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As of 10/31/2018:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


For a similar candle dye we recommend our Teal Dye Blocks. It is more concentrated, so you can use less of the dye block to achieve the same color as the dye chips.

Our dye chips are packed in foil bags that virtually eliminate color from bleeding through the bag and staining other surfaces.

Fragrance Oil Recommendations: Beach Linen, Caribbean Teakwood, Driftwood, Hydrangea, Juniper Breeze, Ocean Breeze

Made in the USA
The candle in the picture was made with 1 dye chip in a pound of IGI 4794 paraffin wax. For soy, parasoy, or other natural waxes you may need to use 2 or more chips to achieve a similar color.

Add dye chips to wax at 185 degrees or higher to ensure they'll dissolve completely.
Application Candles Only
Prop 65 Warning Required No

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I love these and for me the color is perfect I use 2 for a pound of wax. Love them!!!


I love the color. Sometimes if I want it to be a richer color, I'll add extra blue or green. But I really love it, especially for ocean-y scents.

More Green than Blue

Like other reviewers, this dye chip produced a nice green colored candle for me (using GB464 Soy). It is a blue-green rather than a leaf-green or a yellow-green, but still more green than blue. So, I mixed one chip RG Aqua Marine with two chips RG Colonial Blue to try to achieve the lovely pool-water color of the sample pictured. What I got was a sea-blue with a bit of a murky grey tinge more like what you would expect from RG Sage Green sample picture mixed with the RG Colonial Blue. While I would not say the combination is unattractive (for Driftwood fragrance oil, maybe), it still isn't what I had in mind to accompany Ocean Breeze and Sea Mist fragrances. Think overcast winter day at the beach versus a sunny summer day.

More of a mint green color

I used this in soy wax 464 and it is more of a mint green color. Light but definitely not a shade of blue as pictured. Its nice... if you are looking for green.

Very Disappointed

Not the color I expected. Very green, you can tell from the chip color that there is no blue in the chip. Trying to get a good color for Dead Sea scent and will need to try another batch :( Manufacturer should adjust this color to be a truer representation.

Not Impressed

The color does not match the pictured color at all for me. I used this with Golden Wax 464, and it comes out quite green...

Color I got Using Soy Wax...

I just wanted to share my experience with this color using 1 pound of soy wax. I used 3 of these dye chips with the 464 soy wax (1 pound) and the ocean breeze fragrance oil. The color came out more green than I would have liked, It's still a pretty light green color but not quite the color I wanted to achieve using the ocean breeze scent. Candle Science does state that the color may differ than what you see on here which I am thankful that I read but I just wanted to share my experience using these dye chips with soy wax :)


I used this to dye my Beach Linen fragrance in my 464 blend wax and the color was glorious! Very soft and pretty. Exactly what I was looking for.