Clear Plastic Tea-light Cup
Tea-light Cups in small pile
Making tealight candles on a wood table top
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Our clear plastic tealight cups are made with UL approved flame retardant plastic, which we have found to be the best flame retardant plastic available. These tealight cups stack for convenient packaging and merchandising, and are recyclable. Each tealight cup holds .5oz of wax. Tealight wicks are sold separately.

View our wick guide to find a wick recommendation for your tealight candles. Do not use with zinc wicks

Are you new to tealight candles? Follow along in our tutorial on How to Make Soy Tealight Candles.

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Made in the USA


Height .75 inches
Diameter 1.5 inches
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 46 reviews)

The plastic tea light isn't safe to give as samples.
My family member just told me that the flame got big and melted the plastic. The wick stick was good they cut off the burnt sim before lighting it, and it didn't burn through the middle of the plastic just the outer of it. Thank god that I gave them a tea light holder because if I didn't it wouldn't have been good. I will not get these again but.... if you start selling the glass tea lights I will definitely buy those for my samples.


Candle Hobbyist

I love the exceptional quality of CS’s tea light cups. Likewise, I appreciate the center guide to wick the cups. Because of the quality and size, tea light candles are my customers’ most favorite. In addition, to ensure safety, I always sell the tea lights with a glass votive and suggestive sell more glass votives for a styling as well as a safety feature. Thank you CS for such a quality product!!!

D. Green

Holds up better than metal holders but they don't fit in the majority of tea light holders

I definitely appreciate the overall look of these holders and their durability versus the metal ones that are damaged easily. The problem is that they don't fit in the majority of tea light holders and that's a problem for me and my customers. They are just ever so slightly too wide in diameter. I really like these but I need them to fit in holders.



As much as I love the Esthetic and ease of using these plastic tealight cups, I will not be purchasing! 3 incidents( 2 clients and myself) have occurred while using them specifically for my ceramic wax melts. The cups melted, wax combined with fragranced seeped out causing a huge flame to exit the design holes in the ceramic turning it black. I was home luckily and able
To react quickly. These may be great for floating tealights in a beautiful designed product, samples, BUT ARE DANGEROUS for WAX WARMERS! CS- you said you had no complaints regarding this but i see quite a few here! Please warn people on your website so they dont waste their time m money if their purpose is to use for wax melts in a warmer. I removed them all
From my website as I cannot risk this happening to a customer. Im sad cause I have been using for a year in a half with only 3 recent incidents. All
Same wax, wick exo.75, same %8-9 so not sure why, perhaps a few duds.

Monica Blanco
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thanks again for giving us the chance to help troubleshoot with you here and for also taking the time to leave a review. The tealight cups will melt as you have described if the tea light is burning for too long or overheats. The melting happens as a safety precaution to prevent the plastic material from burning or catching fire. The burn time for tealights should be no more than four hours, however, the behavior of the tea light can change depending on the different components of your tea lights such as flame size, wick size, and fragrance load. We encourage you to conduct additional testing, as this will help determine the exact cause for what you observed. Of course, if you still have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach back out to us. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Four Twenty Seven Owner

Love love love these! I will be using them as free samples for my customers. I’m using cargill c6 wax and got a great HT with these. Perfect for small spaces, I tested in my bathroom & the scent filled the area. I will continue to buy.


Great Tealight Cups

We use these as a FREE sample with every order. Our customers love them. We never have had any issues with the tea light cups breaking or melting. We also use the ECO1 1" tealight wicks and small wick stickers. Never fails, works like a charm every-single-time.

Rick Maloney, Owner of Pour & Penchant

Excellent Product!

Never had an issue with these tealights. They performed excellent and they look very professional. Love them!

Belinda Lopez

After about 20 of these I had two melt back to back when they get towards the bottom. My wick didn’t move or fall over. It looks like others have had the same problem.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear this happened. A member of our support team has reached out via email to assist further!

Great Tea Light Containers

I haven't had any issues with these tea lights yet. They work great and I sell a TON of tea light candles. (I already blew through a case of 1500). I use a Soy/Palm Blend 5:1 ratio (5 being Soy). I use the tea light wicks from CS and so far so good. I also use fragrance oils in addition to essential oils. I don't have a problem with the containers melting and I have great scent throw with every single tea light candle I make.


Hit or Miss

I love these little tea light cups, but unfortunately, they are hit or miss. Sometimes I've found a pool of melted wax around them which has led me to worry that my future customers will have the same trouble. Please fix this!


Small Business Owner

Do not buy these! They have melted every time , I’ve even tried different wicks and they melt. It is a safety hazard to my customers if I try to sell these. I love CS and I buy literally everything from here but these are truly disappointing, I have a bag full and wish I could return them.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team will be reaching out shortly!

Tealight Cupa

I love them so much. Perfect for my candle samples!! I will definitely order more!!


I thought this was a good idea

I bought these tea light cups and the appropriate wicks etc when I began my candle making journey however despite being cured for 2-3weeks, there was no scent throw because of the size of these tea light vessels. I truly regret this purchase. However if you plan on lighting multiple of the same scent in the appropriately size room, go for it but if you want to wax and FO test, this is an awful idea.



I adore these tealight cups. They make for great little sample-sized candles and are a great way to test your scents!



Do these need a wick sticker?

Jana Kralick
CandleScience Reply

Thank you for leaving a review! We do recommend using wick stickers even in the tealight cups. Without a wick sticker, the tealight wick will often fall over which could cause a safety issue. Our small wick stickers are perfect for tealight wicks if you are looking for a better fit!


Golden Wax 464 + ECO .75 = Perfect long lasting little candles! I was a bit worried about the plastic but haven't had one melt.


Love these!

These tealight cups are FANTASTIC for my candle samples! It's super hard to smell candles over the internet (believe me, I've tried) and this makes it easier for potential customers to know what they're getting from our candles!

They only teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy-wittle complaint that I have is that I REALLY wish there were lids for it (sold separately, of course). This would make labeling the samples 100 times easier.

In The Air Candles & Scents


These are perfect, I was looking for a more cost effective way to do sample scents...these are perfect for that!!!



The only tealight cups I use


Worked Perfectly!

Used these tealight cups with soy 464 and ECO wick. Burn time was 4-5 hours until the wick extinguished itself. Will be buying more!



I love these and will not buy any other. I use wax with The ECO 1 1" wick


Owner, Parable Candle Company

These are absolutely perfect! I use IG 6006 para-soy wax and the CSN tea light wicks. Perfect combo with great scent throw and easily a 5-7 hr burn time. It is already time to order another box!

Elaine Bumanglag

Regarding Bre’s Review

Bre, the same thing happened to me using the tealight eco wick with 415 soy, as recommended by CS. They used to carry a Tealight wick called TL – 15 that worked beautiful without any problems for years. Since they chose to discontinue that wick I now buy them at Rustic Escentuals and I haven’t had a problem since. I haven’t used your wax so I don’t know how these wicks will perform for you.


Tip of the Moon

My plastic cups crack and melt towards the end. I'm using Ecosoya Q210 and LX 6 1" wicks as was recommended. Almost every time when the candle gets to the bottom the plastic cracks and the wax pools out. On one occasion the plastic melted and there was a hole. These seem to work for some people so it might just be my particular wax/wick combo.



They do what you want them to do. They work well, and look nicer then I thought plastic would look.

Creasant Ray

Love these cups, but was shorted

I have been using these cups for my tea lights for about 6 months now and I absolutely love them. They look so much nicer than the flimsy aluminum ones, plus they hold more wax. The only gripe I have, and the reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5, is I noticed I got shorted 2 cups on my last order. Now I'm paranoid all of my orders are going to be short. In addition to writing this review, I will also be contacting customer support directly. This type of seemingly small discrepancy can really screw you up when filling orders on a timeline, not to mention you're not getting all that you paid for!


Love these!

The clear plastic provides an elegant look for my tea lights. They hold the perfect amount of wax, and are very high quality. I have not had any problems!

Ofelia Candles

Prices seem to be very affordable. I am new to candle making and don't have a lot to spend so this site is great for me. Thank you


Thank You Candle Science

These are beyond expectations! I truely appreciate this quality of tealight cups. Excellence!


Perfect Tealights

These tealights are perfect for using up small amounts of wax when pouring candles. They are wonderful quality and so easy to use. Very professional looking and a great bargain. Perfect for using in holiday centerpieces!

Sue Rogers


You will not be dissapointed! These are Perfect!


Superior quality at a low price!

Strong, thick, & crystal clear, these tealight cups are perfect! They are also by far the cheapest clear tealight cups that I have found online. As stated in the description, they hold 0.50 oz of wax or 0.55 oz if you fill them to the very top.


Great product!

As a beeswax candle maker, I have been using these tea light cups for quite awhile and have been very satisfied. They are very good quality, and I have never received any broken cups. They are also a great price. Highly recommend!


Love these tealight cups!

These are absolutely perfect! I prefer these clear plastic cups over the tin ones. They not only look better in your votives but they stack up great!
Before I made candles I used only these plastic cup votives. The tin ones always get bent up and look cheap in a clear votive.
I was thrilled when I saw these!
Another home run candle science!

Mr. Toad’s House of Wax


These are sturdy and have little dots at the bottom to help position the wick while you pour your wax. I've bought several bags of these and have never run into any imperfections. I also like that they are clear and make the focus the color of the candle!

Damsels In DIY

Owner, Blue Mist Naturals

Love these cups, never had a problem with them. I have purchased thousands, and burned many tealights in them. They work very well with the container soy wax I use, they are durable, sturdy and recyclable!


Perfect cup but scent problem

This tealight cups are perfet. Beautiful cold throw but not hot throw at all. I've been adding fragrance oil (for 2 tealight cups 5ml) at the temperature of 185º F. Some at 170F(could this be a problem?) Pouring at 140F. Cured for 3 days.
Could it be wax problem? I'm using pure soy wax but with no brand( the only option I've found here in Russia) The melting temperature is 122F.- its the only information I have about this wax.
I've also made 8 ounce jar candles( maybe bigger size will give better hot throw), they are curing at the moment.
Will be thankfull for the help)


Candle Maker

These work very well. Solid structure and show off the wax perfectly. I pair with eco .75, works very well.


tea light cups

Use these by the hundreds an love them!

Dawn R

tea light cups

I buy 100's of these Love them.


LOVE these cups. I have ordered them a couple of times and about to order another set!!



These work perfect! I have no issues with these and will be re-ordering. These are also perfect for samples!


A necessity!

My tealight candles are one of my best sellers currently and I cannot live without these tealight cups. I have has no issues with burning in them or the cups melting. I will be purchasing again and again.

Nicole aka My Oakheart Creations


I bought the plastic cups because they look so nice, & I follow the wick guideline strictly, On more then one occasion , my tea light cups have melted ~ Thats not good for my business~ maybe they need reevaluated or possibly a bum batch ~ Not sure but now I dont wont to take anymore risks

candle maker


After approximately 20 tealights, one of the plastic molds actually melted through and stuck to the tealight holder it was in. Stick with metal cups...

The Tipsy Torch

great product

Love these guys! Will be purchasing again!