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Black Candle Containers

Our collection of black candle containers provides a wide range of options for beginner candle makers and professionals alike. Our matte black candle jars provide upscale options for luxury candles, while our classic black candle tins provide cost-effective candle vessel solutions for all levels.

Classic Black Candle Tins

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Candle tins are popular options for beginners and professionals alike. They fit a variety of needs that include samples for wholesalers, candle gift sets for indie candle makers, and cost effective options for beginner candle makers. 

Black Modern Candle Tins

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Our modern candle tin collection encompasses sleek, modern, and stylish designs. Create upscale collections, luxurious gift sets, and stand-out scentscaping with unique home decor.

Ceramic Candle Containers

Our black ceramic candle jars come in multiple styles with various finishes: matte, satin, and gloss.

Glass Candle Containers

Ranging from an 8.3 oz to 17 oz wax weight to the fill line, our black glass candle containers provide sophisticated options for all product lines.