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Get the best of two worlds with IGI 6046, a coconut and paraffin blend wax specially designed for use in container candles. With the excellent scent throw of paraffin and the slow burn of coconut, this wax is a great choice for beginner and experienced candle makers alike.

The bright white hue of IGI 6046 allows for truer colors in your finished candles when used with dyes, compared to other vegetable wax blends. The excellent glass adhesion of this wax makes it ideal for clear and transparent containers. It has a very soft texture with a melt point of 120ºF, something users in hot climates or who ship candles in hot climates will want to note. No additional additives are required. This wax was previously named IGI 6570.

To help you get the best results from IGI's 6046 Coconut/Paraffin Blend Wax check out our lab notes.

This wax is very soft, and is packaged in a 25 lb bag.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.
Wax Type Coconut/Paraffin Blend
Appearance Smooth, Opaque
Max Fragrance 10% or 1.6oz./lb.
Applications Container / Tealight
Pour Temp 175° (+/-5°)
Melt Point 120°
Prop 65 Warning Required No
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Awesome! Awesome! Wax

Great Hot & Cold throw. Has sink hole issues but the wax performance outways that issue. Highly recommended.

Lovely Wax!

I bought this wax to add candles to my product line. I am so happy I did! It is such a wonderful wax to work with! It is a very soft wax, which lends to cutting it easily; however, the softness makes it a little sticky with handling. This wax melts quicker than other waxes I have used, which allowed me to make more candles in less time. It holds color and fragrances really well. I plan to buy this wax again and would recommend it to others.

Love this wax! Great hot and cold throw. It is similar to working with parrafin/soy blend but BETTER!!! I recommend this wax for container candles.


I absolutely love how wonderfully this blends with pigments. I'm in love!


This wax is awesome! I have used it many, many times over. It is very comparable to IGI 6006. If you are looking for a high quality blended wax the IGI 6046 is for you. It has all the properties of soy & paraffin, but with coconut. IMHO coconut is better than soy in both texture, pour, and fragrance load. I always max out my FO to its fullest. I wanted to post a review of this wax so others will know it is similar to the IGI 6006 but just slightly better. The wax is not in slab form, it comes in a plastic bag and it is slightly difficult to remove. I use an ice cream scooper and a dull knife to literally cut the bag from the wax cube and then scoop the wax out. And trust me, it is worth the work getting the wax removed from the bag. I also recommend removing the entire wax cube from the plastic bag and storing the unused wax in a 5-gallon plastic plaint tub (which you can pick up at any local hardware store or online) I hope that you enjoy this wax as much I do!!!! :)