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Large Black Candle Maker Pitcher

The Large Candle Maker Pitcher is an add-on for the Candle Maker (8oz) base unit. This handy accessory allows you to use the Candle Maker (8oz) base unit to melt up to 24 oz of wax.

The Large Candle Maker Pitcher holds 1 lb (16 weighted oz) of unmelted wax. Once the 1 lb of wax has partially melted to make more space, up to 8 additional oz of wax may be added. The unit works best with low melt point waxes that have a melt point of 125ºF or less.

Directions for use with the Candle Maker (8oz) base unit:

  • Plug in the unit and add up to 16 weighted oz (1 lb) of wax to the pitcher.
  • Press the first button to start the melting process.
  • Once the unit beeps, and the second button is flashing, lift the Large Pitcher up from the base unit, then put it back on unit, and press the first button again to finish melting the wax. This step initiates a second melting cycle to ensure all the wax added to the Large Pitcher melts and reaches the correct temperature.
  • The second button will flash again once the wax is hot enough to add the fragrance. Pour in 1-2 oz of fragrance and press the second button to begin stirring. The unit continuously stirs to ensure the fragrance is fully mixed into the wax.
  • The third button lights up when the wax reaches pouring temperature. (Things happen, so if you get distracted, the unit will turn off after two hours if a button has not been pressed or the pitcher lifted.) Then lift the pitcher and pour the wax into pre-wicked candle containers. Let sit. Enjoy your homemade candles! If you want the strongest fragrance possible, wait at least one week before burning the candles.

If the Candle Maker makes a loud noise, a chunk of wax may be caught in the stirring mechanism. The noise will lessen as the wax melts. To reduce the noise, don't pack the wax tightly into the pitcher. Add some of your wax, let it melt, then add the remaining wax.

If you break or lose the removable stirring piece inside the pitcher, you can purchase a replacement stirrer here.

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6 1/8"
6 7/8"
Prop 65 Warning Required

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