White beeswax pellets
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We package our beeswax in pellet form, also known as pastilles, for convenient handling, measuring and melting. This pure beeswax is odorless and can be used in a wide variety of bath and body recipes as well as for candle making. The white coloring can easily be dyed to any desired color.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

Made in the USA


Pour Temp 175° (+/- 5°)
Melt Point 144° F
Prop 65 Warning No
Rec. Wick Series ECO


Heat to 185°F using a double boiler. Add 6% of fragrances (1 oz. per pound of wax), remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 175°F (+/-5°F). Allow candles to cure for two weeks for optimal fragrance throw.



Average Rating:

(based upon 24 reviews)

Works great

I’m mixing it with IGI 6006 and it hardened it up really nice. It does have a slight smell when you’re melting, but you can’t smell it in the finished product at all!

Haley Casto

Love this wax!!!

Love this wax!!! Works perfect for my candles. I was wondering if I could use this for lip balms though?

CandleScience Reply

That's a great question! While our beeswax isn't certified for use in cosmetics, so long as it's just beeswax you use in a lip balm recipe, then hyes, you definitely can use it to make lip balms! I'll note that our fragrances are not lip-safe, so you wouldn't be able to pair them together for use in a lip balm. A member of our team will reach out via email shortly with more information on how to add flavor to lip balms!

beez wax white

i use this in mix w/my soy wax for different things, and i really like the melting element to melt quickly (beads) ill be ordering more soon, im a huge soy wax candle maker with soaps too....but i do love trying different things, today i make Air Fresheners 1-cup soy, 1/2 C Beez so fun !!


Perfect for wax melts

I started using this for wax melts and the hot throw is perfect makes my whole house smells amazing will definitely be buying again I just wish it weren't so expensive!



Everything is great ☺️


Smells Amazing

I have to say that this is some of the best smelling beeswax I've used thus far! I love the subtle, yet sweet smell it gives off in my finished candles. Please don't ever switch suppliers!!!


candle maker

I've been using multiple soy brands but babbyyyyyyyy. BEESWAX IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!



I haven’t used this beeswax for very long, I usually use natural wax harvested from our bee yard but it is extremely time consuming to process the wax straight from the hive. BUT the few candles I’ve made so far with the white beeswax from candle science have been absolutely wonderful. I use more than the normal amount of oil as most people and only add UV for color protection - my candles burn long, evenly and smell amazing. Highly recommend.


Smells processed...ruined my candles!

I usually get my beeswax from a beekeeper, but decided to give these a try because of the price. I should have known at this price point the quality would be compromised...I’m used to a beautiful honey aroma but instead got some mix of tires and crayons. The smell didn’t go away even after 10% fragrance load and now I’ve wasted 10lbs worth of money on these bags + all my supplies for the batch I just made. I’ll be returning to my previous supplier.


Love it

I mix my beeswax with soy wax and I love the out come it's so much faster to dry and fragrance takes very good

Ilsita vega

Very Happy With This!

I'm so glad I got this beeswax because it totally saved my candles from the issue I was running into. I make silicone molds to produce uniquely shaped candles but the surface frosted a lot and ruined the look of my candles every time. I've added 10 percent of this beeswax to my soy wax and instantly the frosting is gone! The color looks beautiful now and all the details can be clearly seen! So happy!


candle maker

We've been using this wax as a blend in our wax and I love it! The only smell is a natural bees wax type smell, and that disappears when mixed with other wax.



I just recently purchased the white beeswax and I love the fact that it doesn't really have a smell and when I go to hand pour my candles, they harden perfect. They are still in the 24 hour curement and can not wait to burn them. I ordered 5 lbs to test it and with only three of those pounds I was only able to create 4 candles. So now I know I have to order more wax.


Love this wax!

I bought this wax to add to some soy 464 that I had so I could make melts. I heard that beeswax would help harden the soy, but what I didn't realize is that it would also help with the frosting problems I was having! My melts are looking amazing now! I was a little turned off by the price, but it has well been worth the investment for me so far. From my experience, I would melt this before melting the soy wax next time because I noticed that when I melted them at the same time that the soy melted quickly and the beeswax tended to melt much slower. A very nice wax if you are into making your own blend. I have not tried it by itself for melts yet but I'm looking forward to it.


Great product. I have tried other beeswax for blending with other candle wax and this one burns the best. I noticed a strong waxy odor when I first opened the bag so I questioned Candlescience about it. They promptly responded, letting me know that the scent would disappear upon melting and would not affect my scented candles. They were right! My candles smell beautiful from their fragrances and the beeswax does just what I want it to


My go to wax

Perfect for candle making, easy to measure and melt, and overall a high quality product.

Creasant Ray

Lotion bars

Do anyone have a lotion bar recipe for this


Great wax!

I love this wax! I only use a teeny tiny bit per batch as I'm mixing it with other waxes but it does exactly what I want it to do. I've never had a problem with it smelling bad / strong. I love how easy it is to measure the pellets. Great wax!

Raxeira Candle Co

Quality Report

I just received a bag of white beeswax from CandleScience. I am very happy. I've tried numerous online vendors & have been very dissatisfied with the consistency & scent of the wax. However, this bag seems to be the best that I have found so far... & in all fairness, that includes bags of wax that I had purchased from this same company over the years. Therefore, I would recommend that you try this company's white bees wax as soon as possible to experience the higher quality thats currently available on the market.


Enjoyed this wax immensely

I use these beeswax pastilles in my soy candles to harden them against high temperature in transport/seasonal temp changes. I was concerned by some of these reviews, but I've never had an order of this wax that smelt out of the ordinary. I've used this in body products and balms and love it. My only wish is that there were more options because the bleaching process used for this wax is a chemical process, which is completely standard and commonplace in lots of trusted things, but I'd like to be able to buy a naturally bleached wax for the cosmetics. I will certainly continue to buy this wax for my personal use and candles.


Smells Like New Tires

I bought this beeswax to make candles and the 1lb bag smelled synthetic. After conferring with customer service, I was told it was 100% beeswax, no blend. I bought a 5 lb bag, the smell was just the same. I figured I'd make a batch of candles and have someone who doesnt live with me smell them. They called it. It smells like new tires. Yeah, not what beeswax candles should smell like, at all.


Great in lotion bars!

I love this beeswax! It's a beautiful white color in my lotion bars and it works wonderfully! I'm about to try it in a message candle too! Thanks CS!

Allison Westbrook

Great for encaustics

Quality is excellent. Works really well for encaustic medium.


White Beeswax

Stinks Trying to return for full refund with shipping