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This product is discontinued.
The 5 oz. is the smallest size in our line of premium, thin-walled, seamless apothecary jars. We also carry 26 oz. Apothecary Jars, 16 oz. Apothecary Jars, and 8 oz. Apothecary Jars. Tops are sold separately. The 5 oz. Apothecary Jar works with either the small dome top or the small flat top How much will it hold? Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 4.7 oz. Volume (to Overflow) - 6.3 oz. Made in the USA



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5 out of 5 Stars.
Customers Just LOVE These!

My customers just LOVE these....I sell more of these than any other jar. They are easy to work with, have a great finished look and are easy to transport to shows.

3 out of 5 Stars.
Cute, but thin glass!

This jar is very cute. I got the small dome tops to go with them. But the glass is very thin. I keep getting wet spots at all temps with only these jars. When the candle burns down to about an inch, it is hard to light unless you use a match stick!