Lavender Fragrance Oil
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As of 02/11/2021:

This version of Lavender (Discontinued) has been discontinued and replaced with the new Lavender. Click here to check it out!


An enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including lavender, orange, lemon, and cedarwood.

Note Profile:
Top: Bergamot, Lemon
Middle: Lavender
Base: Cedar

Suggested Colors: Lavender, Purple
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 172 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
Slight None None

Lye Water temperature 96ºF
Oil temperature 102ºF

We experienced slight acceleration but no separation. The mixture came to trace quick, but the batter stayed fluid and workable. There was no discoloration seen, and the scent was mild. We did observe a partial gel with minimal insulation. This fragrance is workable if brought to an emulsion or very light trace.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 133 reviews)

Love Lavender in general, but disappointed with the HT of this scent in my soy candles. Hopefully, the new version is better.


(The 2 stars are for this EXCELLENT FO — who knows about any reformulation) Well. I don’t applaud CS for changing their FO. MANY of the changed scents are NOT the same and DO NOT work the same in candles. (Cranberry Marmalade and Peppermint Bark) Maybe soap is different. But with candles the customer is always BURNING A WAX AND WICK. I use soy because My customers like it instead of paraffin. Even though lavender is free of phy and ✅ prop 65 — you are changing it because ingredients are CLOSE??? CS has gone from my favorite supplier and the co I come to first — to my most frustrating supplier. Wouldn’t it be interesting for CS to carry all of their FO choices and see what the customer ACTUALLY BUYS!

The Candle Nook

Thank you!!

Just like the reviewer beneath me, I also applaud CS for their Clean Scents initiative. As an asthmatic, I'm especially happy that they are working towards making all their scents as clean as they could be. I really don't notice differences in the revised scents (the Black Currant Tea and Black Currant & Jasmine literally smell IDENTICAL), so I'm looking forward to the cleaner version soon!


I'd like to applaud Candle Science for continue to revise their fragrances. They don't always have an exact match but I haven't had one that was revised and I no longer liked because of it. I appreciate the work they are doing to force this industry into using fragrance oils that are better and healthier for our customers. For those upset and frustrated that they may lose customers over these changes, I'd encourage you to review the Candle Science clean scents pages to help yourself be better equipped to explain to your customers why this change is both necessary and better for them and their health. Any customers I've had question a change in fragrance is relived to better understand why the change occurred.

Ryan S.

Frustrating at best

Getting pretty frustrated with the fragrance changes. The replacements are never even close to the original. My customers rave about the original Lavender from CS. Once again, I’ll probably lose customers of this scent because of this. SMH.

Red Door Candle Company

Loved the one that is being discontinued and I trust that the new one will be good, too. Thank you for always trying to make things safer! I appreciate that, as do my customers.


Lavender - loved the original, but the new?

This fragrance, like the others that have been changed due the the bogus California Prop 65 will never be the same. Coffee, Dragons Blood, Gardenia, Lavender Chamomile, and now Lavender have either been discontinued or are not even close to the original scent once they're revised. It seems like the fragrance industry is dying a slow death and the essential oils route is the only way to go.



calming and soothing scent!

Glow Confidently

Loved the previous lavender scent I ordered a few months ago but this one has a weird chemical/synthetic smell to it. Not sure if I’m using too much? I mix it with vanilla from another company but all I can smell is chemicals :( I’m using soy wax so I know that’s not the issue.


Acceleration in Cold Process Soap

I do the heat transfer method. I did a 95/5 blend of Lavender and Very Vanilla. I planned on three colors adding fragrance to two. I had ricing in the two containing fragrance. By the time I smoothed out the ricing and got the smaller amount in the mold, the main batch was completely solid. I spooned it out and got it in the mold pouring the fragrance free top, hoping it would settle into the spaces from trying to push the soap around with my hand and spoon. I think it's a loss but we'll see.

Vicki - White Sage Market


Great scent! Very strong and pretty scent, smells clean and delicate. Definitely a fan, would recommend, a little goes a long way!


Amazing Calming Scent!!

This has such a refreshing lavender calming!

Anna Phillips

Such a beautiful fragrance.

This fragrance is truly wonderful, I wasn’t a big fan of lavender in the past but after many requests I purchased this scent and I was very impressed. I may have not liked others version of lavender in the past but Candle Science’s version is something I will always continue to purchase and love. Definitely recommend!


Love this lavender. It's earthy and not too perfumey or synthetic smelling. Great hot & cold throw. I use 10% fragrance load in GB464. Eventually, I'd like to use it with a vanilla to create a calming, nighttime scent.


Love it

I'm new to candle making and in my testing phase. But let me tell you, this exceeded my expectations! I used 10% in 464 and it filled my entire room (small testing size candle) The scent is perfect amount of floral/sweet.


this does not smell like authentic lavender

It’s way to grassy. does not smell like lavender!


CT is great but no HT

I was really hopeful for this scent because it smelled so good in the bottle. The cold throw is great. Smells super good, but when you light it you can't smell anything unless you stand right over it. Even then it has a weird smell to it when it's burning. :(



I was weary of the conflicting reviews, but I love this FO. I used it at 10% in soy 464. Great hot and cold throw. The scent is on the more of a natural earthy lavender than a sweet lavender.

Bennett Tholborn


I wasn't happy with this scent at first. It was too soft, and CT and HT were dissapointing, but then I realized that this is one of the FOs with a lower flashpoint! 172 I believe... Pay attention the flashpoint, or you will be throwing your money away!

Virago Candle Studio
CandleScience Reply

Hi! The flashpoint is the temperature at which a fragrance can combust if exposed to open flame or spark, so if you add a fragrance oil to wax that is above the flashpoint, this will not cause it to combust or burn off! For more information on flashpoints, you can check out our article here!

A little dissapointed

I mixed this scent with the Lemon Verbena in 464 Golden Soy Wax. I had these candles cure for two weeks but unfortunately I do not have a strong hot throw. I am not sure if it's the mixing two scents or one of the individual scents by itself, but I am not getting the same hot throw, as I am having a great cold throw. I would love to know if I am doing something wrong or what I could do to change this for my customers. My customers love the cold throw immediately when they smell it, but my reviews for the hot throw are not the same.

Cait S.

I really like this FO, but I was expecting it to be more similar to lavender essential oil. It still is great, don't get me wrong. I've mixed this with several fragrances and I really liked each blend. My favorite blend I've tried so far is white tea & lavender! Anyways, I think I'll continue using this as a blender but maybe not as a stand alone fragrance.


Smells Amazing! ☺️ Moves Quickly! 😬

I absolutely love this fragrance. It smells exactly like lavender, but you can tell it's been laced with other EO which gives it more character. So... I had to restock my inventory. My containers aren't big enough (yet) to make 10 lbs at once so I made 2 separate batches of 5lbs each. For the first, I added the FO AFTER emulsion, and all of my additives, whisking it in. It still moved quickly, but stayed fluid enough for me to do swirls. I had a clear plan for the loaf, so turned out beautifully as long as I moved quickly. The second one, however... 🤦🏾‍♀️ ... I added the FO to the oils first, then tried to stick blend just to an emulsion... BIG mistake. It moved SO fast! Even in the portion of the bar that had NO additives. It was like mashed potato consistency within about 2 minutes. By the time I got to the top of my loaf... PLOP! LOL
I'd say dont add this oil until last, and you'll be fine. That's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars.



Our 2020 Summer Collection was the first collection to offer a lavender scented candle and I couldn't believe how FAST we sold out. We had dozens in our initial inventory and we were sold out in less than four hours!!!!! I can't tell you how many customers purchased our lavender scented candle in multiplies of 3 and 4's / Lavender FO by CS is great on its own, or blended. Since our lavender scented candle sold so well, and quickly we will be including an uniquely handcrafted lavender scented candle in all of our future collections using this as our base. This FO is that GREAT! Do not miss out... Happy blending, happy crafting, and happy pouring!!! :)

Rick Maloney, Pour & Penchant

Love It!

The Lavender is a great fragrance. One of my #1 sellers. The CT & HT works so well with the comfort blend wax.

Something Pleasant Candles

Lavender & Creme Brûlée

Mixing Lavender and Creme Brûlée is THE BEST EVER. At least to me...did equal parts, actually maybe a teeny tiny bit more of the Creme brûlée but not significant at all. Hoping this comes back ASAP as I want to launch new scents soon!


I make a lot of Lavender candles and wanted to try this scent from Candle Science. My reviews have not been well with this fragrance. The smell is more chemical smelling than the other lavenders I have tried. I will probably go back to my other vendor for this scent until they update or change the fragrance.

Todd Shelton

Poor hot throw

I switched over to this FO from another company's lavender. This hot throw is really poor in comparison and the scent is too light.


Citrus Lavender

This smells so nice and it gives off a nice, calming vibe. I definitely expected more of a true lavender smell and I think it's worth noting that the smell is also very citrusy but nonetheless it smells good! Not sure about throw because it's my first time using CS' FO.


Wonderful!! Returning for second purchase!

This lavender scent is by far my favorite and among many of my favorites from Candle Science. It is so light and soft and has worked very well with my 464.


Too Light, Smells Artificial

Lavender is my all-time favorite scent and I was pretty disappointed by this version. It smells really artificial and the scent overall is extremely light. Pretty bummed, I was looking forward to some pure lavender candles.

D. Lange

I love it!!

This is a great, awesome, wonderful, lavender scent. 6% in IGI 6006 Parasoy wax, and it smells incredible.
Thank you Candle Science!



A lavender fan but the hot throw is nonexistent. I can barely smell it in the same room. And I'm at the end of the candle.


Smells like a soapy lavender sunscreen

Super disappointed with this fragrance. It does not smell like fresh lavender. It smells very strong of soap and has a sunscreen undertone. I haven’t tried to sell any yet but I’ll leave a positive review if it sells well. I wouldn’t buy it.


Pretty good

This scent is pretty accurate to the regular lavender smell. I personally really like the scent. The only problem I had was the scent wasn't as strong when the candle hardened then in the bottle or melted wax. I put the correct amount of oil ( one ounce for one pound). I made a candle using the vanilla chestnut scent and when they both hardened i could smell the vanilla much more than the lavender.


My customers LOVE this fragrance. This is definitely my bestseller!


This is a spa like lavender! It’s so relaxing in the bedroom I can breath! I changed the name from Lavender to Relaxing Lavender because that’s exactly how my clients described it. You can definitely smell the lavender field that makes you feel like your in the spa. This is a wonderful fragrance essential oil.

Business owner

Customer favorite!!

When I first purchased this last year, I was a little skeptical when I took my first whiff out of the bottle but at 10% in 464, my mind was changed instantly! I sell out at EVERY show I work. It definitely doesn't smell like that true lavender scent because it's not. It's combined with cedar, bergamot and lemon so anyone expecting JUST lavender may be disappointed. I renamed mine Lavender Spa because it has a spa-like smell! I'm finally springing for my first 5lb bottle because I seriously can't keep ordering 1 or 2 bottles at a time because I'm out within a couple of weeks!! True winner!!


Wonderful Scent and throw

At 10% in 464 I was so impressed not only with the FO by itself but the throw is amazing. I lit it down stairs in the kitchen and I could smell it all the way upstairs after my shower. Totally happy that I bought this - it's not a Powdery lavender it's amazing off the plant smelling Lavender 💜



I purchased this fragrance with lavender being one of my best sellers and lots of good reviews. however, in GB464 soy wax with an 11% fragrance load, I am sitting 5 ft away and I cannot smell anything. very disappointing given I made a bunch to sell and now am in a bind, I do not want to give out a poor product. any tips on how to get this fragrance a good hot throw? more or less of a frag. load? any suggestions would be great

CandleScience Reply

Hi Sara! We're glad we were able to assist you with this! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us at

I love the scent but I am having the worst time with this FO. I have tried various temps, various wicks and I cannot get a good hot throw with this Lavender oil. I have let my canes cure for a full month and all the smell I get from it is a burnt smell not lavender at all. If I put my candle on a candle warmer I get the full scent. I have spent a lot of money and time and I would appreciate some help because I truly love this oil.

CandleScience Reply

Hi Sarah! To better assist you, we have reached out to you via email!

I love this FO. I use it with 444. Excellent hot and cold throw. I carry this year round. It is a personal favorite. I have not, to date, found a better lavender scented fragrance oil.

Dana Reed


I was on the verge with this scent because I ordered it from another company and the scent was terrible. This scent is serene and it gives off a slight citrusy aroma. I liked this scent the more I smelled it. The scent is not strong and in my opinion, is perfect for a spa day to relax. I will be ordering this scent again for my candles.

Aroma & Roses

Smells like soap

I love lavender scent but this just made my candles smell like soap with a faint lavender scent. Would not recommend for candle making.


Great Performer

I used this FO in cold processed soap. It performed wonderfully for me. It neither riced nor discolored my soap batter. I don't recall experiencing any acceleration. Lavender FO smells lovely in soap. I'm not sure how I feel about using it in candles yet. I wish Candlescience would allow the posting of pics with reviews to help other buyers.

Cove Kevana, LLC

Smells like lavender soap.


Amazing in candles, but unusable in soap

I love candles science, especially this Lavender. It is a hit in my soy candles, and I decided to make a cold process loaf with it to do some pairing. Within a nano second of adding this fragrance oil I saw ricing and the acceleration was faster than I have ever seen. It completely stalled by hand blender and hardened so fast. Fortunately, I was only making a small batch, but I was pretty bummed. I was going off of the soaping recoomendations on the listing and it really was the exact opposite. I hate to find a new lavender, but I will need to for my soaping. I am a little afraid to try the lavender sage now in my soap products.
I want to say again, I love candle science and will not stop buying! Just a little warning for soapers our there :)

Norwood Essentials

Love it

After trying about 15 other lavenders from different companies this is the best one I have found. It actually has a noticeable hot throw that carried around the house. The other ones were so weak you would have to stand right next to the candle and we always make our candles at 12%. I'm very happy with this one and will continue to buy it.


Best on the Market!

I bought lavender sample fragrances from a handful of stores online. They were all too soapy smelling, this was by far the best one, very therapeutic! I will definitely be adding this to my candle line!

Scentiva Candles


This is a versatile must-have for my earthy line! It smells lovely on its own and can be mixed with a bunch of other fragrances. I just compared a jar of dried lavender to the fragrance oil. The oil definitely smells like lavender, but with a special kick that makes it even more fabulous! My collection would be ruined without this lavender oil, so I hope it's never discontinued.


Lavender in CP soap

I loved this lavender fragrance, it's not as strong and as soapy as the rest. But it was very light after the cut. I soaped at 103 (with added goat's milk to oils and a moderate water discount) and this fragrance did rice a bit. I very easily blended it out, but that did thicken the batter quite a bit so it was quick acceleration. I used with a single color so there were no issues. This is the closest lavender i've smelled to the EO. I'll have to wait for curing to see how the scent does.



terrible. doesn’t smell like lavender at all by itself. it has a chemical sweetness to it. if you are set on purchasing this scent, use it as an anchor/filler at 25%. fill in the remainder with actual lavender eo. i tried a 50/50 ratio, but the fo overtook the eo. 25/75 ration i found works ok.


Pleasantly surprised

I'm not a fan of lavender. I can't handle floral fragrances in general. This one is actually tolerable to me though. I carry lavender because EVERYONE loves it. I guess I'm just weird. Lol. It's the best lavender I'm smelled so far.


worst CS fragrance yet.

This simply does not smell like lavender OOB. i tried in a parasoy candle as well and it just smells like there is something burning. I thought it would be great so i got an 8oz bottle. I've just wasted my money, time and other materials. so disappointing.

catcat candles

Got this in a sample pack which really sucks because I'm allergic to lavender. I wish we could have a pick of sample packs or what we would like because now I've have this I can't use. I wish we can exchange it or something so it didn't go to waste.

Brittany Boney

Lavender sells

I can't keep lavender in stalk. It sells, fast.

Wild wic candles

LOVE This!

This does not have the medicinal smell of essential oil. It is a very nice scent, similar to Lavender Vanilla. I actually abhor the smell of lavender, but this one I find myself craving so I will pick up a tart every so often just to breathe in the smell of it.


Nice Mild Scent

I really like this scent and use it in candles. If you like Lavender, this is a really nice
and not an overpowering scent.


Not a fan

This fragrance smells like Ivory soap to me, I don't think it smells like authentic lavender at all. I like many of the CandleScience fragrances but this one isn't a win.


Smells True!

I recently bought a sample bottle to try this out. I have tried to find a decent Lavender Fragrance Oil that smells close to it. Well, I found it! I was very happy with my results! Smells great! Thank you!


Smells amazing!

Best Lavender FO I have found!


Lavender Fragrance Oil

This is the only Lavender fragrance oil I have tried that actually smells like true lavender essential oils in my soaps, lotions and other products. Will definitely continue using this one. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened the bottle and did not smell bubble gum. This has a lovely fragrance.


A true lavender!

If you're looking for a TRUE herbal lavender scent that rivals that of the EO, you'll find that in this fragrance! It's very true & accurate in scent! In CP, it behaved perfect in my recipe, no problems at all! Scent did fade a little with cure (even with kaolin clay fixative used), but not excessively. The bars are still distinctly lavender, just not as strong as when first cut. Some people enjoy a softer aroma in their soaps though, so if you're looking for a true lavender scent that mellows, but still remains pretty & detectable, you'll be happy with this scent!


Customers love it!

Previous comment....YES! A reward system, coupons, shipping breaks....SOMETHING - You guys get the majority of my business!!! By my choice of course, you always deliver the good goods - and if there is a RARE mistake/ guys go above and beyond to resolve the issue. We love us some appreciation!!!!



I used 3% in cold process soap, no problems at all no discoloration either and it smells wonderful...


Everyone goto

This scent is super popular and alot of people always want to buy lavender candles off of me. I wish there was an option if you buy x amount of oz. you get a reward down the road...a rewards program would be awesome! :)



My mom loves the smell lavender so I got this to make a candle for her. When I opened it it didn't smell good I thought it would smell better in the candle. She had it burning for maybe a few minutes and couldn't stand the smell. This doesn't smell good at all.



Customers love this fragrance! I sell out of it quickly. I use a 12% load, and it comes out perfectly.

True to the Name

Unfortunately this lavender smells very soapy...


I bought this fragrance for candles and although people like the scent, it does not smell like lavender.



A really great floral scent. It has a perfume smell but nothing that can over when a person and doesn't smell cheap.


Fabulous scent

This is a wonderful lavender fragrance--my customers can't get enough of it! I decided to back off of my usual 10% and tried 7% and the cold throw is barely there. I will continue to use 10% to keep that awesome hot and cold throw in my 6006 wax.



Although we have sold many candles to friends and family, we finally had our launch event. What a success it was. Your Lavender scent was our best seller and because we do fills if you bring your own glass it was the most requested scent. It is part of our spa scent line and is loved by us and our customers. Thank you CS!


My Best Seller!

This scent is a fav among my customers! Such a relaxing scent!

Cooper Candle Co.

Does NOT smell like lavender

Just opened this scent and it does NOT smell like lavender, it smells like soap. My daughters both smelled and both agreed. We will be tossing this one and using lavender essential oil. What a disappointment.

jaci w

Does not smell like lavender.

I'm pretty disappointed with this scent. it does not smell anything like lavender which is surprising. CS has so many great FO's that work in my soy blend and i was happy about this FO when i got it and never expected that i would have a hard time finding a good lavender scent because c'mon when you think scented candles, you think lavender. I'm not sure how they got this one wrong, but it's definitely does not smell like lavender. The hot throw is good but unfortunately, unless i can mix the 8oz bottle i bought with something else, it'll be a waste. There's no way i can sell this as lavender to anyone who knows what it lavender smells like.

catcall candles


A very true Lavender smell!! I use it in 464 at 12%. Very strong cold and hot throw!! My Lavender lovers love it!!

JB Wicks Candle Co.


My customers love this scent! Works great for my soy candles and I'm very happy with it!


Great Fragrance

I’m obsessed with this scent! The perfect lavender scent. I feel like I am back in my hot yoga studio:) I used 1oz per 1 lb and it’s CT and HT are so strong! Would add anymore to it.


perfect lavender fragrance

I'm new to candle making but am a long-time lavender smell lover, and even though this was my first f.o. purchase, i can't see ever trying another one. Used it in the parasoy blend wax and it was really nice...probably needs 8% at least. It has the perfect 'lavender' fragrance.


The best!

I am NOT a lavender fan at all but I fell in love with this one! Not overpowering at all. A very nice light relaxing scent. This is the only lavender I have found that does'nt give me a migraine when pouring.


lavender fragrance oil

In soaps and soy candles this lavender smells just like my french lavender essential oil- only Candle Science's lavender does not fade like my essential
oil!! I am SO happy to find this does not discolor and handles like a dream...If your customers know true lavender they will love your products scented with this!!

Andree Terry


Many lavender scents have a soapy scent but this one is a good lavender scent.


Good throw, subtle scent

This lavender has an excellent throw, that will reach the top of my stairs. It has a nice, sweet, authentic scent. It is, however, a bit subtle for my taste. I prefer a bolder scent,. But people have different preferences, so if you like it subtler, this is a good product.

Su Ellen Silverman

True to name

This lavender is without a doubt the best I have ever found! The throw in cold is almost as good as when it is lit. This is for all lavender lovers. Top seller for me.

j. nordi


Lavender is the most beautiful scent on this planet..This fragrance has a wonderful scent in my candles. Everytime i make them i just fall in love with the scent more and more!! Candlescience is Great!

Cris :-)

huge disappointment

I was really hoping for a clean french lavender scent, just like the essential oil. This compares more with the perfumey scent of old lady bath powder.


Obsessed with Lavender

As someone who has been obsessed with lavender for many years, this did not smell pure, clean and natural--the way lavender ought to. It smells more like a perfume. I really wish it were more crisp, true and earthy. Lavender is EARTHY. This was not.


Beautiful and balanced scent

The is lavender has all the things I love about lavender at an affordable cost. I can smell the floral middle notes, and a slight bit of the camphor just like real lavender. Its a beautiful blended balanced oil. The adding of real essential oil is what I love most about this particular scent. Delicate and balanced. Beautiful...


A perfect match

I am not a Lavender fan but so many of my customers rave over this fragrance. This is one of my best sellers!


Lavender Scent

I could not smell the aroma after heating the Lavender wax. I used one pound soy wax and 1 ounce of Lavender scent

How can I get a good scent throw from the Lavender using Soy Wax?



I NEVER think any scent is strong enough. I like very strong smelling candle,but this has done it. Hands down strongest and best throw. I used 2oz /lb in 464 soy wax. I only lite the candle for an hour and the smell lingers and the cold throw does the rest!


Just okay

I really love fresh lavender, and something about this FO was just... off. Smells gross out of the bottle, but simmers down quiet a bit once it is cured over night. While this scent may not be for me, my client seemed to really enjoy it. I would order this again if I had a request for it. I used 1.5oz/lb in GB 464 and the scent was delicate, not overpowering.


Best Seller!

I am not a floral fan but purchased a sample of this to try with my "flower-lovers." It turns out, this scent is so beautiful, I am now a fan! It had an amazing scent throw in my soy 464 tarts and IGI 4627 candles. Fantastic.



This fragrance is expanding my customer base! They love it. They tell me its a true lavender smell. I light my lavender candle everyday when I get home from work. It's such a soothing smell.


Lavender Lover

I used GB 464, 1 oz. FO per pound. I've loved lavender for years, since it was my grandmother's favorite scent. I couldn't wait to try this, but found it lacking. It doesn't have a BAD smell, it just has a somewhat synthetic or perfume smell to me. Maybe it's as close to the real thing as a FO can get, but I'm going to keep trying to find one that smells more natural to me. I guess if I didn't happen to be somewhat of a lavender snob, I'd like this more. :)


I just don't know!

I really wanted to love this fragrance oil, but I just don't know what to think about it. Out of the bottle it isn't bad, in fact it smells similar to essential oil...But burning in the candle, the fragrance actually made my head hurt, which is pretty rare (and I love lavender.) To test I used 464 at max load (which is something I'm doing for all of my tests, loading at the max % per wax type), however for my second test I'm going to put less oil in it and possibly test with EcoSoya CB Advanced wax. Perhaps it is too strong at 12%, so I'm giving it a second chance and sending those testers to a fellow lavender lover. If she likes it then I'll probably order more of it and see how it does, but if not, I'm going to have to wait until I can afford to work with a more expensive lavender fragrance oil for my candles (which is a bummer!). It's just a little too artificial, and a little soapy for my personal preference... It smells better when burnt with a vanilla candle, I may also test a lavender and very vanilla mix. So far this is the only CS FO that I'm really hesitant about. Rating 2.5 stars.


True Lavender Fragrance

I have tried many different lavender fragrance oils, and never expected to find anything as realistic as this oil. It has all of the notes of true lavender including a bit of camphor. A beautiful fragrance oil, and the best part for me is that it is very easy to work with in cold process soap, plenty of time to do multiple colors, and the scent holds true.


Not Pleased!

Tried a sample bottle with a customer. She said she could not smell it at all while burning. She is a new customer, has been very happy with all scents. I used GB 464, 1oz to 12 oz wax.

Pat Musshorn

Much Better

After some additional testing I'm happy to say that this is a good lavender (and the lavender dye chips with this are perfect.) I don't recommend going much higher than 9%, however, it gets quite strong after that. My leftover tealights turned soapy smelling but my friends' testers with lids did just fine and are not soapy at all after several weeks. Once you get your FO percentage right this is actually a pretty nice oil. My friend tells me that compared to other lavender candles that she has purchased and burned, these are better. :) I used 464 and varied the oil between 6% and 9%. I'll definitely be purchasing this in larger bottles for my relaxing fragrances.


Nice Lavender Scent

Agree with Stacy, this Lavender has a more natural hot throw. Cold is similar to an AirWick Lavender plug-in, but has a nice punch (I personally like strong scents) I used this with GB464/ECO 10/8% in an 8oz tin. May try 8.5% and ECO 12 just to add a little more kick on a second test.


Lovely Lavender Scent

This is a fabulous lavender scent! I'm not sure what the other reviews are saying that it's too powdery. I am an avid French lavender fan and to me, this fits the bill! It's a perfectly smooth blend in GB 464 as well as in a diffuser. My customers love it.

Mary Romick

candle maker

This is one of my best scents! I use GB464 and use 1oz/pound of wax. My customers love it! I also add in lavender flowers for adtl scent/appearance. My best seller!



A constant best-seller, 10% works best


Good scent

I like the scent good hot throw and ok cold throw. Not my best seller... But I like it.


Perfect Lavender Scent

I use in my 444 soy wax candles. Great hot and cold throw. This is my best seller. I have tried lavender from other companies, and they ended up smelling more like baby powder. This is about as pure as it gets to real lavender.

Hearth & Home

Not able to smell it while burning in candle


So real!

This really smells like real lavender! Very strong scent and so relaxing!

Jessica Doll

Smells Amazing

This is by far my favorite lavender FO I've tried. It gives off a strong hot throw in soy wax and is very calming.


best seller

This is as close to lavender as it gets. I have tried ordering lavender from other companies and nothing else comes close. All of my customers love it.

Beth W.


I was so nervous after reading some reviews of how this might turn out. I used this at 10% in 464 soy and it was absolutely divine!!! This smells extremely close to pure lavender oil, and good luck using EO's in soy unless you are a serious veteran. I am extremely picky about lavender scents and this won me over big time. I burned it in a powder room for testing and I could smell it as I approached the door to check on the hot throw. So yes, hot throw is amazing and cold throw is as well. Did not get any soapy or chemical scents whatsoever. TRY IT!


Not a fan

I was not a fan of this scent. I use essential oils and was expecting a genuine lavender smell. This smelled more like soap to me and no one that has smelled it in my social circle has been a fan. I won't be using this again.

Shelly Lynn

Ricing in CP, possibly

I'm not a fan of lavender scents so I mixed it with a lemon fo/eo blend and it began ricing like nobody's business! I don't know if it was due to the combining of these fragrances or not however I was able to stick blend it out and it smells great with the lemon combined!

Daükens Arôme Co.

Not a strong throw

This scent smells great out of the bottle. However! It is very faint once burning. I would recommend this for a bathroom candle or a smaller area.


I like it

I'm not a big fan of flowery scents but I fell in love with this one. Received it with my spy started kit. Not a fan of the cold sniff but when it's lit, it's amazing to me. Will definitely order more


Heats up like a house on fire, soapers!

Love the smell and it's a cheap replacement for lavender EO but watch out, CP soapers. This bad boy heats up!


My favorite Lavender!

Not usually one of my favorites, but this one is aromatherapy at its best. I use this to make bath fizzies, and either alone or mixed with Vanilla, it's one of my best sellers. Definitely Lavender done right! Love love love it.


This was strong in GB 464. I'm not a fan of lavender on it's own, but I think customers would like it.

The Burning Mitten

A favorite

I love this fragrance. It's a true lavender smell that I leave out at my desk at work. I pour a 'french lavender' and do half and half with very vanilla for a lavender vanilla that is a best seller. Love this fragrance!


Very pleasant

I was hesitant to try this fragrance out so I ordered the 1oz. Smelling it straight from the bottle it was very pleasant and relaxing. I really liked it once in the wax. True to the smell.


Awesome like aromatherapy

If you like aromatherapy scents (strong and sharp almost like a mint), you'll love this! I personally found it wayyyyyy more enjoyable mixing it with very vanilla (you are SO welcome!) and it's my favorite scent ever!! Try it out!!! The vanilla really muffles down the lavender but you still get that very light subtle twang. It's awesome.


Not great

I was hopeful for a nice soothing lavender scent. I do like lavender usually, but I was not happy with how this turned out. I had to blow it out after I started burning it because it has a chemically scent and is not pleasant at all. It almost makes me feel sick. I get mixed reviews from others about how they like it, so it must be working for some, but it is not one of my hits and I would not buy it again.



Ordered 1 oz of the Lavender scent. A strong and true scent. Great for aromatherapy folks. Love it!



One of my personal favs! Smells up the whole room and I love it! Highly requested from my customers.


very good lavender

I was very skeptical about this lavender scent when it was in the bottle. It was strong and I wasn't sure how good it would be. I made a few test candles and melts and gave them to my sample group who tests my candles. They loved it. They said that it is a true lavender scent that has a great hot throw but is not over powering.



I make reed diffusers and this has been in my top two for sales. Love it!


Great fragrance. Great throw. Don't know why some reviews are saying this fragrance doesn't give off a good throw?? I would suggest that it's how they are making the candle. I've been very pleased with the strong lavender fragrance it emits. A top seller of mine.


Very dissapointed

I am very confused after reading all the reviews. I made this at 12% in a soy para blend which I always use and we can not smell a thing unless we put our nose 4" above the wax pool. This is the first scent from CS that has been very weak!!


Very nice FO

Not a cheap or cheesy smelling lavender. Very nice scent throw with reed diffuser. Mixes wonderful with your very vanilla scent too!


LOVE this Lavender

I've purchased lavender fragrance oils from other companies and none of them compare to this fresh scent. I've made candles for co-workers, and friends and they all beg for more lavender. This is the truest lavender I've found so far.


Like this scent

I like this scent! I tried it in one candle, and because I just received this in the free sample size, was not able to make enough wax to make a 'tester' candle to try burning it to see how it smelled. But based on this candle, I decided to order more, and will let you know how the hot throw is when I make those. I loved the scent in the first candle I made and it definitely smelled like lavender.



I am NOT a fan of scents in the floral family - this is amazing. I usually burn fall scents all year round, and one of my customers and me both love this lavender. Definitely puts me in relaxation mode.



This lavender is delightful! I first started out with the lavender chamomile but it was just off. This lavender scent is gorgeous and smooth. Absolutely perfect, my customers love it!


A Good Lavender Fragrance

Out of the bottle and cold throw-wise, this lavender smells more powdery and not like a "true" lavender to me. The hot throw, however, seems to give more of the "true" lavender smell off. I do personally like it, and we will find out soon enough if my customer base does too when they are on sale to the public. My fiance and his best friend have bought two of the three I'd made for private sales, if that says anything!

My general usage of all fragrance oils is 1.2oz per pound of wax, using GB464.