16 oz. Glass Apothecary Jar
Top angle view of the 16 oz. apothecary jar
16 oz. apothecary jar filled with candle wax
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Wholesale Pricing:
3 - 29 Cases $10.21 $0.85 /pc
30 - 69 Cases $9.56 $0.80 /pc
70+ [pallet] $9.29 $0.77 /pc
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Product Update: July 26, 2021
Global shipping delays may impact our ability to restock this product. Restock dates are only an estimate based on anticipated delivery from manufacturers, which means that dates are subject to change. We will share any information about delays and dates on this product page.

Since medieval times apothecary jars have been used to display luxury goods and herbs. Perfect for a line of luxe candles, our glass blown 16 oz. apothecary jar is a premium, thin-walled, seamless container. We also carry an 8 oz. Apothecary Jar.

Tops are sold separately.
The 16 oz. Apothecary Jar works with the following tops:
Large Flat Top
Bronze Metal Flat Lid
Silver Metal Flat Lid
Black Metal Flat Lid

How much wax will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 16.5 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 22 fl. oz.
Manufacturer Spec. - 22 oz.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
GB 464 - CD 26
IGI 4630 - LX 26
IGI 6006 - ECO 2 Double Wicked
The EZ Multi Wick Setter precisely double and triple wicks jars.
Check out our Wick Guide to see recommendations for other waxes! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing. 

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Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.

Made in the USA


Height 4"
Diameter 3.93"
Max Labeling Area 12.5" x 2.625"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 27 reviews)


I absolutely love these jars and so do my customers! I have been ordering these jars for a while and my recent order had 1 broken jar. 1 single jar out of hundreds that have been delivered. I do not see fault in the company for this, it could have been the delivery company or my roommate carrying the boxes in. I have never had a broken jar before and I'm not worried about the profit loss on 1 single jar. For reference, I use golden wax 464 with 10% fragrance load and 2 eco 2 wicks.

Scent and stone seattle

Happy Customer

I love Candle science, everything is so easy to purchase, every single item is detailed. I ordered some of the 16oz Apothecary jars back in February in wich one was broken, I sent an email and I was contacted back almost immediately. Within a few days I received a brand new box. I was never upset because I understand things happen during the shipping process, I was beyond happy with the way the guy helped me over the email. I will continue ordering from Candle science.

Sandy F

Broken Jars

I’m wondering why the box doesn’t have fragile on it, the box that’s carrying the jars do. So why not have it on the delivery box so the carrier is aware of what’s inside. I have 3 broken jars and a cracked jar! I’m not happy about that

The jars are beautiful, just as I pictured them to be
CandleScience Reply

Hi there, I am so sorry to hear that your jars were broken in transit. I will pass along your feedback about the boxes, and someone will be reaching out via email shortly to help you with your broken jars!


Love these jars but received 6 broken jars.
My only complaint would be the packaging could be better.

Farmers Ridge
CandleScience Reply

I'm so sorry to hear that some of your Apothecary Jars arrived damaged! A member of our team will be reaching out via email to help.

Great Jars!

I love these jars and so do my customers. I use GB 464 and depending on the FO I double wick with eco-8, eco-10 or even eco-14's. The jars never get to hot, even burns and really good HT. Some of the candles are natural color and some have dye added. Ships fast and fantastic customer service!

Berri Rannells


Candle Science replaced my 2 damaged jar with a case of 12 jars. Thank you Candle Science by caring about your customers. Excellent customer services. Will order these jars again and again.
Thank you Candle Science!

Marsha Kemp

Received damaged 2 Jars

I received my 16 oz apothecary jars today which 1 jar was completely broken and the 2nd jar was totally defected on the top of the jar was not cut completely which I cannot use at all. Don't know if I will order this type of jars again.

Marsha Kemp
CandleScience Reply

Thanks so much for reaching out to our Support Team so we could better assist you!

16 oz jars

I ordered 16 oz apothecary jars on Thursday and got them Monday ! What fast turnaround.

Deb Hughes


Hi you sent me 15oz Libby jars 995 and 22oz Libby 996 and Im not sure what wicks to use for them also if I use single or double? Also what are the properties and diameter for both. I appreciate info for both.



I absolutely love the width and depth of this jar. It is a consumer favorite, and really is great for every setting. For decorative purposes, this jar gives me the width I need to add silicone molds on top.

Solar Rituals


So I found out along time ago that the recommended wick size is most likely inaccurate. So it’s always best to test..
I started off with 8oz jelly jars with getting a couple sells here and there NOW with these they are flying off the shelf. Not sure if it’s because of the elegance look with the bronze top but my customers love them. So unfortunate that they are out of stock.

Wax I use: 464 Soy Wax (no added additives)
Wick I use: Eco 10 (3- wicks are inserted in the jars)

I melt 16oz (1lbs) of wax per jar so I think that’s a bit over the fill line

Shipping is very high though but I calculate the shipping into my product cost.

Honest Aura Candles

Nice jars

So far, I've only ordered one case. I've used two jars out of them and they look really nice! All but one of the glass jars has a malformation on the bottom, so I'm just keeping it as my candle testing jar for myself. I've had compliments on them and have an order of two more sets on their way.


Beautiful Jars - oz Is Inaccurate

These are beautiful jars and I will continue to order them. The only issue I had is similar to the 8 oz apothecary jar, the oz advertised is inaccurate. When I fill to the 16 oz it doesn’t look completely full. I don’t feel comfortable selling candles that don’t look full. I can fit 19/20oz comfortably in these jars. I wish I would have waited to order my labels because I went based off the 16 oz was advertised here. Fingers crossed that my label guy didn’t start printing yet.

Ezencia San Diego


Love these jars! Very fun and whimsical. Which wicks would you recommend if I'm double-wicking and using a coconut/vegetable wax blend?


In love

I’ve been using CandleScience for quite some time now. Huge thanks for staying current with the scents and added new scents. However these jars are great. Ever since I made the change from the 26oz to the 16oz (keeping my prices the same), I thought I would hear complains from my customers since I downsized on the jar. To my surprise they love it and actually been getting more sales with the new look (I use the black flat lid).



Very satisfied and impressed with the customer service. One jar in my case was broken and CandleScience sent an entire new case which was well above and beyond in regards to service. After seeing how CandleScience values their customers we have made them our sole supplier for all the materials that we need and they supply. Thank you!

BlueKrow Artistry


I just started my own candle company. These jars arrived in perfect condition. They are very attractive with the flat silver lids. My customers are going crazy over these! Thank-you for the extra care you take in packing them. And WOW that was a speedy delivery. I had a very large order and couldn't believe how fast everything arrived. I am extremely satisfied with your services. ~Melissa 🌹

Melissa Moore

Love These

These jars are all I use. I have used all sizes. I currently only see the 16 oz jars but I love the look at I love the thickness. I’ve dropped many candles filled with wax and none of them have ever broken. Once, I had some shipped and one of them were broken. Instead of them sending me just one, they sent me a whole box of 12. Everything is just amazing with this company!

Kozy Kandles owner


For some reason I never use apothecary Jars for my candles before, I bought the smaller size to give it a try and is working great for me, now I just purchased this larger size, for the holiday coming up. with the metallic lid looks awesome, this company Shipping is amazing Unexpensive and two days to Florida. what more can I ask, I never use their wax I should give it a try.
Thank you

rosy B

I Love These Jars

I have switched from another company to purchased my jars here and I am so happy that I did. These jars are seamless and that makes them so beautiful and they are very light in weight. I will always buy these jars as long as they carry them.


Excellent Jars

Best jars available.


sturdy and classy

These jars are great now that I found a wick to go with them. I used gb 464 soy wax and double wicked with eco 8. Even burn, glass is not too hot and amazing scent throw. I may try a double wicked eco 6 for a slower burn. Perfect though


sturdy and classy

These jars are great now that I found a wick to go with them. I used gb 464 soy wax and double wicked with eco 8. Even burn, glass is not too hot and amazing scent throw. I may try a double wicked eco 6 for a slower burn. Perfect though


Jars are dirty

Our last 2 shipments of 16 & 26 oz apothecary jars have came in dirty, with a film on the jars. We are having to wash/dry each jar. Something has changed, they didnt used to be like this. Not thrilled about the added labor it takes to use these.

The Madison Candle Company

Marketing Director - Candles by Amy Lynn

Great quality product. Glass was in good condition and shipped out to our doorsteps quickly. We are very pleased!

Eric Srisavaththay

Great Quality

I love these jars, very sturdy, gives a clean upscale look and feel. very happy with these I use wood wicks

Estelle Creates

owner of Pamela's Gift Shop

I have been making candles for a few months. This jar is my biggest seller. I buy only from candle science for my supplies. Shipping is fast and the quality of everything I receive is perfect.