IGI 6046 Coconut Paraffin Blend Wax
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Get the best of two worlds with IGI 6046, a coconut and paraffin blend wax specially designed for use in container candles. With the excellent scent throw of paraffin and the slow burn of coconut, this wax is a great choice for beginner and experienced candle makers alike. The bright white hue of IGI 6046 allows for truer colors in your finished candles when used with dyes, compared to other vegetable wax blends. The excellent glass adhesion of this wax makes it ideal for clear and transparent containers. It has a very soft texture with a melt point of 120ºF, something users in hot climates or who ship candles in hot climates will want to note. No additional additives are required. This wax was previously named IGI 6570.

To help you get the best results from IGI's 6046 Coconut/Paraffin Blend Wax check out our lab notes.

This wax is very soft and is packaged in a 25 lb bag.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.
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Wax Type Coconut/Paraffin Blend
Appearance Smooth, Opaque
Max Fragrance 10% or 1.6oz./lb.
Applications Container / Tealight
Pour Temp 175° (+/-5°)
Melt Point 120°
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 28 reviews)

Candle Business Owner

So far this wax is easy to work with. I literally just finished making a few candles to test, so I havent lit them yet. The issue that I have so far is that the wax takes on whatever the color of the fragrance oil is. That sucks when you want all of your candles to be white...



The best wax ever.

Joy Scents

Happy with this wax

New company and this wax has been great. We did a lot of research before deciding on this wax.

Two Chicks Candles

Hearts Content Candle Co.

This wax is wonderful! We have tried many waxes, and this one is consistently the best fragrance throw and overall beautiful appearance. Our customers rave about our fragrances (Candle Science) and the great scent throw. Thank you!


Works well for metal thins

Great wax if you’re not using clear glass containers... it won’t adhere to the glass no matter what you do. Other than that it works great and that’s the only reason why I’m giving it a 4 stars


Didnt work for me

Hello, I got this wax based on the good reviews cause i'm always using 444 or 464. Just wanted to try something different by using glass instead of the tins. Based on the information it states that this wax is good for glass adhesion when it's does not hold to the glass no matter what the temperature. I've heated the glasses in the oven prior to pour even heated some of them with the heat gun and still poor adhesion. Does anyone know what wax is good for glass adhesion I know that it doesn't affect the candle but first impression is everything. I used a different wax with another company that really works really well with glass adhesion, but I been dealing with candle science for 5 years now and just wanted to be consistent. Other than that I have nothing but good things to say about my candle science team. I love the promptness to replying back to emails, and mailing the products in a timely manner.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're so sorry to hear this, and we'd be happy to help troubleshoot with you. Our support team has reached out to you via email!


I love this was the best wax ever!!!!!

E.P.A Urban Candles


I used this wax with snickerdoodle fragrance added it at 185 degrees and poured at about 132 degrees and they were flawless but the hot throw wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. Then I used the same procedure with the coconut bamboo fragrance and this time four out the eighth jars I used had sink holes and the hot and cold fragrance throw was very weak. Still trying to find the best method for consistency.

Michael Wright

Love this! Great for beginners!

I’m obsessed with this wax! I’m a beginner and am still trying to master making with soy but this wax is definitely a home run! Easy to pour, sink holes are easy to fix with second pour and they come out beautifully, smooth tops & bright white.
HT/CT is amazing after one day, I used Sea Salt & Orchid at 8% in a 6 oz tin.
Please keep this wax CS! It’s going to be my go-to moving forward.


Best !

Beautiful wax! Easy to work with! And my candles smell amazing!


Fantastic Wax!

Love love love this wax! I poured a candle yesterday afternoon, scented with lavender FO at 8%, poured into a 3-wick tumbler with three 3/8" wood wicks. I just lit the candle less than 30 minutes ago and I can already smell it. This wax doesn't need any cure time. I do sometimes get sink holes but that's due to pouring temp and whether the jars were heated - just pouring technique and nothing to do with the wax itself. Pours nice and creamy looking, no frosting or wet spots, burns well. I'm totally sold on this wax.


Love this wax!!!

I really love this wax! It makes the perfect candle every time! Initially I had been using the max fragrance load (10%) but I was testing some candles in the 3 wick jars and decided to use (6%)FO and 1lb of wax. Let me tell you I was blown away, I made and tested the candles the same day and they smell AMAZING! I use RRD 34 wicks and although they work well, it takes too long to get a full melt pool so I’m going to wick up and see what happens but one thing for sure is that I will not switch to any other wax.


Trouble with wicks

I absolutely love these jars, but I’m having trouble with finding the right wick. Also, what is the oz on this jar? It only shows that the wax fill amount is 8.5.

Jade Buchanan
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We would love to help with your wick selection. We've reached out via email to better assist you!


I've worked with this wax for over a year trying to find the perfect wicks. I've tried literally every single wick there is, almost impossible to get a perfect burn with a single wick in the 8oz tumbler and triple wicking I was never able to get it perfect. UNTILLLL nowwwwww! Gotta search other places for the wicks but Premier wicks work best. Premier 799 in the 8oz tumbler gave almost no mushroom and a perfect burn even at power burning for over 12 hours. And small zinc core wicks for triple wicking is best. If you HAVE to go "all natural" then premier triple wicking with a smaller size is best but still not as good as zinc core. All BBW candles use zinc core wicks. You won't find a natural wick that burns as well for triple wicking. Trust me, I have tried for 3 years lol. The wax is the best wax I have found.



This wax is pretty good. Good CT great HT. This wax excels with a 2 week minimum cure time, but more is better. Adhesion wet spots are going to happen no matter what you do as far as pouring at different temps, its just the nature of the Paraffin that is in it. Gotta say, it always makes a great looking candle. Gotta try different wicks, not just the ones CS is suggesting.

Wickity Wick


Added 10% fragrance at 180, poured at 165. Cured 3 days. Did not experience a good cold nor hot throw. In fact less on both than Soy 464 wax using same fragrance. Recommendations to improve? Not giving up yet. Also wicked CD 12 on a 2.75 inch container.

Candle maker
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We would love to help you improve your fragrance throw. We've reached out via email to better assist you!

Creamy, great scent throw

I love this wax. I wish it came in slabs because it makes shipping more expensive. Perfect melt pool. I used in 7oz round containers. Just great. Max fragrance load.

Tarot Scents

Hi, just wanted to know if this wax can be used for wax melts


CandleScience Reply

Hi! The IGI 6046 is a fairly soft wax so we recommend it only for tealights or container candles. We would not recommend using it for wax melts.


I know that they cannot tell us the percentages of coconut to paraffin wax in this blend but it would be nice to know if there is more coconut or more paraffin wax? I don't see what the harm in that question is. I would really like to try this wax but it is expensive and shipping is crazy. But I will spend the money if there's more coconut wax in it.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! While the manufacturers do not publicize the exact ratios of the wax, based on performance, we believe it to be a higher percentage of paraffin.

Owner, Candle Company

I absolutely LOVE the performance of this wax. It has an amazing hot and cold throw. The issue is that it is a logistical nightmare. The wax is much more soft than soy and feels "greasy". It comes in (2) 25 pound cubes. It is very hard to cut/scoop your measurements. When you get going, whatever tool you are using becomes slick. It adds a good amount of time on to your production. There is also a significant amount of wax that remains on the plastic packaging when you are finished. You just can't quite get all of it off. For the price point, I feel like it should be manufactured in slabs to make it easier/faster for candle makers. Also, you shouldn't have that much "loss" that adheres to the packaging.


LOVE this wax!

I started making candles a little over a year ago. I wanted to use coconut wax and started off with Coconut 83. I did find it difficult to wick, but I loved it! I then tried the soy/coconut wax blend and it just didn't behave the way that I wanted. I did my research on this wax - the paraffin portion - because some many people these days think paraffin is "evil" (but it's not!). I read all the reviews I could on the IGI 6046, studied CS's lab test and watched a few YouTube videos on it. Decided to buy the 25# bag of it and...I will NOT GO BACK!! I love this wax!! It is so easy to use. It melts beautifully, pours great, cools wonderful and leaves smooth & creamy tops! There have been a few - like 10 out of a 100 candles so far - that have had minor sinkholes, but nothing severe and nothing that could not be fixed with a very quick heat gun hit. I have not noticed any pitting on top, no frosting at all and a few wet spots here and there, but again, a quick hit with the heat gun and it is all gone. I have also noticed minimal shrinkage and great jar adhesion - that is with both pre-heating my jars and not pre-heating my jars. This wax has worked well with every scent I have tested it with and has been very easy to wick. the only draw back (to me anyway) is that it does come in a big bag and is a solid cube. It is a little hard for me to scope it out of the bag, but then again, I have a bum shoulder and carpal tunnel in my wrist, so it may not be a problem for others. Currently, I am using the 8 oz. Mason Jars and most often the CD 12 wick works great. Happy candling!!

Jessica R.

Love this wax!

After trying and failing with soy I wanted to stay away from anything that had soy in it. So I decided to try this and after I made my first candle I was in love!! It gave me the hot throw I wanted and beautiful smooth tops (after fixing the sink holes with a heat gun) and the white color is just beautiful. It is a pain getting the wax out of the bag but the great candles I get out of it definitely out weights it. I’ve tried CD and HTP wicks and found that HTP works the best.



After spending a bunch of time and money on soy waxes and trying to produce an AWESOME candle, I pretty much gave up in frustration...I tried numerous soy waxes, from a variety of different suppliers only to have wicking and burning issues and inconsistent performance. I was ready to just give up and count it all a loss.

I decided to this wax a try and VOILA!!! EXCELLENCE from the beginning!!!

I used the recommended wick from the wick guide, followed the directions and I ended up with the perfect candle!!!


Let them cure for about 3 days and you will be so pleased...!!!


Awesome! Awesome! Wax

Great Hot & Cold throw. Has sink hole issues but the wax performance outways that issue. Highly recommended.


Lovely Wax!

I bought this wax to add candles to my product line. I am so happy I did! It is such a wonderful wax to work with! It is a very soft wax, which lends to cutting it easily; however, the softness makes it a little sticky with handling. This wax melts quicker than other waxes I have used, which allowed me to make more candles in less time. It holds color and fragrances really well. I plan to buy this wax again and would recommend it to others.

Cove Kevana

Love this wax! Great hot and cold throw. It is similar to working with parrafin/soy blend but BETTER!!! I recommend this wax for container candles.



I absolutely love how wonderfully this blends with pigments. I'm in love!



This wax is awesome! I have used it many, many times over. It is very comparable to IGI 6006. If you are looking for a high quality blended wax the IGI 6046 is for you. It has all the properties of soy & paraffin, but with coconut. IMHO coconut is better than soy in both texture, pour, and fragrance load. I always max out my FO to its fullest. I wanted to post a review of this wax so others will know it is similar to the IGI 6006 but just slightly better. The wax is not in slab form, it comes in a plastic bag and it is slightly difficult to remove. I use an ice cream scooper and a dull knife to literally cut the bag from the wax cube and then scoop the wax out. And trust me, it is worth the work getting the wax removed from the bag. I also recommend removing the entire wax cube from the plastic bag and storing the unused wax in a 5-gallon plastic plaint tub (which you can pick up at any local hardware store or online) I hope that you enjoy this wax as much I do!!!! :)