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Distinct, rich and sensual, our Leather fragrance oil embodies the warm and luxurious aroma of fine leather. This scent has a classic and timeless characteristic that's perfect for any masculine line.

Note Profile:
Top: Leather, Woody
Middle: Leather, Floral
Base: Leather

Suggested Colors: Brown, Black
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Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Application Candles & Bath/Body
Candle Usage 3-10%
Soap Usage 3-5%
Lotion Usage 1-2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 225+ °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Vanillin Content 0%
Diffuser Base Compatible No
*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.
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Average Rating:

(based upon 20 reviews)

Owner-Rustic Rapture

By far the best leather scent out there. I live in rodeo country where nothing beats the smell of a new pair of boots or new tack. I even have had leather workers try it (hesitantly due to bad prior experience) and they said that it was the closest they had found even through name brand candle companies. Flies off my shelves and highly requested. ONLY leather oil I will use!!!!!!!

Loving the Leather

This smells like an old leather jacket or chair. I might mix it with my favorite Vetiver or sandalwood. I'll play with it, but definitely keeping it for my fall fragrances.

Favorite scent

This is one of my favorite fragrances I have ordered from candle science. The smell is very sophisticated and does not have a chemical smell that others have noticed. It's very close to the Santa Maria Novella perfume pelle (leather). I think it would mix well with vanilla but is great as a stand alone.


So... I'm not sure how I feel about this scent. I definitely like it, but it's pretty obvious you have to mix it with something else. It might be nice with White Tea or something feminine to balance it out. Not sure I would order this in bulk, but it's nice to have a few ounces to experiment with.


Absolutely horrible. I would give this candle zero stars if I could because of how much it reeks of chemicals. I was excited to try but I am so so disappointed. I refuse to sell this in my shop because of how horrible it is.

Weird Faint Smell

Nothing like leather. It had a weird chemical taint to it, with the tiniest faintest hint of something that could have been leather. I've had half a dozen other leathers that smell far better than this, straight out of the bottle and in products. I saw so many people love it that I started wondering if I somehow just got a bad batch, but there's no way I'd waste the money to try another and see.

I love this scent and mixed with other is even better and it is a popular scent for my candles.


if you want the real deal....this is it by far. leather in a bottle and there is no denying! great throw in GB464 both hot and cold

Best Leather on the Market!

I have tried a number of leather fragrances and this, by far, is the only one I can find that doesn't have that extreme sharp chemical scent. This is very natural, and my customers and clients love the candles I make with it. Great job Candle Science!

This is a good leather scent. Smells just like leather. The only thing I really dislike about it is if you mix it with anything at all, no matter the amount, it sucks up the fragrance of the other scent and just ends up smelling like leather. So if you're looking for a leather scent alone, its good. If you're looking to mix it, don't go with this leather. I use 464.

Smells like leather

This scent does smell like leather and is not 'chemically' in my opinion. I thought it was nice, but it performed badly on the shelves.
Guess it depends on your customer. Worth a try.

This was okay and performed good in GB 464. But just wasn't the leather I was looking for.

Cuyahoga Valley Candle

This makes great tarts! Smells strong and real. Nice Job guys.

Love this!!!

Love this fragrance both OOTB and in wax after pouring and after curing. Very authentic. Thank you for adding this to your fragrance list. Good job! I love Candle Science.

Terrible.... Chemical smell

Luckily I only bought 1oz to try but I couldn't offer this. It had a strong chemical scent with leather tones... Made me nauseated and I didn't want to risk my reputation selling it.

Love it!

I actually love this scent. I am trying to grow my men's line and adding this has been a great success so far! Thank you candle science!


This scent smells... like leather. It's fine. It's very accurate. Not delicious, not great as an individual scent, but if you're looking for leather you got it. It's successful as a leather scent but...

Not terrible... But Not Great

I could smell the leather scent in this fragrance oil, but it was too chemically and not like the smell I expected (I wanted it to be like walking into a western store, boots and saddles). Disappointed, but glad I tested it to be sure.

Not A Fan

I was excited to see how close to "authentic" this scent would be compared to the one I have that smells like a saddle shop. I was let down for sure. OOB, it had a pleather smell. I just didn't get the "walking into a leather shop", smell. I will be sticking with my original leather scent.


Beautiful and soft! Lovely.