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Green packaging

CandleScience Green Packaging

1.) Biodegradable peanuts

We use tons of packaging peanuts, so switching to an eco-friendly alternative was a priority. Since late 2006, every CandleScience order has been packed with bio peanuts.

Bio peanuts are made from entirely renewable resources and are 100% bio-degradable and compostable. While we encourage customers to reuse the peanuts, if they do end up 'in the wild' they don't harm the environment.

We were also happy to discover that our bio peanuts are not only good for the environment, but they’re also safe for pets too. One of our customers, Tammy, shared a great story with us about her dog, Chester, that we've shared below.

2.) Recyclable protective packaging

Our fragrance oils can take some abuse during shipping, so it was important to find dependable and protective packaging that can also be recycled. All of our amber plastic bottles and 5 lb. fragrance jugs can be recycled through most curbside recycling programs.

Many of our products are also packaged in reclosable bags that can be reused, or recycled at most store drop-off locations for plastic bags. 

3.) High recycled content cardboard boxes

Shipping boxes take a huge amount of abuse. We all know how much 'attention' our friends at UPS give our packages! We use boxes with the highest percentage of recycled content possible, while ensuring your packages arrive safely.

Customer story

"While my husband and I were watching TV, we noticed that Chester was eating one of the CandleScience packaging peanuts on the floor. By the time we reacted, he had swallowed it whole. What an unbelievable sigh of relief to find that your company made the decision to use the peanuts that dissolve. You may have saved Chester’s life by making what may have seemed an insignificant decision. He is one of the family and to lose him due to our negligence would have been devastating!"