller 1lb bags. With the order I received a sample 1oz of mango fragrance oil. I added this to one pound for 6% ratio. Like the instructions, I heated the wax to 185F and then removed from heat and added oil immediately. Do remember to stir directly before pouring because the oil will settle. This is where I diverged from the instructions. I waited until the wax reached 155F and then poured into 3 5 oz jars (little over). Looking back, I would recommend adding the wax to jars at 185F (it makes no difference as far as I know... wax contraction is almost nonexistent). No frosting. My glass jar was thick, thus the wax set quicker on the edges and caused a slight bow in the middle of the candle. 5mm (.5cm) of bowing at the lowest point on a 2" diameter. Further, the wax pulled away from the wick just slightly...nothing a heat gun or hair dryer cant fix real quick. I think that covers everything save curing...I couldn't wait to review this wax. I'm very impressed and would recommend.



I did extensive testing of the 210 and 220 waxes with photo results on Craftserver. I tested several brands of quality fragrance oils with these waxes - the fragrance oils left oily pits on top of the candles when cooled. I tried several ways of incorporating scent from high temps 200 to low 150. Same result. I even called the company and they admitted that not all fragrances would work. Out of 20 I tested only one fragrance completely emulsified into the way.
The waxes smoke when melting in an off putting manner, and they are a strange off white color. They look worse with burns depending on the fragrance oil.
The waxes are not even close to the quality of their previous versions , and would recommend other waxes beside these to make candles with. It is easy to tame 464, 444 you do have to test but if you are serious about making candles this is what you do.
I think that the company rushed both waxes to Market in the Fall to try and get people to buy for Hokiday season, but the waxes do need more reformulating - you can’t have people wasting their time trying to find on fragrance oil that works with the wax or one wicK.
Highly disappointing. Trust me I put in time and documentation, and money trying the waxes but until they fix them cannot recommend.


Initial Burn Test Results for the EcoSoya Q210

OK...I have just completed my first burn test for my CS 4 oz. Mason Jar using the EcoSoya Q 210 wax and the LX 18 Wick.

I will admit, I just couldn't wait the full two weeks before I did my burn test, but I DID wait a full week and a half...:) :) :)

I will begin by saying the cold throw using this wax is AMAZING!!! I poured 6 different fragrances and they ALL smelled fabulous within less than 24 hours after pouring.

Now, on to my burn test...

I trimmed the wick to approx. 1/4", I think it is challenging to figure out *exactly* 1/4"...but it was pretty short...:) :) :)

In order to provide as much of a controlled environment as possible, I placed the jar in the bathroom (approx. 5 ft wide x 10 ft. long with 9 ft ceiling), I lit the candle, it lit easily, I closed the door and I walked away. (I don't have any kids running around or in and out, so I feel comfortable doing this).

I check back in about 15 minutes and I am beginning to smell the delicious rich dark chocolate is subtle, but it is definitely there. The burn pool is taking on a nice shape and the flame is burning smoothly, although it seemed slightly high in my opinion...I was thinking that maybe it was because I filled the jar rather full, anyway, l shut the door and walked away again.

I checked back in again in about a half an hour (a total burn time of 45 minutes now), and I opened the door to the decadently strong dark chocolate scent. The burn pool was about 3/4" across the diameter of the jar maybe a little more, the flame was still steady, and somewhat high. I did not however see any mushrooming at the tip of the wick as this point. Again, I shut the door and walked away.

I popped back in again in 15 minutes ( a full one hour of burning at this point), and the results were still the same as before. I will also note that I am not seeing any smoking in the air above the candle, nor is a smoke build up beginning to form on the candle jar or the wall behind the candle.

After 2 hours, the burn pool is all the way to the sides of the jar and the depth of the burn pool is approximately 1/2", so I continue to let it burn for the final 2 of the 4 hour burn test.

After the candle has burned for 4 hours, I touch the jar and note that it is NOT hot to the touch, just comfortably warm...The flame is still burning strong with no major flickering or jumping... although still a little high, AND the hot throw is INCREDIBLE. I also notice that the burn pool is still at about 1/2 in. in depth.

At this point I pick it up and move it out to the shelf in my living room (approx 12 ft. by 20 ft. with 9 foot ceilings), and let it burn for a little bit longer, (maybe 15 more minutes). The cool thing now is the fragrance followed me from the bathroom down the hall to the living room, and made the whole living room smell fantastic as well!!!

After about 15 minutes I finally blow the candle out. It is at this point that I notice that there is some mushrooming at the tip of the wick and while the flame went out, there was still some embers glowing on the wick. It was when I went to pinch it off that it fell into the burn pool. Since this is also a massage wax candle, I took this opportunity to dip my fingers into the wax and run it into my hands...MMM...I smelled like I had jumped into a vat of chocolate and it rubbed into my hands like a dream...NOT sticky or gooey or gloppy.

I then called CS to run the results of my burn test by a customer service representative, upon relaying the details and then discussion we determined that I may want to try the LX 16 wick next time around to see if that will cure the mushrooming and the somewhat fast burn. Although the representative told me that a tiny amount of mushrooming *can* be normal and it does not mean it was a failed test.

Since I poured 24 of these 4 oz Mason Jar candles with the LX 18 wicks, after I burn test one from each batch, if all of those burn tests go well, as I believe they will, I am still going to sell them.

All in all I would say that I have had an EXCELLENT experience with the ES 210, no tunneling or any of those other terrible, horrrible things written about here in this review section.

Thank you so much Candle Science for providing fabulous products, and most of all a very educational and informative website and even better yet...FABULOUS customer service on the phone!!!

Owner Dragonfly The Soap Studio

Owner Dragonfly The Soap Studio

As the owner of Dragonfly The Soap Studio I recently decided to add soy wax candles and melts to my inventory line up.
I must say that all of negativity expressed on here was very, very, VERY disheartening!!! HECK!!! I haven't read so many negative things since I last logged on to our local area Facebook community group!!! It is enough to make a new candle maker want to just quit before they ever begin!!!

After reading and re-reading about all of the different waxes offered here at Candle Science, as well as calling and talking to a customer service representative,I made the decision to choose the Eco Soys Q210 for my mason jar candles. I am not using any colorant as I prefer the natural creamy/ivory/custard look (depending on your oils).

First of all, for ALL of the EcoSoya waxes I read about the NASTY/STRONG vinegar smell...All I will say about that is that it is BUNK!!! Yes, there is a *bit* of a vinegar smell, but it is NOT as bad as people are making it out to be and it is NOT there in the final, finished product.

Secondly, it melts and pours like a dream...1 lb. of wax in my large glass pyrex measuring cup, in the microwave on high for 3:30 seconds melts it to almost the perfect temp. between 180 and 190 degrees, and I can usually just add my fragrance between 10 and 12 % right away. It takes the fragrance beautifully and incorporates fully in to the wax.

I pour between 170-175 degrees with no issues at bubbles, or any other bad things have happened. I just pour very slowly into my mason jars to the fill line using the LX series wicks then I walk away and *leave them completely alone for overnight* and in the morning I wake to completely smooth, creamy tops with almost a *satin* finish...No cratering, pulling away from the wick, no frosting, etc. I trim the wicks and put the lids on them.

Out of the 24 jars I have poured following the above process, I have only had TWO develop those super scary sounding wet spots, which really are not a big deal, my jar label will cover it up.

I also do not understand all of the bad talk about no cold throw...Within less than 24 hours after I pour, I am getting a *nice strong cold throw* that *just keeps getting better and better as the days go by*. I have about a week left before I can begin the hot throw tests, and I am eager to report my findings back here.

I have also used the EcoSoya Q230 to pour my wax melt clamshells, following the same process above and my melts have turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! FABULOUS Cold AND Hot throw!!!

SOOOOO...Here is my in process review...I am anticipating that I will be back in a week or so with great reports about the hot throws on my candles.

All of you negative Nellies...:) :) :) I am so sorry that you are unhappy with the change in the formulations of the EcoSoya Q series waxes. :) :) :) I know that when you have used something that has worked well for you, and then it changes it can be unsettling. And while reviews can be a good thing, please remember that for those of us who are newer and have never used the waxes that have been discontinued, your negativity can be very, very disheartening to newer folks and could potentially cost Candle Science customers.


NicoleLee Candles

The new ecosoya wax is terrible. I have found that using C-3 soy wax is the best replacement. No wet spots, excellent hot and cold throw. Try it. It will make candlemaking easy again!!!


2-3 stars, depending on how you look at it.

I basically get zero cold throw from this wax, which is a horrible first impression to customers, so I struggle to use it. I DO need to use it because I make layered candles and I need the wax to assist in the appearance because other waxes frost way too much to be used by themselves. I've ended up doing about a 50/50 blend with this and another wax to help out but it lessens the throw of even my "good" wax significantly when blended.
It burns fine and it DOES look very nice, so as far as a rating goes, there is something there... But it seems like this wax was made ENTIRELY for looks and not for fragrance throw, which is the main reason why people buy scented candles in the first place so it seems quite ridiculous. I've even attempted giving it the higher end of the fragrance load and I do get a semi-decent hot throw but the cold throw is still total garbage. So the three stars would be adding a bonus for appearance (although it definitely is a cream color if you don't use dyes, so heads up on that) and one to two stars would be for the fragrance aspect. I would only recommend this wax if you're desperate for a very smooth appearance but I'm currently doing some research on basically anything else.

Brittany S.

This Sucks

I, too, was excited for this wax after they took the CB-Advanced off the market which was perfect in every way. On one hand, I am bummed that I ever knew about it because everything since has been a huge disappointment. It's what I started with and would never have opened a business if all of this other crappy wax was my only option. The 210 looks nice, if you're ok with the cream color but the CT and HT are really disappointing, not to mention you have to use twice the fragrance oil to get any kind of a throw out of it which becomes sooooo expensive. Waiting and curing does help but it's still not good enough. It smokes like crazy when melting but the LX wicks do help it not to smoke as much when it burns. I saw another reviewer mention selling them as lightly scented which is what I have been doing but it just feels like a lie. Just like the lie they told us about how much better this wax would be than CB-Advanced. We really have no other choice when they make these changes right before the holiday season which is our busiest time. I am so frustrated that I think about closing up shop everyday or just selling my beeswax candles. But alas, I keep ordering it because I haven't found anything better to replace it. The only reason I am giving it 2 stars is because it is nice and smooth compared to the 444 which is nothing but sinkholes and a hideous burn. Maybe if we all wrote to NGI directly, we could get some answers about the CB-Advanced and maybe convince them to bring it back. A girl can dream, right?

Melissa - Guru Candles

I'm giving this wax a 3 because 464 is a nightmare.

I love the new reviews, I feel so validated by reading and knowing it's not just me. After being so excited to get smooth candles again, after blaming myself for error with 464 for so long, here I am at the holidays and I'm going to miss it, because this wax is still not CB Advanced. You know last year I went to Zenith Supplies, bought c-3, a few fragrances and the two types of wicks they sold and made candles. I loved it. I got the candle containers back from my friends because I wanted to refill them and they all burned down perfectly. No endless testing, no fuss or worry. So, now I'm getting fancy trying to sell some candles and feeling like I should just go back to simple and give up on these ridiculous hyper engineered inventions. CB Advanced is a great wax. Why did they drop it, leave people hanging only to bring back a 'peach' colored wax. You know, vibrationally, peach is the most depressing color? This just can't be a mistake or intended to be accepted by the candle makers. Soy is known for it's creamy, classy ivory color...naturally. With this new Q210 I'll have to use tints and dyes to deal with that blended flesh color. It'll be better than 464, but c-3 is looking pretty good right now. I love the other reviews. There are so many new ones since I first read this page. I'm glad to feel validated but seriously question the ethics that lie behind all of this stuff going on. This isn't normal at all, completely wrong and all during a potentially awesome holiday season. Perhaps this small candle making crowd was taking a significant chunk of the market share and we needed to be hobbled? Why was CB advanced dropped without a ready to go, improved product? Was there something illegal about the ingredients? Something about California laws and prop 65? An audit? Or was it just too good? I know that major corporate make-up lines will drop their best selling lipstick color, because the companies sell more when people are trying to find a new favorite. Hmmmm....


Update.. for those having wicking issues

Just wanted to pop on here and give an update for anyone who's having trouble finding the right wicks. I had great luck with both the CSN wicks, as well as the CD wicks. They both burn great.. hope that helps someone. Cheers!


Horrible Replacement and NOT an Improvement!!!

First - I am shocked that none of us candle sellers have gotten an explanation from either Candlescience or NGI as to why Ecosoya Advanced was pulled and replaced with these new waxes. Note to Candlescience: if you value your relationship with your customers please give us an answer. Even if the answer is that NGI gave YOU no reason. Then we know who to blame and despise. This wax has terrible reviews from virtually EVERYONE who used to use Advanced and CB135. Pay attention to that. The only folks giving it decent reviews are the folks who were using 464 which is also lousy. So that’s understandable. Folks please know that when we had Advanced and CB 135 you literally needed no instructions to make an AWESOME candle. Just melt add FO and pour. NO problems. It was more expensive but worth it. Now we are paying more for 5# less. The wicking nightmare is costing us too. The vinegar odor and the fact that we have to use more fragrance oil is ridiculous. How is it better when we need to pay for and use more fragrance. Stop spinning it as a bonus that this new wax holds a whopping larger amount of fragrance- translated this means that the cold and hot throw stinks unless you load it up. Using more fragrance means more money. Did I mention that wicking is a nightmare. That takes more time which wastes money. My customers loved the creamy matte white finish of the Advanced but they don’t like the peachy wet look of this junk. How the heck am I supposed to market peachy colored coffee, lavender and vanilla scents it’s ridiculous. It also isn’t smooth or creamy it looks more like a wet orange peel. Unfortunately I can’t say enough bad things about these new waxes it is truly frustrating. I feel very sorry for the big soy production companies - at least I have other products to sell like pottery and soaps. I won’t use these waxes again - I guess I’ll switch to 464 which is also lousy but less expensive in the end. It requires less FO and is easier to wick. You just have to have the heat gun ready to correct the tops. Which of course is a pain but less of a pain and less costly. This entire situation stinks literally and if NGI is reading any of these reviews or Candlescience is then PLEASE relay the message that we candle makers would like to stay in business and so PLEASE BRING ADVANCED BACK!!!!!


Bring back CB Advanced for the love of everything good!!

Please please please bring back the old formula! This wax is garbage! What is up with the smell?? I don't understand why you would mess with something that worked so well? Thumbs down.


Love it

I was a 464 Golden Wax girl until this wax was reinvented. All the time they put into it I knew wasn’t a waste. There are certain directions required to get a perfect candle but it is well worth it.
I do some deep researching and it is paying off.
1. You must have the proper wick. LX series
2. Let your candles Cure for a long 2 weeks.
3. Use a whoping 18% fragrance load.
Your candle will come out beautiful and with a nice cold throw. After the 2 weeks wham There is Your Perfect Candle. I’m amazed at the look of it so I had to study hard to get this right! I Love it!

Crystal Johnson

Founder of Zen Junkie

I have found that 464 was the best wax that I had found for my soy candles and wax melts. However, no matter what I did, they would frost during the curing process. Even with the UV Inhibitor the edges would frost. It was so exasperating. I would even warm the tins and pour at 140, still frost. So I switched to this wax. I was nervous due to all the reviews and became increasingly more worried when I was pouring and it didn't seem to give off the strong scent the 464 did when it cooled. The cold scent seemed poor. I figured I would sell the batch as "lightly scented" for those who had a scent sensitivity. I was very, very surprised. I tested the candle and was BEYOND happy. The candle not only had a stronger, more vibrant color, but the tops cooled and were perfect. No dips. No wick holes. And a slight gloss to the candle that I love. I let them cure, covered, for 5 days and when I opened the tin it smelled amazing. To test one for scent I put it in my office which is rather large and left for lunch. When I opened the door, the hot throw was amazing. I could smell it in every corner of my office. I was really scared to try this wax, but I am delighted with the outcome. The wick suggested didn't do well in the 8 ounce tins, or the 12 oz status jars. I am using the eco series wick and it reaches all around. Just so you know, I heated the wax to 175 degrees and added the color. I also use an inhibitor -I live in Vegas and the sun is brutal on the colors fading. I used 1.5 oz of scent per pound of wax and poured into a warm tin/jar at 170 degrees as this wax has a higher pour temp than the 464. I had no problems at all. Hope that helps those having some trouble.


So disappointed. Please bring back what everyone loved and thrived from.


Very Disappointed

This wax was suppose the next best thing. I've used one box and at 150 degrees during melting the smoke coming off the wax is terrible. When it cools and you take a heat gun to smooth the top there is film on top of the candle. I do no recommend this wax at all.

greg mcdade

VERY disappointed

I have built my business around cb advanced and spent so much money on the testing period for wicks and wax that when I finally got it right it was like everyone couldn't get enough of my work! THEN, for reasons I still can't understand...they take away the BEST wax on the market and my business plummeted. I searched the all suppliers for anything that could replace cb advanced and I can tell you there isn't one! I even paid double the price once to someone who hoarded many cases and was gouging peoples pockets to make a pretty penny. ONLY after a horrible year right before the holidays they released this! I think this past year has provided them ample time and opportunity to make a wax that would actually be worth the money I am spending and that my customers are spending. I won't be AS picky on the look as I don't use dye (as far as frosting and bubbles go). I haven't tested the "tunneling" and "caving" of them, both of which are unacceptable to me for product. My BIGGEST complaint is the scent. People buy candles for the ambiance and the scent. I have MAXED out the fragrance load with this wax and can barely smell it after pouring into the melted wax. The cold throw is weak.....I can only assume the hot throw is weak as well. How? How is it okay to charge candle makers (whom are expected to make and sell products people will like) money to make miracles happen with crap wax. All the waxes offered by candle science are horrible. I will update as I keep testing but this is the worst time to release wax to test before holiday shopping. We are all basically going in blind. After I test all this out I will update with my findings on tunneling, caving, and scent. I still don't understand why ecosoya changed what is perfect to begin with?


Not Happy. Shouldn't have changed

I am very disappointed. They took away the Ecosoya that we always used (and loved) and made us wait for months using alternative wax. Right in time for the holiday season, they release a wax that is difficult to work with, has a peculiar odor, and a weird peach tint. The wax binds together during the melting process and forms big blocks. The only good things are the pellets make for easy handling and the candle tops dry into a nice smooth, glossy finish. Lets not mention that you get five less pounds ! Unsatisfied.

Waxing Moon Aromatics

I am so disappointed!!!

This is nothing like the CB-135 AT ALL! I have always LOVE Ecosoya, and you can tell they rushed this project on the new wax. We can't use this wax as a lotion candle. It feels like glue on your skin. I am so disappointed!!! Shopping for an alternative wax.


I have tried 3 different wicks with this wax! I am using 16 ounce mason jars and I am lastly on the LX28 wick for these jars and I’m not even positive yet if they are going to work. Having a hard time reaching he outer edge of the jar. The suggested wicks in the wick guide have been incorrect for me so far on this wax. The positive is they hold color very well but leave several large spots on the jars from the wax not sticking. They also take much more scent then usual.


The peachy caramel colour is not appealing to me.

My first try with this new wax and I am not in love with the peachy colour. Definitely not Ivory. I don't use dyes, but feel now I will need to, as a peachy tone candle doesn't cut it for me. I didn't seem to have any problems with FO pooling or spots at 7%. No craters for me, got beautiful tops with my normal lower temperature pour of 145°F. Still in the early stages of testing.


Initial Thoughts...

My first test was a 2.5" diameter glass status jar, Very Vanilla fragrance at 9%, LX-18 wick (as suggested by the Wick Guide), poured at 165F. Beautiful smooth top, and no sink holes! The darker caramel color will take some getting used to, and I definitely smelled that vinegar scent when I opened up the bag of pastilles. After 24 hours: one giant wet spot revealed itself (but hey, I'll just cover it with a label!), and the cold throw is very disappointing. Tried burning already because I was curious about wick size --- discovered it was too small, so wick up! Hot throw is also disappointing, but Candle Science recommends cure times of at least three weeks, so I'll give my next test a proper cure. I am determined to make this wax work!


Decent, but not as good as the last release and smells like vinegar!

I'm happy with the finish and adherence, but the cold throw is very poor, and what's with the vinegar smell?? I use quite a bit of fragrance in my candles but this wax inconsistently holds it. Some candles are awesome while other fragrances are barely noticeable or the remnant smell of vinegar from the wax comes through. With the cost of fragrance I'm not exactly excited to have to max out the fragrance load in my candles just to produce the smallest amount of cold throw.
I love the ecosoya brand but this wax has room to improve...please go back to manufacturing the previous wax!!

Kim McPhee

Bad cold throw bad hot throw.... only upside

Only upside is the color comes out nice and smooth I wouldn't say it sticks the the jars well because there loads of spots where it hasn't.. but the most concerning for me it the ct and ht


Not sure what to do....

After waiting so long for this wax and having finally mastered candle making of using the old CB advanced wax I feel I'm back to square one, and some days just want to chuck the towel in...

My issue has been using wooden wicks with this wax. the laminated wick I have always used it getting really black and charred and the candles are going out.. I have done loads of testing with different laminated wooden wicks.I have finally found a wick that works but now the company is stopping making them!

The cold throw its awful and even the hot throw not that great.. I guess we were spoilt with CB advanced soy wax?
Adding more fragrance is more expensive and the wick goes out if too over loaded with fragrance (I now use 11%/12%)

When I use my heat gun on cold finished candles and the heat gun it seems to tunnel the wax?? never did this before.

I loved the golden wax 464 that I used temporally while waiting for Q210, its excellent cold and hot throw.... but just looked awful cratering and holing after one burn.. not an attractive candle!!
If any one has any advise I would really welcome it.


good reviews?

Clearly, those giving good reviews on this wax haven't used it much. And, must not be paying any attention to the amount of smoking it does after putting the candle out. This stuff is no good. I'm honestly completely beside myself at seeing positive reviews of this nonsense wax. It was a rush product, and it shows. Occasional testers are fine.... but come back and leave another review after you have tested heavily. There is a reason most who have tested this wax will never use it again.


I'm having trouble

So, we have always used EcoSoya CB Advanced, and I'm guessing like everyone else, we're moving over to the Q210. I've been testing a few candles, and I'm having trouble.
Pros - colors come out so vibrant, and not pale at all, which is awesome for a soy candle
Cons - I can't seem to get a flat top. They all come out a bit concave, or a bit sunken in, though I pour at the suggested temp. 170.
- Cold throw is kinda bad. The wax, or maybe the combination of the dye and wax gives the candle a weird, phony, play-doh smell
- glass adhesion, this may just be me though, I've never had any trouble with pouring CB Advanced in non-heated glasses, but I did a test here on heated and non-heated glasses, and both got poor glass adhesion.
All in all, I'm not very happy, and I'm not truly disappointed. I just need to figure out how to go about fixing these issues. Maybe the Q220 would be better suited? I'm not sure. Please let me know what your secret is to this wax!!!



I've never used such an amazing wax, it's comparable to the ecosoya advanced in my opinion. The reviews made me nervous but I am just in love. It has smooth tops, the lx wick is amazing used with it, it holds vibrant colors, it has a great cold & hot throw. Definitely recommend it to everyone in the candle making business 💓


I really do like this wax now that I have found the best wick which is LX 18 for my jars. Thank you Candlescience for directing me to the LX wick it had changed everything!

Clarissa Rice-Perrot

Easy to use and appearance excellent but really bad CT. Tried a few fragrances and compared to other wax's tested at same time, this wax had the weakest CT and distorted the smell. Disappointing


not good

Ive done extensive testing with Q210 and its not good at all. Not only is it nowhere near as good as CB-Advanced was.... its barely useable.

Noted Issues:

- Takes a lot more FO to get the same HT or CT as before
- Many FO's cause a clumping of the wax/oil at base of the wicks. And when I say "many".. I mean "most".
- CT is terrible
- Adhesion is below average
- And the constant smoking of this wax is HORRIBLE. Smokes when it melts, smokes in the jars when burning. And the worst is the smoke after you extinguisht he flame. Its WAY more smoke than any wax Ive used before (regardless of which wick type or size) and the smoke continues for a ridiculous amount of time.

Pro's..... it looks nice.


For over 10 years I used CB 135, Advanced and also EcoSoya pillar blend. I am so disappointed with the new waxes. I can live with the darker caramel color but have to use more fragrance to achieve the same cold throw and hot throw that it had before. The pillar blend for tarts takes much longer to set up in the molds, hardly any sheen and is very hard to get out of the molds. Ugh! I'm back to experimenting with other companies again.


I am so disappointed. Unfortunately this wax does something to the fragrance and there is little to no cold throw. I have used Ecosoya advanced in the past and that was absolutely amazing. Please bring the original formula of Ecosoya Advanced back!

Karen Casey


I had just started making candles with EcoSoya Advanced when they took it off the market. Started using GB464 and had nothing but problems with the appearance but they did smell really good (more so with the cold throw than the hot throw). I was so excited when I received my first package of this Ecosoya Q210. First I noticed that the candles come out a darker caramel color than with previous ECO Advanced and with GB464-which is very pale. I don't mind that at all- I don't use dyes, but I can't smell a cold throw for anything. One batch I added a little vybar and did smell something from that. I am really disappointed. I followed the directions and even googled all the test results from people who received samples. The candles appear to be very smooth although I did have wet spots, the tops were very smooth. But I feel like I've wasted my fragrance on this wax. Even though it said it can hold 18% fragrance, I only used 10% which is more than what I was using in Ecosoya Advanced and GB 464 (at 7%.) I would love to know if anyone else is having this problem. I can't go back to GB464 as it gave me more problems then it was worth but if I don't see an improvement on this wax (which I have 30lbs left) I have to find something else. Anyone else experiencing this?
I just want to add that each fragrance that I used in Q210, I have used before in GB464 so I had a direct comparison.

Barbie G


Love the wax nur cant get it to wick at all. Everything fizzles out. Been testing a couple weeks now.various types and sizes... nothing really cutting it.


Ecosoya is the best!

After making soy candles for over 11 years now, I was honestly ready to quit. I tried every other brand of soy wax on the market, and even did my own blending to come up with something I felt was worthy of my brand after Ecosoya discontinued their previous waxes. I gave in an used 464 for a while, not enjoying the process or feeling anything I made with it was really good. Yes, they smelled o.k. but looked terrible. Ecosoya has hit this one out of the park. I am excited about making candles again, quality candles. This wax comes in little pellets, kind of like beeswax. A softer wax that melts easily, and sets up to perfection. No wet spots, dimples, lumps or wick holes. It looks creamy and smooth. The information states that it can hold a whomping 18% fragrance load, but I have only tested with my usual 8%. Paired with CS's amazing Orange Blossom scent, my house smells heavenly!