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A summer's lilac bush in full bloom.

Suggested Colors: Ivory, Purple, Violet
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Soy Performance 2 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 205 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible No


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Submitted on 2015-08-19

This smells nothing like Lilac to me! Smells floral for sure but not lilac. I have a bush in my yard so I know what lilac smells like. This isn't even close.

Amazing Lilac Fragrance
Submitted on 2015-05-31

This fragrance is so realistic it smells like fresh lilacs blooming. Scent holds very well in cold process soap. However like many floral fragrances this one is a little difficult to manage. It is worth the extra effort, and people are asking for more. It is not a fragrance for swirls, best with one color, maybe two, and very little use of the stick blender if any, full water and soap cool.

Not your bathroom spray Lilac!
Submitted on 2015-05-30

This is the real deal. Smells like you picked a bunch of lilacs from the bush and put them in a vase. We sell this fragrance in our candles like it is going out of style. Everyone comments on how real it smells. A winner!

Submitted on 2015-05-11

Smells exactly like I just brought in Lilac flowers from our Lilac Bush!! One of my best sellers!

Great Lilac Scent
Submitted on 2015-04-20

If you were to close your eyes and smell, it would be pretty difficult to tell if you were smelling the fragrance itself, or the actual flower. Such a wonderful scent. Thank you.

Submitted on 2014-09-25

I just purchased this scent for the first time - but I will be coming back for more again and again. Just opening the bottle was an uplifting experience - the smell is exactly like a fully blooming lilac bush. It was just as perfect in my soy candles. I use the GW 464 Soy Wax and used 1oz of the Lilac. The candles turned out amazing, the scent is strong and fresh. I know the person who will be receiving these for Christmas will be over-the-moon. I also used one Lavender dye chip in the batch and the color is perfect! I am VERY pleased. Thank you, Candle Science. The entire ordering/shipping experience was a dream and you now have a life-long customer.

Submitted on 2014-09-01

I am from Rochester, NY...A city renowned for its lilacs and annual Lilac Festival. This scent is absolutely beautiful!

Came back for more!
Submitted on 2014-03-25

My husband and I had so many orders for this heavenly scent that we had to order another bottle already. This time we went for the 4oz bottle. Yesterday, I dropped one of our Lilac scents into our warmer in the living room. My husband and I normally do not melt or burn ANY floral scents in our home due to our sinus's being very sensitive to strong, perfume scents. I can honestly say, your Lilac scent is so beautiful. It's not strong, it does not bother our sinsus's and we just can not get enough of it. Thank you so much for your beautiful fragrance oils!!

Perfectly scented
Submitted on 2014-03-12

Our customers have been bugging us for anything Lilac scented. I read the reviews for this scent and loved what I was reading. This Lilac scent is spot on! We poured votives, tart bars and round tarts and sold out of everything in minutes! I purchased a second 1oz bottle and that arrived today and I have pre-orders that will use up all of this supply. Third bottle in a larger size is already ordered :) Thank you CandleScience, you rock!!

BEST lilac- incredible hot throw, no wax problems
Submitted on 2014-02-26

This is a true lilac scent- the best one I've tried. I will actually decrease the FO concentration next time I make this because the scent was so strong! I poured at a low temp and did not have any problems with craters, frosting, etc using ecosoya wax. I will definitely order again.

Awesome for Candles, DON"T USE FOR CP SOAP
Submitted on 2014-02-18

This is a lovely scent in every regard. Awesome awesome for candles...however do not use it in CP soap. You will have a goopy mess on your hands. Ricing and accelerating trace will occur instantly and you will be left frustrated and sad ( as I was). So I wouldn't use it in CP soap but it is my best selling candle fragrance!

Great scent--consistent crystallizing problems
Submitted on 2014-01-04

I am a big lilac fan and this scent does not disappoint. It has a great cold and hot throw in GB464 and is bright and sweet but not heavy. The only problem is I consistently have problems with the integrity of the jar candle. It does not frost, but the tops do not set well. They are either filled with craters, wrinkly (like I dabbed them with tissue paper while they dried) or they crystallize. I have tried playing with the temperature, the FO load and even tried several new batches of soy wax. I continue to have the same problem. I may end up dropping the scent which would be a shame because it's beautiful! CS, please look into this!

Very nice
Submitted on 2013-02-06

It has a very nice smell. I thought it could have had a little more lilac smell and a little less greenier smell.

Soy Wax and CP Soap
Submitted on 2012-05-02

CP Soap: Acceleration and ricing. Absolute nightmare, but can be done with cold oils and lye. No discoloration.
Soy Wax: Good cold throw, good hot throw.
Scent: Smells devine!

I am reordering!
Submitted on 2011-10-22

This has sold like hot cakes! The scent is spot on and does not irritate your nose. I sold my last bars today.

Beautiful and strong.
Submitted on 2010-07-01

Authentic, fresh, and strong scent. Would definitely reorder.

Submitted on 2009-05-13

Probably as perfect to a true lilac as you can find. Not over the top like some.

The Truest Lilac
Submitted on 2008-01-13

I adore this Lilac because it's true to the nostalgic garden flower--not overly sweet. Works superbly in my EcoSoya CB Advanced.

Submitted on 2007-08-07

I use this at 1.5 oz. per pound and everyone that has bought it said its a beautiful lilac. Not overpowering but fills the whole house.