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Give your 3-wick tumblers a modern, sleek look with our bronze flat lids. These lids have a brushed metal finish that gives the lid a distinct polished look. Includes an inner silicone fitment to help secure the lid to the jar.

Labeling area: 4"

This flat lid fits our: 3-Wick Tumbler Jar

Note: Do not pick up jar by the lid.

Additional Details:
Width of inner silicone fitment: 6.7 mm
Inside diameter of silicone fitment: 88 mm

Diameter 106 mm
Inside Diameter 104 mm
Height 8 mm
Max Labeling Area 4" x 4"
Prop 65 Warning Required No

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Scuff Marks/ Scratches Resolved

Has anyone received their lids without scuff marks or scratches recently? Wondering if packaging of the lids has been resolved before purchasing lids.

Nice fit BUT

ALL of the lids are scratched! Even with the thin tissue paper between each lid. But they do fit the containers well.


Unfortunately EVERY order I have received has had the same issues others have reported...most every lid is scratched and scuffed. The replacements I ordered also arrive scratched and scuffed! It is frustrating when I have orders to go out and there is hardly any lids that are usable! This is resulting in lost sales. I have been assured that the lids moving forward will contain a protective film yet I continue to receive lids without it. Please please please fix this issue, Candlescience!!

Love the 3 wick containers and bronze lids. Mine arrived beautiful, clean, and well packaged. Love the color and the lids fit great with the jars. Will purchase again.

So many complaints but mine are scratched up too

Very upset to receive these lids badly scratched up even though they've clearly had complaints. I ordered the case of 360 and couldn't find a decent lid! They're beautiful so it's really disappointing that every single one is damaged.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We have received reports of scuffing in transit and have implemented changes to the packaging that we believe will correct this problem moving forward. All future batches will include a protective film to ensure against scratches and scuffs. Our customer support team will reach out to you with more information regarding your recent order. Thank you for your feedback!

Seal well, but are scuffed badly

I placed 2 separate orders of these lids and while they are lovely and seal the candle well, the majority of them are scratched and scuffed. I advised of the issue and was sent a replacement order (excellent communication from Candlescience) and they arrived in the exact same condition; scuffed with only a piece of tissue in between. The lids are rubbing together in transit, and I cannot in good faith sell these to my customers. I love Candlescience and have never had an issue with any product I've purchased...until these lids. Unfortunately I will need to find another vendor for lids.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We completely understand your concern and are actively taking steps to minimize scuffing of the lids in transit. We are switching from the paper dividers to a plastic film on each lid. The film is more resistant to scratching and we are confident that this will help to resolve the problem. Thank you for reaching out and giving us a chance to help!

Great Lids but...

...the lids were scratched on top, all in a circular motion. Even though there was tissue paper between lids, this didn't seem to help a lot. I like the seal and color options!

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are so sorry to hear that there were some issues with your lids. Please reach out to our support team at so we can help!