Golden Rose Fragrance Oil
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As of 09/08/2021:

This version of Golden Rose has been discontinued and replaced with the new fragrance Wild Rose.


Product Notice, August 2, 2021: The soap safe usage rate for this fragrance oil has been impacted by recent regulatory changes. While this fragrance has not been changed in any way, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) amended use standards that impact this fragrance.

The information displayed in the Properties section on this page is accurate; however, you may receive a bottle with the soap safe usage rates allowed before the IFRA change. These bottles were printed prior to the regulatory change and are being phased out. You have until May 10, 2022, to use the product at the prior usage rate for any existing products while you reformulate. 

Learn more about IFRA 49: What Candle and Soap Makers Need to Know and IFRA 49: Soap Usage Recommendation Changes.

Tired of the same old rose fragrance? Over two dozen unique perfumes can be found in roses. We've chosen a few of the best to create a complex bouquet of sweet rose, lily, chrysanthemum, and green florals.

Note Profile:
Top: Ozone, Green Floral
Middle: Rose, Lily, Chrysanthemum
Base: Powder, Sandalwood

Suggested Colors: Yellow, Gold
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-3%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 36 reviews)

I'm so glad I got a little bottle of this to make myself a candle after it was discontinued and to compare to wild rose. Wild rose is definitely a bit fruitier than this, but they're both still winners.


I ordered this because rose petals was out of stock and I am glad that I did. It is a beautiful rose scent.



This is a beautiful scent. It is perfume-like and a bit heavy on the powder, but I love it's complexity. My fave rose scent from CS

Jenn A

A Pretty Rose

While I agree with some reviews that this is a perfume-y rose oil, I actually do not mind that at all as I've found most rose FOs to be this way. I appreciate the fact that it is a lighter rose fragrance than others I've purchased in the past. Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this one out!


Room Spray

I used this fragrance for a room spray and it smells amazing! I gave my sister one for her to use at work and she told me she is obsessed with the smell.

Marilyn A


Devastated that Candle Science stopped making their former Rose fragrance oil that was soft and powdery like a real rose petal, I decided to try their newer takes on rose. Yikes. This is definitely the "old lady" rose that people always complain about. Sickly sweet, perfumey, and sharp, not powdery or soft.



Love the smell for my candles but there should be a warning about how bad this rices in cold process soap. was horrible.

Michele Brinkley
CandleScience Reply

Thank you so much for the feedback! We are still working on adding cold process soaping notes to each of our fragrances. For fragrances we have tested already, you will see those notes on the product page for easy reference!


This scent is a clean authentic rose scent I am picky with rose scents.

Linh Le

Did not like

Did not like this scent at all it has a perfume scent but not a good hot throw



This is a pretty citrusy rosey scent reminiscent of a tea rose, however it’s also VERY perfume like. I have a hard time with perfume in general and the strong artificial undertones. I also love an absolute rose scent, this is not that but it’s quite nice for a mix.


Co-owner, Linked Keys

Oh my goodness! If sunshine had a scent this would be it! This scent is my absolute favorite. It’s a beautifully odd mixture of rose mixed with a tiny dash of lemon. It’s bright, fresh and clean. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this frangrance.

Kimberly Boateng

Lovely scent, slight ricing in CP soap

The scent of this rose is lovely. It's got a softer touch then some of the other rose scents I have sampled. In my cold process soap, it did rice a bit.. but I was able to work it out with a bit of blending and stirring.

King Concoctions

Very Nice Rose

This is a very nice rose scent. I used it in soy (wax melts @12%) very lovely, no headache smell here.

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Your shipping charges are too high. I live in California, your location in Nevada is very close so why that much charges. The items are not that heavy for the charges, I took 2stars off because of shipping. Kindly, do something about it

Anyways, I don't want to take away from the Golden Rose FO. It is very good



This smell is perfect. I used it to make soy candles... and I can't get enough of this scent! They have an amazing subtle throw, yet aren't overpowering or chemical smelling at all. I haven't used the normal rose smell, so I can't compare... but I'm sticking with Yellow Rose.



Used in CP soap as part of a Blend...
Candlescience has Roses down to perfection. I'm so glad I chose this as a sample in the 99 cent sale. This is a heavy, yet bright, golden floral masterpiece. It's for the classy, sophisticated lady who laughs loudly and has a sharp wit. So very little goes a long, long way. There is some acceleration so be prepared to work quickly, it's worth it!
This scent converted me to Candlescience for FO. I blended with a heavy hand but I think this would be so lovely even cut down to add just the lightest floral touch to your custom fragrance Blend.


Nice rose

Pleasant rose smell. I paired this with White Tea and I love it in CP soap. Behaves well in CP soap.Doesn't discolor,rice or accelerate.


Doesn't remind me of grandma's perfume

I really like this scent because it's a fresh, crisp floral scent. I don't usually like floral scents because they can easily become overwhelming, this does not have that problem. Give it a go.


I liked this scent, not as good as the other rose scent that CS offers, but it's nice. Performed well in GB 464.

The Burning Mitten

This scent it very light and is great for those who don't like strong floral scents but that being said I do with it was a bit stronger. I personally love strong floral scents but I know many people don't so this is definitely a great scent.


Let me start by saying I DO NOT usually buy fragrances that smell like roses because I have never cared for the smell. However, I decided to buy a 1oz bottle since rose smells are popular with candle lovers. I took a whiff of this fragrance straight from the bottle and man did it smell good. So I was eager to try it out and made a candle that same night and was totally mind blown haha. It smells amazing and has great scent throw!!


Big hit

I actually hate rose scents, but I know they are really popular so bought this to give out at christmas. I actually didn't mind the smell. I don't know how it compares to the regular Rose since I only wanted a phlalate free scent, but maybe there is something different in the Golden Rose that makes it less offensive to me. I still wouldn't burn it, but let me tell you that I am still getting requests for more Golden rose. It was a huge hit with family and friends.



Rose scents are hard to get right, but this one is just so amazing. Light and subtly sweet but still distinctly rose. Sure it is a little weaker than some of the other CSS scents but it's definitely worth buying and using a little more FO.


Pink Rose Perfection

This is exactly what the pink roses my husband gets me smell like. This is a light and accurate scent. It is not going to overpower your senses. It is not going to make you wish you had put the candle in a bigger room. It is a light and beautiful scent and usually my best seller.


Martha 's Candles

This rate is for Golden Rose scent throw................very light............... i will rate this fragrance with no star unless I got an expired bottle.

Martha Fleites

This is a very light and lovely rose scent. I used it in cp soap and it was easy to work with, No A or D but it faded away over time.



but a bit weaker throw than the "Rose" scent in 464.


Nice and fresh

This is a nice fresh scent that isn't overpowering


Wonderful scent

I myself find this to be the perfect rose scent. Some of my customers thought it was a little to strong for them. So I will also be ordering some of the "rose" along with "golden rose" next time around. I have most certainly found my new passion.


So real!

I absolutely adore this fragrance. I had just gone out to the garden and picked some wild roses and this scent matches their fragrance perfectly (though they were pink!) Such a great find. Used GB 464 and the throw is wonderful! Thank you candlescience. Need a very large bottle now!


Excellent !!!

Lovely scent. Smell like real & delightful roses. I love it. 5oz container covered my family & kitchen room. Not overwhelming at all. If you like roses this is the one.



I had a good throw not too strong but just enough to pick up a floral scent in a good size room. I made with GB464 Wax Eco#10 Wicks. Very nice. Customers loved it.


Smells Like I Stepped Into A Garden

Very true rose smell. Light enough not to overpower your nose, but yet strong enough to fill a room. I used with Ecosoya PB and had a very good cold/hot throw for me.


Love It

Smells just like yellow roses and different from the regular rose scent.



I use Eco-Soya wax for all my products. This fragrance by far is the niceset smelling rose. It has a great throw hot or cold. I made votives with this fragrance for my powder room & the aroma carried into the family room. Absolutely wonderful!!!



Wonderful smell not overwhelming

Deanna M


This is a very nice floral. Wonderful cold and hot throw. Smells just like a sweet yellow rose. No powdery smell to this one.