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REVISION NOTICE: It is CandleScience policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance was changed for any reason.

As of April 21, 2020 our Lemon Pound Cake was revised to meet our stringent safety standards to remove ingredients on the Prop 65 list. See new version.

The mouth-watering aroma of warm lemon pound cake! Our Lemon Pound Cake Fragrance oil combines fresh bakery notes of yellow pound cake with a sweet lemon glaze and a hint of warm vanilla. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lemon and Clove. Note Profile:
Top: Lemon Peel
Middle: Clove, Butter
Base: Cake, Vanilla, Cream
Note: Our Lemon Pound Cake fragrance oil was previously named Lemon Chiffon. It’s the same great fragrance oil, just with a new name!

Suggested Colors: Gold, Pale Yellow, Ivory
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Fragrance Notes


This product is Candle Safe usage: 3-10%
This product is not Soap Safe
This product is not Lotion Safe
This product is Phthalate Free
This product is Diffuser Base Approved up to: 25%
Soy Performance
3 of 3
190°F (87°C)
Vanillin Content
2.01% - 5%
This product is Prop 65 Warning Required
*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels. Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.
**Warning: This product can expose you to benzophenone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to


Candles Only
Candle Usage
Soap Usage
Lotion Usage
Soy Performance
Phthalate Free
Vanillin Content
Diffuser Base Compatible
Yes; up to 25%
Signal Word
Pictogram - Exclamation
Pictogram - Environment
Pictogram - Corrosive
Pictogram - Person
Pictogram - Skull
Pictogram - Flammable
Prop 65

Product Reviews

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1 out of 5 Stars.

Is this being redesigned or discontinued altogether?

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2021-04-07

Thanks for leaving a review! A member of our support team has reached out to you to better assist you!

5 out of 5 Stars.

Oh no! I hope the fragrance does not change! I love this scent and so do my customers. Hopefully it will be available soon!!!

4 out of 5 Stars.
Lemon Pound Cake

I really like this fragrance oil. It smells very much like lemon pound cake. Filled my home up very nicely with the smell. I diffused some of this oil today and it actually made my mother crave some lemon cream cake for dessert. lol

5 out of 5 Stars.

I love the true lemon scent from this candle. It has a mild buttery scent take makes the lemon not so strong. One of my favorites and also my customers favorites.

5 out of 5 Stars.
The Best!

I do quite a bit of candle making for a hobby in the winter months. Most go to family and co-workers and everyone loves the lemon pound cake, smells like it came right out of the oven.

4 out of 5 Stars.
I want to love this soooo bad!

In the bottle this smells excellent, cold throw is excellent, but close to zero hot throw in 464 :( even at a high percentage.
If you do go for it - I'd suggest wicking down.

5 out of 5 Stars.
I absolutely love this scent!

Smells great in the bottle and in our candles! One of my favorite scents and a customer favorite too.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I love this lemon pound cake scent. I'm using it for one of my scents for my candle business and I cannot wait to see what people think. It lingers in my kitchen even while unlit.

3 out of 5 Stars.
Just okay

This smells absolutely amazing out of the bottle. But when burning in a candle does not smell as strong as I thought it would, I have to put my nose right over it to smell it.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I'm usually not a fan of lemon scents so I was hesitant to purchase. I started off with just a 1 oz bottle and fell in love and had to go back for a bigger bottle. Amazing scent!!