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A pure soy container wax with no additives. Great for blending with natural or paraffin waxes. Can be used by itself, but tops may need refinishing and some frosting may occur.

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Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
45 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

Produced from US Grown Soybeans!

Golden Wax Update: Golden Brands, LLC was acquired by AAK in 2011. Due to this acquisition the logo for the Golden Wax cases we carry has changed, but the product remains the same.

415 Soy Wax 45 lb. cases are now marked as "Akosoy" with the number 5715-00-45 on the manufacturer's label.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering GB 415 Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

Max Fragrance 10% or 1.6oz./lb.
Melt Point 121-125° F
Wax Type Natural Soy Wax Flakes
Pour temp 95° (+/- 5°)
Applications Container / Blending
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

(based upon 33 reviews)

Love this wax

I am using the coconut soy wax CS used to carry and am adding this to that wax to make it a little more stable. Shipping candles in this heat!
I really love the results! My candles are harder and they still carry scent well.
Glad to have it. I wish CS still had the coconut soy though. I have to order it from another state and shipping is costly.
This is a wonderful wax to add to other waxes. I haven’t tried it alone yet but I still may.

Aspiring Candle Business

As a beginner, this wax has been awesome. I do have to agree with the others, there seems to be small holes "tunneling" in the wax once its dry, but a simple heat gun can fix those. It takes a little more time, but once the heat gun does its job, they look great! Since I am a beginner, I did not realize that candles actually need to cure for 1-2 weeks, preferably 2 weeks, so the scent throw is strong. However, once I realized this, the candles turned out fantastic. I can't wait to start selling-I think my customers will be happy.


I like the way this wax performs when it drys. It dries evenly and looks great in my container with no frosting, but the top frost is very bad. I have used the heating gun and reboiled the wax and the frosting wouldn't go away. I tried looking up what I have been doing wrong and based on what I read I'm doing everything right. I don't know what other methods I could use to minimize the frosting.

Micro bubbles

I have tried working with the wax in every way to let it cool slowly and evenly and nothing works. I pour into warm containers, let the wax cool to 130 before pouring, place away from all drafts and low humid places and nothing. Every time there are micro bubbles through the entire candle and the tops are entirely uneven. I have has to use a heat gun and remelt the tops at least 5 times on every candle because the bubbles come back and more cracks and sink holes form. This wax is incredibly unreliable and difficult to work with.

No scent

I am so close to launching my business and I have wasted so many candles and jars by testing out the FO. All have very weak hot scent throws. I was so excited about doing this candle business but I may reconsider because I have wasted up to $500 dollars on candle supplies. I am not satisfied at all. I followed step by step on the measurements and used the suggested wicks and got a very frosty, lumpy, sinking candles 😫😫😫. Candle science I need to speak to the manager

CandleScience Reply

Thank you so much for leaving a review. Our support team has reached out to you via email with some helpful suggestions!

Perfect Candles-Owner "Serenity Calls"

I just wrote a review but forgot to add that my candles burn perfectly, clean sides on jars all the way to the bottom of the wick. I am so impressed with the
415 Golden Wax that I will never try any other again.


I was using 464 wax for quite a while, I had okay results but had to use the heat gun more than once to even out the tops of my candles, or to fill holes.
I decided to try 415 Golden Wax and love it. It took a few times to figure out what temp. to pour it at as it says 90-100 degree pour. By the time it hit 100 it began to harden in a full 4# pot. I cooled it to 110 degrees and it still didn't work out quite right. Next time I used it I cooled it to 125 degrees and it behaved perfectly. Now I only cool to between 125-120 degrees before pouring and it works out great.

First Time with Soy Candles

As the title states, I am genuinely new when it comes to soy wax candles. After experimenting and finding the right wick and fragrance load I will say this wax is wonderful. Although it does frost over if poured at higher temperatures, I've noticed you can minimize this by pouring at lowest temperatures possible. The candles we're making came out perfectly and I honestly can't see myself using any other wax for the foreseeable future! The fact that it is all natural soy with no additives is a bonus in my book.

5/5 and has worked with every fragrance and color we've tried. Though we are making small 4oz container candles for now and I do not know how this wax will hold up to larger candles with bigger wicks.

Used this wax for my kids launch of their candle line and the experience was horrible! The was no hot throw, when burned it went straight down the middle the sides of the candles weren’t even touched. Also after a burned the wax looks crusted and with black burn streaks. Any tips on how to get a great hit throw and I better burn pool?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! It sounds like your wick is not large enough for your candle which is creating the tunneling and also decreasing your hot throw. We would recommend trying a larger wick to get a ful melt pool which will also help the strength of the candles.

Rough top solution

It seems rough tops can happen with any wax. I can pour 50 candles and some look terrible . A good tip I heard was using a heat gun in circular motion above the rough looking tops helps smooth them out and fill any tunneling. It has saved some nasty looking tops

Need explanation

Im using 415 soy wax for my candle business. But for some reason when we test burn it the wax look so creamy and oily. We followed the right measurements and procedure but still it shows how oily or creamy the wax is. I hope i can post a picture here for people to see.

Best container wax!!!

I have been using 415 for 12 years. I love it, and my customers love it too!

Worked well by itself

I have never made candles before & I bought this wax just because I picked one. Did not see where it said not to use alone. I used it by itself. Poured at 95* and it looks good surprisingly!

Good to blend.

This is a great wax, the comments about the frosting and bumbiness are true, however i mix it with a bit of palm wax and it helps a ton with an even finish. About a 20/50 ratio, 20 being palm.


Well I bought the 464 and had a lot of tunneling, I even waiting until 110 F to pour and it still gave me problem. I found that the candle would barely stay lit and burn out in ten minutes. I was wondering if I blended it with this one if it would work better


Had some items leftover and wondered about breaking the rules. Using the 22oz of 415 wax, 1oz of lavender scent (CS sample), 1oz Love Spell (CS sample) and .5oz of Grapefruit/Mangstein (CS sample), 4” diameter cylendar glass re-use (I think it was a B&BW at one time), and 3 CD6 wicks.
Did a lot of reading, and all said NOT to run the 415 solo, and max is 10% scent load. Yep, went solo 415, and 2.5oz instead of 2.3oz.

Took the melt to 185 degrees, added scent at 155 degrees, and let cool until milky color, but still liquid. Triple wicked the jar, Single pour. Let cure 48 hours.

There was not a smooth top, but absolutely no pitting at the wicks. Initial burn test (3 hours)- some flicker and minor mushrooming. 100%even melt with exactly 3/8” wax pool. Scent throw is amazing (maybe even a bit strong in smaller rooms, but my LR is a bit large).
The scent blend it pleasant and interesting. Starts with the citrus from grapefruit, blends to a nice lavender, with a very mild sandlewood/vanilla note that gives it just enough masculine.
One of my best candles came from using up stock and not listening to rules...I love it!

This wax is great to mix with 444. I use this mixture in warmer weather because it holds up to the warmer weather. This wax does not produce smooth tops unless you do 4 or 5 pourings. My customers love that I make organic soy candles and have no issues with the tops. It's also great to mix with 464 but you must have good pouring technique. Start very slow and when the jar is half ful increase your pour. It is more time consuming but produces smooth tops. If you pour to fast in the beginning it will effect the final result. Any organic customer understands uneven tops. I have never had a complaint. I also have a brochure that I put in customers bags explaining organic soy wax candles.

415 Mixed w/ 464 or 444

Has anyone mixed these blends w/ the 415 and had good results? I like the 415 but believe we could get a smoother result if we do a 50/50 blend.

Worst wax ever

Don't buy this wax. The frosting and bumpy appearance is horrible. They need to take this nasty, bumpy looking wax off the market. Only good thing I have to say is the scent throw is awesome absolutely love the scent throw... But the appearance is raggedy.

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for leaving a review! The GB 415 can be a bit tricky to work with on its' own. We typically recommend using it as a blending wax rather than by itself. However, you can achieve a smooth surface with this wax with some adjustments to your pouring process. We would be happy to help troubleshoot if you would like so feel free to contact our support team!

I tried it but it's not good

I am in California and I used it with 464, but my candles don't look nice. I tried to mix with 444 and they look better but not as good as when I use only 464.

great wax for mixing!

This is a great mixing wax. I use it with 444 and it's perfect! I don't recommend using it alone, because it always comes out with a lot of frosting on its own.

Owner of Light of the World Candles

I bought the 415 soy wax for my candles and I am well pleased with this product. It burns smooth and clean. Works well with reggi-glow dye chips.

If you are looking for good natural smooth wax for your products, 415 is the kind to have.

What wick works best

Donna what wicks do you use wirh this wax. What do you find that works best for you.

LOVE Making Candles

Just wanted you all to know that I am now obsessed with making candles since I found your site. I LOVE all your products!!!! They are PERFECT! I've made candles with other products but they do not compare to this. Now I'm thinking of branching out into making floating candles and soaps. Thanks CandeScience! Keep up the FABULOUS work.

good mixer

I am very new to candle making, I have been doing it for a month now. I bought a very good book on Amazon by Jameel Nolan ; "The Ultimate Guide to Soy Candle Making". I would never know how to make them without that book. But anyway I have been experiencing with wax and found that as suggested by
candlescience 415 should only be used as part of a mix. It just is not good alone. Lots of frosting and tunneling . But when I mix with 464 it turns out fabulous! I have used several combinations but 50/50 has worked the best for me.

Great deal for quality wax

I purchased the 10lb bag.

What i liked so much about this product:
-I found the size to be a great amount to have plenty for experimenting and still have plenty to make some final products.
-The wax melted easily and evenly in a double boiler.
-Its easy to mix in scents and colors to the melted wax.
-The wax is easily high enough quality to sell at farmers markets, or for a small business.

My Recommendations about this product:
Do not use for pillars, tarts, or melts for soy wax is very soft and will make a large mess if burned in any form except if properly made in a container.
The color has a nice creamy color to it with a slight yellowish off white color. I found the color satisfying also there is no need to add huge amounts of color since it mixes so well and all color dyes on candle science are very, VERY pigmented.

Great Wax!

I just started making Soy candles for myself and to give as gifts. I have read a lot of reviews and have learned a lot from them! I have finally figured out what works best for the GW 415 in my particular environment, I live in Maine. House temp. Is usually 65 to 67, a little drafty in winter. Anyway, I heat Wax to 185 degrees, take off stove, gently stir in 1.5 oz. of FO/ 1 lb. melted wax. I use a glass mixing bowl with pour spout. I let the wax cool slowly on the counter, stir a few times gently. I pour when wax turns just a bit cloudy and a little slushy I don't use a thermometer here.( approx. 45 mins or so) When ready to pour, I tilt my glass container and pour very slowly at first than straighten out the glass and continue to pour to fill line just before glass narrows at top. I then gently wrap glass(s) with a small towel, clip with clothespin. I have found this method to work great, I might have a tiny hole on top, then, I just use a heat gun on low and remelt the top and it will end up smooth. I really don't need to do this, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. This wax has a great hot throw after a couple days of curing, better after a week or more. Very pleased! Will buy more!

First try with soy

I have had great success with paraffin waxes and have ventured into the world of soy wax containers. The 415 has holes and quite a bit of frosting with the first pour and also after every burn still frosting at the top. Others have suggested mixing with the 464 and heating the containers, so I will try these tips as my containers were room temp at 75 degrees. I will say Excellent cold and hot throw. After making one 24 oz. candle my house smelled amazing during my curing process. Every time I come home and walk in the door, smells amazing. I almost don't even have to light it, but what fun is that?! Also the color dye chip maple was darker, richer compared to paraffin candle was more orange. Maple color dye matched the color picture on the order page exactly with this soy wax. (even though order page states was made with the IGI 4794 paraffin- which I have not personally tried, I had used 4630 harmony blend which I like very much.) I will keep testing and finding the best formula for me. Happy Candle Making!

Great Wax With A Little Something Extra!!!

Decided to get back in to it candle making and so i tried Golden Brands 415. Took me a few batches to get my recipes down again and proper pour temps but over all this wax is great. But after a few weeks i ended throwing about half the wax in the dumpster. Nothing wrong with the wax. I was just so Pissed Off! the reason because i discovered something a little extra at the bottom of the box. I happened to lift up the bag of wax and uncovered a huge cockroach nest. CURSE YOU! candlescience. now i have to deal with making sure i get rid of the ones that happened to escape!!

464 wax

Love this wax. I use this during the cooler times for shipping reasons. During the hot times, I use the 444. Love them both. I am curious Simone, since you mix the 415 with the 464 and you say it holds more scent, what is the max in ounces you use per pound?


This seems like a great wax in every way! But why shouldn't I use this for tarts?

Best Soy Wax for Blending

I blend this wax with the GB 464 from Candle Science as well. I use 3/4 of the 464 and 1/3 of this 415 wax. It increases the scent throw, both hold and cold. I mix it with the 464 for appearance reasons. I do sell my candles and my customers aren't concerned if their candles are pretty, as long as they burn properly and are highly scented, that's what they really want! I explain to my customers that pretty doesn't mean better You could have a pretty candle with NO scent throw then have an imperfect candle with excellent scent!

Great for home use.

This wax is easy to use, making a smooth topped candle in one one pour. It holds & throws fragrance quite well, but colors tend to frost once it has been burned for a while. It burns cleanly, with no soot, that I have noticed, and it is a pure soy wax, which appeals to me. So I would recommend it for home use, but due to the frosting, I am not sure how good it would be for candles that are intended for sale.