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Posted November 12, 2018

Hey everyone, Kevin here back with an update regarding AAK’s 464 soy wax.

We’ve been analyzing your feedback and conducting extensive testing to determine the root causes of the poor hot throw and burn performance a small number of you are seeing. We are also working closely with AAK, who has been very supportive of our efforts to find a solution. After an extensive review, we have enough info to share our findings.

As you know, there can be variation in your results depending on your procedure and components. However, our findings have identified a specific combination of procedure and components that may affect burn performance when used together. Most people experiencing issues were using higher fragrance loads, especially with thick fragrances, in combination with ECO wicks.

We've made it a priority to resolve this so that you can get back to business as usual. To help those of you seeing these issues, we are taking the following steps:

First, we now offer and recommend CD wicks which are more resilient in handling high fragrance loads and dense fragrances. They are available on our website now.

Next, we’ve worked with AAK to narrow 464’s melt point range from 113-119 degrees to 113-118 Fahrenheit. Soy wax is a natural product so some variability from batch to batch is inevitable.

To provide additional assistance to those of you having trouble, we are retaining and test burning every lot we receive from the manufacturer. You’ll also soon be able to find lot numbers on all bags of 464 for easy reference.

Finally, you’ll be able to view the Certificate of Analysis for each lot on our website. We want to assure you that every pound of wax we sell is within the manufacturer’s specification.

We would like to thank AAK for their continued assistance, and especially all of you who took the time to share your feedback—it was an important part of our investigation and extremely useful. We are confident that this will address the vast majority of issues customers are having, but we invite you to keep reaching out. Thank you for listening and have a great day.