Cucumber Mint

Cucumber Mint

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True to its name, this refreshing fragrance combines herbal mint and fresh cut cucumber notes to create a relaxing fragrance well suited to a high end or aromatherapy line.

This fragrance oil is infused with lemon, orange, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, jasmine, and ylang ylang natural essential oils.

Suggested Colors: Any shade of Green
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Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 212+ °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible No


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Submitted on 2015-08-25

This is a true and refreshing scent, not artificial like other versions I've tried from other suppliers. I used it in a sea salt soap and it smelled amazing! Can't wait to try it in candles!

True to name smell
Submitted on 2015-07-02

I just made 2, 8oz candles with 2oz FO in CB advance wax. Have not burned them yet, but the smell in wax is a lot better than straight from the bottle. To me it smells exactly as described. A nice mint smell with a equally nice cucumber smell. Very fresh, not too strong. I kept smelling this scent from the bottle and was hesitant to make them,but as I said the smell is much nicer in wax. Looking forward to burning them to see how the hot throw is.

Submitted on 2015-06-02

Everyone LOVES this one. Can't believe it doesn't have a 5 star rating. Online now just to buy more!

sells well
Submitted on 2015-05-30

I was expecting a peppermint and cucumber scent. Instead we have a spearmint and cucumber scent. To me it smells like chewed gum. But since it seems to be selling well I cannot argue with the customer! Made both candles and soap...the soap sells better than the candles. For soapers no discoloration, soaps nicely!

Very nice fragrance
Submitted on 2014-02-11

I love it,The fragrance is very relaxing.

Submitted on 2013-08-25

This fragrance is very refreshing! I am adding this to my candle line. My customers love it.

Submitted on 2012-06-16

I used this in Melt and Pour soap. What a refreshing scent. Not too minty. Looking forward to trying it in tarts.

Submitted on 2012-06-04

I just wanted to add that I use this in GW444.

Very Refreshing!
Submitted on 2012-06-04

I think this is a great hot weather scent. Just smelling it cools you off. It is very minty, but I can definitely smell this cucumber too. It is a little lighter than most CS fragrance oils, but it has ok throw, and I think the lighter throw kind of goes with the scent.

Submitted on 2012-04-22

Used in Calwax CB3 Pure Soy Container wax- 1oz scent per 1 lb wax. Smelled like spearmint gum. Was hoping for a more spa-like scent. Thankfully, only made 5 candles which are not selling.

Had high hopes
Submitted on 2012-04-10

After a six day cure in GW415 at wax, at 1oz per pound, I got very little hot throw from this oil. I had such high hopes for this fragrance based on the three leaf rating but am left disappointed.

Very Minty
Submitted on 2012-03-27

I loved this scent, but you really have to be a mint lover. I did find that after I let the soy wax cure in the container the mint scent settled down, but it is has very powerful mint smell.