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As of 11/03/2016:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Note: Our Lemon Chiffon Fragrance Oil has been renamed Lemon Pound Cake. It's the same great fragrance, just with a new name! Please continue to the Lemon Pound Cake product page to place an order.

Smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of lemon, crumbly crust and warm vanilla, Lemon Chiffon Fragrance Oil is a baker's dream come true.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lemon and Clove.

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25% Suggested Colors: Gold, Pale Yellow, Ivory See our complete list of candle making dyes.
Application Candles Only
Flashpoint 190
Soy Performance 3

Average Rating:

(based upon 19 reviews)

Good enough to eat But..........

This scent is extremely pleasing out of the bottle, and poured. It's the real deal, and I named it Nona's Lemon Cake for a reason But.... It's three leaves and there is no hot throw. Too subtle for this rating. I've changed my wick size x 3 to get a better hot throw, even increased % of scent. Customers love the initial scent, but are disappointed when burning it. Any suggestions are very welcomed, because I love this scent!!!!


I normally do not like bakery smells, and most lemon smells remind me of pledge, but this is amazing. I made tarts with 464 and my daughter grabbed this one and just held to her nose lol said it made her want to eat it, will definitely order this again

i like

I like this one but I also feel that it smells a little like lemon pledge but a customer of my has asthma and this is one of the scents she can tolerate with it.

Sweet lemons

Mmmm, I loved this scent! It's sweeter and creamier than just plain lemon. Doesn't smell like furniture polish, thank goodness. Used in GB 464 and it had a nice cold and hot throw. I'll be buying a bigger bottle!


Smells so good, would definitely buy again!

Lemon Bars

I agree, this does smell more like lemon bars or cookies. Great hot and cold throw.

Lemon cookies

yum. This smells like lemon cookies, or bars. If you like baking scents you will like this.


The buttery cake notes with tart lemon notes of lemon cake. Wonderful scent.

Amazing smell, little hot throw

I love the scent, it is mouthwatering, like lemon bars. The cold scent is great. When burning, it is difficult to smell. It has a very weak hot throw, but does smell great. I have to be very close to it to smell it when burning.
I used 1oz oil in 1lb 464 Soy wax. I would consider trying it again with twice the strength.

too subtle of a scent

I like how it smells... like lemon cake and not lemon cleaner but it was too subtle. I had to stand over top of the candle to smell it. :(

Lemon Chiffon

Smells like creamy lemon squares drizzled with icing! So so yummy! And NO lemon cleaner smell AT ALL!


Smelly great out of the jar. I am using it in a candle type of product. Has a great cold throw ad smwlle just like lemon cake with yummy icing.

Better than 5 stars

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lemon scent, perfect for me and my customers! CS rocks this scent!

Awesome scent!

LOVE this scent! Smells just like lemon cake. I use GW464 and smell it just fine when burning; whole house smells wonderful when lit! Another wonderful scent! Thank you, Candlescience!

Lemon Chiffon

We used a 9% scent load in 464 wax. Smells great in the jar but when you light it there is no scent.

Is my nose broke

Well, I hope my nose is broken because I can hardly smell anything with this scent. I wish I could be excited like the rest of the reviews, but...again I smell hard any scent to this..


I absolutely LOVE this scent! I was so thankful that I gave it a try. I was ready to give up on lemon scents. I love lemon and everytime I bought one it would always smell like it was burning fuel when I burnt it. This one is NOT like that at all. I use Ecosoya CB-Advanced wax for all of my candles. And this is a great scent that throws well! Big hit for all of my candle and soap customers this year! Thank you, CandleScience, for being such a great supplier! You are my FAVORITE!

I am in love

Lemon Chiffon has got to be the most delicious, delicate, creamy, and fresh lemon scent out there.
It doesn't smell like Pledge! This is a favorite of mine.


Smells just like lemon cake. Another must have.