Mango and Tangerine Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Candle Science Clean Scents

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CandleScience Clean Scents™ are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Choose Clean Scents and create safer home fragrance products you and your customers can enjoy with confidence.

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Product Notice, August 2, 2021: The soap safe usage rate for this fragrance oil has been impacted by recent regulatory changes. While this fragrance has not been changed in any way, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) amended use standards that impact this fragrance.

The information displayed in the Properties section on this page is accurate; however, you may receive a bottle with the soap safe usage rates allowed before the IFRA change. These bottles were printed prior to the regulatory change and are being phased out. You have until May 10, 2022, to use the product at the prior usage rate for any existing products while you reformulate. 

Learn more about IFRA 49: What Candle and Soap Makers Need to Know and IFRA 49: Soap Usage Recommendation Changes.

An exotic fusion of fresh mango and ripe tangerine. Subtle tropical notes of papaya, peach and creamy coconut create a balanced fragrance that is perfect for candles and reed diffusers.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including orange and coriander.

Note Profile:
Top: Green Leaves, Tangerine, Peach
Middle: Mango, Papaya, Jasmine
Base: Vanilla, Tonka, Coconut

Suggested Colors: Orange, Yellow
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe No
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 37 reviews)

Mango and Tangerine Fragrance Oil

Love Love it smell so good and refreshing will but again! Fast shipping


Love this scent! It’s one of our best sellers!! We’ve done some special blends with florals and it is amazing!

Artful Scents


This scent is a little disappointing. I was expecting it to be sweet and fruity. However, it smells like tangerine peels. I personally don’t get the mango scent at all. Good thing I only purchased the 1oz bottle. I don’t believe this will be a scent I carry.


Product Designer EOBNB-LLC

Thrilled with this fragrance. Seriously tropical and similar to what one would call a "Tropical Punch"... again, no rotten fruit aroma for me, it was a fruity enough sample that I was looking for, so I'll be getting more to blend with my line. Great fragrances CS! Thank you!


Big Island Art Scents

I don’t get rotten fruit. I get very strong mango and peach. Smells great in wax melts.

Chris Conner

Rotten fruit

This scent sounded sooo delicious but it really does smell like rotten fruit. I can’t smell it without wanting to throw up. I bought an 8 oz container of this scent and I’m soo disappointed. Don’t buy this unless you want your customers throwing up!



love this scent!


Owner, JuVaScents, LLC

I used this in a shampoo bar and my customers love it!



Great Mango fragrance... Stronger than the Mango and Coconut Milk

Have used this in Candles, Lotions, Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, Salt Scrubs, Bath Bombs, and Body Wash.

Definately A Keeper

Timtastic Candle and Body Works

LOVE this scent ! remember to let your candles cure for the best aromatic experience


I’m sorry

I light it up in my living room I don’t smell anything...very disappointed.

Pink candle co

It smells really artificial, I wouldn't recommend for candle making.


Love it

Still love this fruity scent . Does not smell rotten at all. Not sure where that comes from !



I absolutely love this! It smells just Juicy and realistic! It’s tricky to work with in cold process soap but totally worth it!



I just started making candles and I received this as the free sample. I love this fragrance, has a great hot throw and cold throw. Definitely fruity, not too sweet though. I used 8% in mine and it's a subtle scent but good, I might bump it up just a bit. It's definitely not a "hits you right in the face" scent. It filled up my entire living room! I will definitely be incorporating this into my line!


Not sure about this one

I received this as a sample and oob I loved it, very fruity and delicious, however I used it in some melt & pour soap and it has a scent of (what others have commented) is similar to rotting fruit, kind of like the inside of a pumpkin starting to go bad. In the soap it smells good, but then washing your hands with it you get that funky scent. I keep washing my hands with the test soap and sometimes it smells ok but most of the time it has the rotting smell. So strange because it smells awesome oob. Maybe they just need to tweak the fragrance a bit? I love Candle Science and I'm sure they will figure it out soon enough.



The worst smelling citrus scent ever! I've tried to use less, mix with other scents, but nothing covers the smell of rotting fruit. Thankfully, I always do testers with new scents and distribute to friends and family for feedback... this would have been a disaster.


This scent is AMAZING !

Kate Strange

Perfect mango!

Love this very strong mango scent! My customers love it too!



Give this scent a chance!!

When I ordered this, it sounded wonderful but when I opened the bottle, I almost gagged! So I stuffed it in the back of my cupboard and almost forgot about it. I was giving a friend a quick lesson on how to make soap, and she wanted a fruity scent. So I just gave her the bottle.

We made a batch of CP soap, and Oh...MY...GOD! It smelled incredible!!! This has become one of my favorite scents ever! It smells just like fresh fruit...but there's also a hint of tea that balances it out, and keeps it from being too sweet.

I have 3 bars left from this batch, and anyone who comes into my house and uses the washroom raves about it, and asks where they can get more.

Do NOT let the OOB (out of bottle) smell fool you. I've used this in CP, MP and a whipped body butter, and it's by far a solid favorite.

Tina C.

Lovely balance of sweet and citrus fruits has very little hot throw.

Beautiful fragrance of ripe, sweet tropical fruit balanced with tart, sweet citrus. Great for blending with other fragrances such as Mango Papaya or Passionfruit Guava to create your own custom tropical fruit scent. As with other sweet fruit fragrance oils I have tried, the hot throw is minimal. I disagree with the Soy Performance rating of 3 listed; in my opinion, even a rating of 2 would be generous.


Owner of Red Door Candles

Absolutely love this one. It has become one of my biggest sellers in Candles, wax melts, and car candles. My customers keep coming back for more and it is requested more than any other scent.

Mike A.


Hands down my favorite Fragrance. If you like a light, creamy, citrus smell this is for you! I sold all of the candles I made with this very quickly and it doesn't fill the house with too much fragrance.


Absolutely loved it!


had to be the worst

this scent was terrible to me. didnt smell the mango at all smelled like a spoiled orange just wasnt a good smell at all. i love the mango papaya but this was not a good scent sorry.


Elicits gag reflex

My whole family hated this fragrance. I personally wanted to puke when I smelled it. Will have to mix it with something else to make it useable.


I love this new scent!

I made some soy candles and I and my customers love this scent. It burns well and is so fragrant, my whole house smells good! I will be adding it to my scent list. Thanks!

Paulina Buncic


i opened the bottle and the smell took my senses away...the hot throw is fab in candle as reading the comments I now know that I have to try it for love love it!

Barbara Anderson

Perfect blend of mango and tangerine

This is a fabulous scent! It has just the right balance of sweet and tangy. A perfect combination for the spring and summer. I added it to my line and it sells very well. I will definitely keep this one around! I use GB 464 and 1 ounce per pound, it's a great choice in my book.

Mary @ Mr. Toad's

Great scent!

When I first smelled this, out of the bottle it has a really nauseating rotten mango type smell and I wasn't going to use it at all. HOWEVER, once you use it in a candle the smell changes drastically and it smells wonderful! This was the most popular of all my test candles so far. My test run is all gone- my friends and family cleaned me out of this scent!


Was thrown off at first UNTIL I put it into candle wax!

At first I really wasn't pleased with this scent, fresh out of the bottle, but then I gave it a try in some of my wax and ended up loving how this one smells. I used mine in palm wax, so far it has a nice strong throw and sticks very well in the wax! LOVE IT!

Michele Winstead


smells like a peice of realy rotten fruit



This scent is wonderful!! Very strong in soap! No problems what so ever with this scent in my soap batches... both m&p and cp soap. The scent is so sweet and yummy!! I put it in everything. Best seller for me😁

Soaps by Sonja


Only smell from this website I have ever hated. Didnt smell the mango at all. Smelled like rotten fruit. Does not work in soap. Couldnt even manage to mix with essential oils to smell better. Cant sell this batch.

Macie Wilkins

Great Product!

This is great for candle making, this scent was began in the start of our business and has stayed the course. Costumers love it, and it is now one of our classics. When making candles, we have realized that it reminds us of a tea-like smell.


Not good for soap making

I realize that these scents are designed for candle making, but many of these fragrance oils are also labeled for use in bath and body products. This is one of them. It smells so SO good, but quickly separates in cold process soaps. I originally ordered all of my CS scents for making candles and they have always come out perfect, but I have now moved on to soap making and am using up my scents in soap. Some work, some don't. Still a great product, just not for cold processed soap.


Yummy is all I can say. It smells so good and is great for a summer scent.