Sea Salt and Orchid Fragrance Oil
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Our Sea Salt and Orchid fragrance oil is a smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. You’ll notice crisp ozonic notes of sea salt right out of the bottle. But in a wax or soap, calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean take hold. This scent has year round appeal and is ideally suited for an upscale spa and/or aromatherapy line.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange oil.

Blends well with: Santal and Coconut, Black Sea, Pineapple Sage

Note Profile:
Top: Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves
Base: Wood, Tonka Bean

Suggested Colors: Orchid, Yellow, Blue, Lavender
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-6%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Dark Tan None

Lye Water temperature 103ºF
Oil temperature 108ºF

We did not experience acceleration or separation. After 24 hours the soap was a tan shade, and the scent was strong. We did observe a partial gel with minimal insulation. After the cure, the soap was a dark tan shade with a strong scent. Due to the discoloration, it would be ideal to separate out a small amount of soap to leave unscented when adding color.

Read more about our process


Average Rating:

(based upon 226 reviews)

What happened :(

So this was one of my customers favorite scents and I sell it in one of my most popular candles. Well I bought a large jug of it to have enough on hand. For some horrible reason this now smells like coffee with flowers in it or something Idk how to explain it but it is not at all what it smelled like with my first several purchases and is just super weird :( Idk if I got a dud but I don’t exactly want to waste more money to find out. I had to change the fragrance and upset my regulars, sadly. If it was a dud than the normal scent for this is actually really strong and pretty nice 👍🏻 it works well in candles and has a great throw.

kristy Lee

This has ALWAYS been my favorite since i first started making candles! Makes you feel like you at a beach spa.

Brieunna P

Hugely aggravated

I have been using this scent for years and clients love it. I use it in soy candles, bath bombs and bubble bath scoops. I never had a problem with discoloration until this last bottle I received. I made a batch of salt soap using it and tinted it a bright lavender. I was perplexed the next day when I unmolded the soap and it was dark tan, not purple at all! Well, I know sometimes CP soap can act odd and the color will come back during curing. Three days ago though, I needed to make a new batch of bubble bath scoops because I was running low. Never thought about it. Now here I am at market selling my scoops and notice the new batch next to what was left of the old batch and go UH OH! The new batch instead of being lavender, pink, and white is discoloring to the most horrible shade of tan.
I don’t know what you changed in the formula, but I’m calling foul. I have to throw out all the brown soap, and the bath scoops. I’ll have to permanently replace that scent with something else going forward. I’m hugely disappointed in the inconsistencies of product. Now I feel like I have to double check every reorder with your company to make sure vanillin content hasn’t changed in the fragrances I use all the time. C’mon, you can do better than this. You cost me money.

Ravens Nest Candles
CandleScience Reply

Hi There! We are so sorry to hear you experienced this sort of discoloration in your recent batch of Sea Salt and Orchid soap! While we can confirm that there have been no changes to our Sea Salt and Orchid fragrance oil since it was first introduced in 2017, we can certainly understand how frustrating this must have been!

Cold process soaps can often see more color shifts due to natural variations in the different kinds of butter and oils that are used. As a general rule of thumb, the trickiest fragrances as far as discoloration are those that have high vanilla, citrus, or cinnamon content, but other fragrance components can also contribute to this sort of color shift. When we tested this fragrance in cold process soaps, we did find that it eventually discolored to a dark tan shade after curing. If you are using a higher fragrance load, you may want to consider dying the soap a darker color if you are unhappy with the final shade or you could also separate out a small amount of soap to leave unscented when adding color.

For all fragrances that we have tested with cold process soap making, we have left our "Cold Process Soap Performance" notes on the product page for quick reference. If you would like to learn more about our cold process testing, you can find our notes and a list of all fragrances we have currently tested here:

Great scent

Out of the bottle it smells amazing. In CP soap it does not do well I made a multicolored soap I knew about the discoloration I added TD and color to off set the discoloration but it developed brown spotting so I figured I did something wrong. I love the scent tried it again as a shower steamer and the steamers developed brown spotting. Once again smells great but the spotting is too much.


Top Scent!

Made in soy 464. While this isn't a strong scent by any means it is still a best seller for me. People take one whiff and fall in love. I live in a coastal town and people love this fragrance. I sell out every time.

Willow Ridge Candles

I understand why its #1

This is my best selling fragrance. I make soap and candles from it and I am out right now! It is unique and hard to put a finger on what it sells like but fresh and airy. I am here for my 3rd 1lb bottle.


Nice but it’s light

I really like this! It’s very very light so I’m not sure how my hot/cold throw will be but I’m hoping good! If so I’ll be back for more!

Victoria Patrice

Love it!


Unsure what the rave is about?

I don’t really make reviews but honestly i had to for this one, OOB it was great and thought it was going to smell A1 according to the ratings. gave it 2 stars because oh boooyyyy i only cured for 1 day and the HT was ridiculously good!!! but the smell was so artificial its like a regular commercial candle that you can get from walmart, it made the room so strong it gave me a headache :/ dont understand the hype!!


Love it, Room spray compatible?

This smells so good. Can I use this and all fragrance oil as a room/linen spray?

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're so happy you're loving Sea Salt and Orchid. Many of our fragrance oils can be used with room/linen spray bases! You'll want to reference the IFRA document for the fragrance oil you'd like to use to make sure the fragrance is approved for this use. The IFRA documents are posted on the product pages for our fragrance oils, under the "Documents" section.

Lovely Scent!

I wasn't sure what to really expect with this one, but I ended up loving it! Definitely a nice tropical and summery floral scent. I used 8% or so in 464 and after letting the candle cure about 2-3 weeks, the hot throw was good. Will be adding this to my line!


Very Pretty Smell

Consumer here. I use Candle Science oils for myself. I diffuse them in my hot water oil warmers. Candle Science's oils perform the best in my warmers out of many other brands I've tried. This fragrance, Sea Salt and Orchid, is not Candle Science's strongest scent, but it does fill a room nicely with it's fragrance. Sea Salt and Orchid is a smooth, mellow scent. Reminds me of Cherry Blossom to be honest. A tropical, floral scent. I would definitely buy this one again for sure. I'm really enjoying it.


Cold Process Soap Salt Bars

This scent is absolutely amazing, fresh -flowery .Holds very well in cold process soap ,it does not discolorate ,but it does speed up trace . Highly recommend it ,absolutely beautiful .I love Candle Science above many other suppliers as most of the scents are incredible and hold in CP soap amazing


Great scent, slowly becoming a best seller

The scent is beautiful, everyone that’s perceived it loves it, I have made only Reed diffusers with it and it’s a showstopper, I even used it as a mixer and it was still very gorgeous. It’s a scent I plan to make a staple. Oh and oob was very unimpressive to me, till I used it in products.



I smell a woody unsweetened coconut smell in there unfortunately. I really am not a coconut fan. This oil is high quality and strong but it was my least favorite of the nine I ordered. Having said that it is still good. Just not what I expected. I smelled this OOB and without looking at the label to have no preconceived notions of what it was supposed to smell like.



My customers say it smells like a funeral home.

Farmhouse Goods

Pleasant scent - serious discoloration

While I like this scent, and have customers who ask for it, the discoloration is BAD. The vanillan content on the description is an issue for me since they list it as a range of .02-2%. How is that possible? And I've used things with 2% vanillan that didn't discolor this badly. This turned my pink soap into a rotting banana brown overnight.
They do mention dark tan, but that was maybe for their bottle with the .02% vanillan. I must have gotten the bottle with the 2(+++)%. Ugh...

CandleScience Reply

Hi Jaime! Thank you for reaching out about your experience with Sea Salt & Orchid in your soap. I'm sorry for the difficulty it's been causing you. I'd love to offer some insight into your questions.

All of our fragrances are comprised of synthetic and natural components, so we provide the range to account for differences in the natural components. Just as batches of soy wax may perform differently; but not indicate defects, batches of fragrance might have varying levels of vanillin that can cause browning!

Different fragrances, especially, can have different natural colors that will cause soaps to be darker when combined. Fragrances that have a lot of vanilla, florals, or citrus tend to be the most likely to turn your soap darker and this can happen in melt and pour soaps or cold process soaps. I hope this provided some helpful advice; but, if you'd like us to clarify this further, please email us at so we can help!

Best Seller

This is our best seller (candles), please make a clean scent version!


Smells Great

Great smell would recommend.


Beautiful fragrance

This is just a pure lovely fragrance. It has a wonderful blend of beach, floral, and maybe a touch of coconut! I have to double check what the notes are, but its a definite winner in my book! Perfect for the Spring/summer season upon us. This fragrance could also be a wonderful lux scent, as well as summer!


Great scent!

The scent is awesome, very unique! Really salty and fresh!

But unfortunately almost a half of 8oz bottle poured out during transportation as the bottle was leaking :( as well as another great scent from my order-bamboo and coconut. Not sure if candlescience offer something for such situations.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that your order was damaged in transit. We're always happy to help when in instances of damage and a member of our support team has reached out via email to assist further!


YASSS THIS SCENT IS DIVINE! It is my absolute favorite scent.


Scent is fine, not great; problems with discoloration in bath bombs even with heavy lake colors

Let me begin by saying I don't MIND this scent. Like if you went to a law office and it smelled like this, you would feel like your divorce was in good hands. If we had a competition for the best "inoffensive mid-level corporate restroom hand soap," this fragrance oil would take first prize. My kids LOVE it, and any scent they adore that I can tolerate has a niche to fill in my crafting, that's for sure.
Unfortunately, the vanillin discoloration for this one in bath bombs is BAD. I don't remember if I double-checked the fragrance content before I made this last batch, but I made a tri-color batch in very bright blue, pink, and purple (colored with lakes, very saturated color in the bombs themselves), and about nine days out almost all of them have noticeable spotting. Due to the dyes, it shows up as mostly a greenish brown, but it's definitely the vanillin. (Also, explain to me why the info tab on this FO says the vanillin content is "0.01-2%"? That's a heck of a range, how do you not have a more specific number?) I'm going to try it with a vanillin stabilizer, only because my kids love it so much. Otherwise I'd be looking for a less temperamental replacement.



This scent smells wonderful. I have not tested in candles, so no comment on candle performance. But it smells really great in soaps and bath bombs.

I will be buying this again for bath products. I will leave a follow up review when I make candles with this scent.

Mystic Steam


my best selling fragrance

This is one of my best selling fragrances. I use it in cold process, goats milk soaps at about 3%. It behaves well but does discolor slightly. I have made this as a salt bar with Himalayan sea salt, and as a regular bar. My clients love it.


Delicate floral, very salty.

Sea salt and orchid is exactly as described, a lovely light floral fragrance with a bountiful amount of sea salt; I loved the fragrance straight out of the bottle, I made a dozen candles using 6006 wax with a 6% FO load, I left them cure over week and I can barely smell the fragrance it is so light; but my husband made soap and used the Sea salt and orchid FO, and the soap turned out lovely and so was it's fragrance;
For me personally, the Sea Salt and orchid is too light for my candles, but for fragrancing soap, it is very a nice floral scent.



This is a gorgeous scent and used to be my best seller...but I am disappointed that it is not available as a Clean Scent. Can no longer use it due to this, and don't know a good replacement

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I'm sorry for your frustration about Sea Salt and Orchid not being a Clean Scent. We do hope to have it make the transition in the near future. A member of our team will be reaching out with a few suggestions of Clean Scent alternatives shortly!

Can’t stand the scent but 5* for performance

The scent really reminds me cheap candles from Walgreens, can’t stand it but must be honest- it performed excellent in my soy candles: strong long lasting scent, super cold and hot throws, no issues with tops. A gold mine for those who can favor the scent :)


Horrible seizing

So, first i will say this is a beautiful scent. I used the maxium percentage allowed and my whole soap batter seized before I could put it in the mold. Hopefully it turns out nice or I cant sell that soap. Maybe ill try a lower peecentage or reformulate my soap recipe.


Absolutely loved

One of my favorite essentials. Smells good and clean.

Indira Haro

Owner of Be The Light Wax Trade

I could not wait for this #1 rated for 3 years in a row, scent. I was not disappointed. I colored in a sea-foamy turquoise with a layer of darker blue and one white. Reminds me of the beach and I may add seashells to complete my look. I never knew how orchids smelled but it is not overly floral. I smell beach.


One of my favorites


I liked the smell. However, after I poured my soap and it is now curing, it smells exactly like bananas. Not bad, but wasn't expecting that.

Ginger Adams

Soul Glow Apothecary

This scent is AMAZING. The only downside is that it's not yet a part of the Clean Scents family. I create matching body products to go with my candles and am committed to using only Clean Scents. Looking forward to the day this scent is reformulated to meet the Clean Scents standards.

Raquel Lind

Owner of Sohappysoycandles

Wow!, I love this scent. When I first smelled it I immediately felt like I was at the beach as a little girl with my family in New York. It has a very realistic scent. You all have captured the seaside scent very well along with florals. I'm sure it will be a great seller. Thank you Candle Science for your wonderful scents!

Carrie Cronkite

Not as nice as other reviewers think

This smells very artificial to me. Not sure where the great reviews are coming from, this doesn't smell luxurious or expensive.


Really nice

This is a phenomenal fragrance. I compared to Sea Minerals and I think I like sea minerals better, but I would carry both of them year round. I make melts with 464 soy and i got a HT after a few days so I’m really excited to see how much stronger it is after two weeks.

Rachel Fow

amazing with 464 Wax

If you are using 464 Wax then this Fo is for you!!

Amazing top seller! Thank you candle science



I adore this FO! It smells soo good. I hope you never ever discontinue this one. The only flaw is the discoloration, but I can work around this. I used this in CP soap.


Clean Scent Coming?

I just received my Sea Salt & Orchid, I absolutely love the way it smells. I would love to keep it on as a year round candle fragrance, but I am curious if it will be coming out as a clean scent?! I love the idea of using only your clean scents in all of my products

Katherine-All Love All Over

smells nice but CT is so weak

I make soy pillar candles and everytime I put this fragrance oil in my candles, the CT is just not there. I have to hold it to my nose to get the scent. I've ordered this about 3 times already and the only reason I still sell this scent is cause my customers love it. It just sucks I have to put 10-12 % fo all the time making me buy more and more frequently.


Nice Enough

It's not a bad scent at all. Very soft and sweet. I was hoping for something a bit more fresh or oceanic but this gives me more tropical vibes. I feel like a better name would something that hints at the sweetness of the scent. Will likely buy again but not something I would use personally.

Nadia Y.

Really Great

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of florals but I really like this one! Along with sea salt and orchid, I also smell like a crisp green apple note and a creamy note as well. A well balanced and delicate scent!!


Pretty nice

Floral detergent/soap with a nice creamy undertone. It's very pretty and fairly simple, and will make nice soaps. It doesn't knock my socks off, but it only has to knock the socks of others!! So far, it's received good comments.



This is literally my favorite fragrance ever! Close your eyes and let this fragrance take you away to a tropical beach on a warm summer night, light breeze while you sip on a tropical drink, book in hand, sunset and God rays providing you the most magical canvas. If you are at all questioning the purchase of this, don't hesitate! You will NOT regret it! Blended in 464 perfectly. I'd give this 10 stars if I could! Thank you Candle Science!


Needs more Salt

The fragrance is lovely but I can't see myself using it by itself. It's sweet and floral.. with that backend musk to it. I think it could be better with more of the Sea Salt coming though? May be nice to pair with the Champagne fragrance.


My Favorite!

I love this scent! Haven't tried too many yet, but so far this one is my favorite!


This is hands down my FAVORITE Candle Science fragrance! Smells soo freaking amazing! Please never change it!



Beautiful fragrance. No acceleration in CP soap. Will buy again. Customers love it.

Iris Glenn

Seasalt and Orchid

This is a best seller for me


Very nice in candles and soap

A good seller in soap despite the weird discoloration.


Great and Clean

I really like this! I haven't added it to my candles yet but out of the bottle this is really fresh and clean. It will be perfect for spring time.



Очень яркий и стойкий аромат. Один из моих фаворитов. Затемняет мыло.


Absolutely love this scent!

It reminds me of the beach and its so refreshing! This is my favorite!



This scent is so beautiful! It has become my absolute favorite don’t ever stop making this!


A clear mind

This scent is beautiful. I wouldn’t mind bathing in it. I love lighting this scent in the morning while cleaning the house. I’m a big sweet scent lover but this?!?!?!?!??? Grab one before I buy them all! Haha


Smells great!

This scent smells just like the description. It's a hit!



Love this scent in soy candles



this is a must have scent in all candle lines


Candle Maker

I am in love! I do not like super sweet or heavy floral fragrances. It meets in the middle...the gentle sweetness from the tonka bean and the light floral scent makes a perfect, clean match. This is a good year round scent. Definitely repurchasing!


St. Charbel Candle Co

A true winner. Every single person who smells this loves it. Bright and airy, fresh, just downright good!!

Mary Gundrum

This is way too good!

This scent should be illegal, thats how good it is. I am not one for Floral scents, but this one is fresh, clean, with a hint of floral. I use it like Frank's hot sauce, and I put this in everything! Candles, soaps, linen sprays, body sprays, Reed diffusers, and it sells like crazy. This is my go to for personal use and sales, I hope this scent never gets discontinued!



Definitely a must!

My customers loveee this FO! I sell out so fast! I use wax 464 and 10% load! amazing

Candle Maker


I was not sure what to expect at first with this fragrance. I was wondering what the floral notes would be like, since orchid is my favorite flower ( but not very fragrant). The beach feel is very present, I think the sea salt is a bit more obvious at first but the soft florals give the sea salt a well-rounded balance. I personally smell a subtle end note of coconut cream even though its not listed as a note, which could be the overall combination ( or just my nose). I felt so uplifted by the fragrance I added it to another combination to soften another fragrance oil that was very pungent and "one note". ( Pardon the pun ;-) ) This fragrance has layers which I love, sea salt, then orchid, then sea breeze air, and a coconut cream finish- that was just my experience as someone new. Relaxing, beachy, springy, and versatile!


sea salt & orchids

Ah man, #1 request, hands down.


My Customer's Favorite Fragrance

I use this fragrance oil for container candles and wax melts. My customers love it!

Virtuous Essence Candle Company

Sooo Good!

I make soap and this is another huge hit! I run out of this one too!

slippery when wet soap co.

fresh and beautiful floral scent

LOVE this one! perfect summery/spring scent


7% with 444 soy wax. Great throw and just such a fresh scent. I can't really describe but then again, I don't find 'hint of tobacco' when I drink a Bourdeaux. Maybe a bit of sea-mist aroma!

Paul Rybak

Great Scent

I like this scent,, I feel like you can smell every note to this candle individually,, lol I loved the CT but the HT was even stronger,, gave me an instant headache,, over all beautiful beach vibe Floral scent



I ordered this scent because of all the hype I've heard about it. The rumors are true, this scent is amazing. It's airy and clean with a bit of sweetness and floral to it.


Better as a candle

I really do love this scent but ONLY as a candle. I used it in my soap and it could not tolerate the smell and unfortunately tossed the entire batch. I will keep the scent just for candle making.

Makala Smith

Sunday Morning

THIS IS AMAZING!!! My friends loved it. I love it!!! I call it sunday morning because it is just like a warm hug on a sunday morning, while playing music and drinking coffee. Love this forever!!

Strong CT and HT!!


Candle maker

OMG this scent is beautiful I love it! however I wish it was a bit stronger
I used wax 464 with a CD 18 wick& a 10% load of FO with a temp of 180 FO 135 pour 130 and it was beautiful results no sinking however I say 4.5/5 wished it was stronger in scent.


The hype on this is so real. I've only ever make candles with this in a blend but I'm going to have to make one using this alone. On the blotter strip and OOB it smells so damn good.


Make Candles not soap

I made some very nice candles with this scent in 464. Smelled just lovely with good throw. I thought it would be fun to make some soap with it too. Wrong! I think I just made the ugliest batch of soap I have made in my 15 year soap making career. I did read that it discolors, but I underestimated how much. I added colorants to the scented portion and left a portion uncolored. Every part of this soap, including the part that has no fragrance discolored in a truly horrible way. The unfragranced/uncolored part is a sickly yellow, the other colors are muddy and have developed strange brown spots all over like it is diseased. The batter did everything you don't want it to do. It accelerated, heated, morphed, developed glycerin rivers and ashed. Plus it didn't retain the lovely scent. It smells ok, but nothing to get excited about, unlike the wonderful way it smells in candles. I will be giving these away to family because I can't bear for my customers to see this hideous soap when I am known for my lovely colors and swirls. If a person really wanted to make soap with this I would recommend simply adding the fragrance to the whole batch and letting it turn a uniform splotchy brown. It won't be beautiful so just let it be what it is.


My favorite scent

This scent is so hard to describe. It’s one of my favorite scents. It’s one of the best beachy type of soy candles I’ve ever made. Perfect for spring and summer scents, but I use it all year round. Hot and cold throws are both great. I used 1oz FO/ 16oz soy wax.


Joe's Wax

This is one of my favorite scents and I've noticed men like this one, too. It's salty and not too strong.

Laura Branan


This is by far the best scent ever! When I introduced this one to my candle line I can't keep it in stock! It's just a beautiful smell! I have men and women who love it! I sell my candles to several celebrities as well and no matter which one they use they always come back to this! It's a very clean fresh smell and is very spa like!


Great Scent! Great Scent Retention!

Okay, I got this scent last year after getting a sample and making bath bombs with it. I finally made a coveted Sea Ocean scape Cold Process soap with it. The smell is perfect for that spa sea scent and is still strong after 7 week cute. It does not rice or accelerate the batter. The only thing I will point out is it will darken your batter as they noted in details. Just choose the right colors and design and you will be happy. No whites unless you want a dirty Snow type. I just did not read it because I had made the bath bombs with it Before and plunged ahead. However, my day at the beach just became a beautiful stormy day at the beach soap. Will be purchasing again.


Half full product

I recently purchased the 5lb 108 dollar bottle of sea salt and orchid. I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCES & SO DO MY CUSTOMERS!!!! But when I received the fragrances I picked up the bottle and noticed it seem a little light I looked inside and the jag was half empty I paid 108 for air. CS start filling up the bottle to the top $108 is a lot of money for one fragrances and it’s half full.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! All of our fragrances are filled by weight and not by volume so you will notice some fragrances are not filled all the way to the top. You can learn more here: However, please reach out to our team at if the weight is not accurate and we can assist further.

A hit

Decided to give this a try due to the amazing reviews and it doesn't disappoint. I ordered a 4oz instead of a sample and used it quickly, so I'll be placing an order for a larger one ASAP.

Nika F.

My new favorite

I will never stop going to the curing bars and smelling this. Just so, so gorgeous.


Universal Appeal

Excellent scent that both men and women love! This is my number one seller.

Elias & Jane

Great scent!

I got a 1 oz sample of this scent a while back and was almost surprised that I liked it! It's not overly floral but still has a nice, fresh smell (maybe the top notes of ozone and salt help with that). Most importantly for me, it avoids that "perfume-y" smell that I don't like in most floral fragrances.

Rob M

Sea Salt and Oh Yeah!

This is my favorite OOB fragrance and although I love to blend it with others it works fantastic all on its own. This is such a big hit with our customers and I would recommend with enthusiasm and confidence.


Absolutely Adore This Scent!

We took a chance and ordered a 4oz bottle after reading some of the rave reviews online. My only regret is not getting the 16oz. I'm absolutely in love with this FO! Great hot and cold throw!

MoonGeek Candle Co.


I've actually had a 1oz bottle of this scent for 6 months. I didn't particularly like the scent OOB, too sweet smelling. I finally used it and man I wish I would have used it sooner. It smells amazing! I highly recommend giving this one a shot, it's well worth it.



Sea Salt & Orchid. OMG!! This has been my best seller literally all year long. Even during the winter holidays I couldn't keep this one in stock! Just this past weekend I went to sell at a farmer's market that was only 4 hours long. I thought I had too many of them and was actually going to leave some home but decided just to take them anyway to see how low I could get my stock. Within 2 hours I sold out of them! If you haven't tried this fragrance...give it a go. If you personally don't like it, try selling it and see what happens! Just want to help out all the other candlemakers! If I could give this 20 stars, I would!


Good Stuff

I wasn't a fan of this right out the bottle. But I played around and added this to some IG 4625 and OMG this stuff is amazing. 1 - .3 ounce cube has my entire downstairs living area smelling like a fancy casino spa.


I absolutely love this scent! It is a top seller at all my market shows. Love Candle science, they are fast at shipping, and have great products!

Mad Wax Candle Co

Dusty Owl Owner

Sea Salt & Orchid great scent. Clients agree.



This fragrance is definitely a must have in anyone's line. It is so soft and smooth, with just a bit of sweetness. I absolutely love it!



This is one of my absolute favorite FOs. I ordered it when I saw that is was trending on Candle Science, and I am so happy that I did. It's such a nice blend of a salty/beachy and floral. I have never been crazy about anything floral, nor anything beachy, but somehow, this scent is perfect. I will be adding this scent to my line permanently.


Favorite fragrance

Absolutely love this FO. When I give samples out, I send SS&O and 90% of the time customers order it. If I could only have one candle for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Ben W.

It grew on me

I really didn't like this one in the bottle (it smelled very artificial) but I poured it anyway and as it cured it got MUCH better! It smells fresh and beachy - just what I wanted! Just ordered my second bottle...


Sea Salt and Orchid

This is a great sent it smells really good!


This is a top seller on my candle line. I constantly have the same repeatedly customers buying this candle scent monthly. It's a must have in stock all year round. I am not sure why some reviews it says it has an artificial smell? It's a high end scent and I only use 7% on 464 and the customers love it!


Great for everyone!

My daughter and I usually conflict on candle scents we prefer. I love the musky, more masculine types and she's into the fruity and flowery smells but we could both agree that this scent is gorgeous. I just ordered a big bottle!

Alison Luciana

Its okay

It does smell kind of nice, but there is an artificial and somewhat sickly odor around it... maybe its just me though.


Kind of artificial smelling

I had super high hopes for this one based on all the great reviews, but was let down a little when I got it. It’s a great scent but has a somewhat artificial smell to it. Still nice though.

Brandy’s Wax and Wicks

My customers love this scent for body butter and sugar scrubs. My only complaint is that it discolors quite a bit in cold process soap. I will make more soap using a design plan that will work with the discoloration.

Katherine B.

Unique and Universal

This is one of those universal scents that everyone seems to like and is pretty unique. Definitely a must-have.



This is an amazing scent. I love the soft hints of the salt and the warmth it brings in a candle. Beautiful!


Salty, Beachy and Floral

Lovely clean smell. Strong too! I made Shea butter salt scrub bars and my oh my the scent was lovely while scrubbing in the shower! I could smell it all over my skin even when I got out and dried off. Very nice!


Clean, slightly soapy fresh floral

This is a clean slightly soapy floral with creamy undertones. It's very pretty, much nicer in product than what you smell in the bottle. I know my ladies who like feminine things will like this very much.



Five star

Dancing Orchid Soapworks

spa candle

Orchids are not a scent that I personally would go for in a candle. I received the 1oz FO as a free scent in an order based on the reviews. The reviews were pretty spot on about this FO. It gives a steady hot and cold throw. I will be using this for my Spa Candles and trialing it as a sample to give to customers who order other candles from my range to gauge it's popularity. Works very well with the 464 blend, used a 6% FO load (wax heated to 185F then waited 1 minute, added FO. Stirred for 3 minutes with additional stir while the wax cooled to pouring temp - poured at 135F). For this FO i used the candle science straight side tumbler. Gave an even and smooth finish with minimal sinkage close to the wick. Recommend having your work space at around 70 degrees and minimal drafts when using the glass tumblers. To avoid frosting i placed a plastic tub over the top of the candles, weighted down with a book, while they dried overnight.

The Pendle Wick Co. - Owner

Quite possibly the best fragrance ever!!

This oil does amazing in my 464 Soy wax.. it fills my living room into my dining room with its addicting aroma. There is nothing like it and I'm soooo happy I decided to try this one out.. I've completely sold out of this scent in candles twice now!! Literal PERFECTION!!!! Everyone is addicted when they smell it. PLEASE NEVER CHANGE IT!!!! Thanks CS!

Shuster Candle Company

Owner Lavender Lady Candles

One of my all time favorites and best sellers. Works for all seasons and plenty strong!



It's as though the orchid and sea salt have done a passionate, sultry dance across my customers hearts. This fragrance is amazing!


Can't get enough!

Hands down one of my favorite scents ever! You can't go wrong with this scent in your collection!

Megan S

Scent was not for me but it works great in reed diffusers

I did not care much for the scent but this works really well with the Reed diffuser base. It is a very powerful throw so I adjusted the base and took out a few reeds.


I love this scent for my Salt Bar recipe, and I used Rose Clay for a colorant... however, I don't recommend using it for cold-process soap. Although it smelled lovely, as soon as it began to cure it turned the batch an ugly brown color. I LOVE the SCENT and my customers love it too in the Salt Bar recipe; not a repeat for my soap recipe.



This scent works perfect in HP soap. It is my top selling scent in soap, lotion and bath bombs. It's comes out perfect in my goat milk soap that I make from my own herd of dairy goats.


Sooo good

Love this scent, used on HP soap.


Crowd pleaser

I love this scent. It’s fresh and light, has great cold and hot throw. My customers love it.


Fresh smell!

This scent is lovely. It is a light scent and very fresh and clean smelling



It is strong and long lasting .


Bubble Gum?

I don't know if its being a newbie to candle making BUT all I smell is bubble gum - very light scent. I smell no sea salt so perhaps the bubble gum scent is the orchid? I thought this would have been my favorite of all the samples I purchased (based on the reviews) but this just leaves me puzzled as to what everyone is going crazy over.
I purchased another 1 oz sample to try again in coconut soy wax as the GB464 is hell to work with and I am tired of trying to get it right :-/ Perhaps it will smell different then?


Customer favorite!!

This scent is absolutely beautiful!!



This scent is loved by everyone who has smelled it in my soy candles (used 464). The cold and hot throws are absolutely amazing!

Sharon K.

Humble Candle Maker

I really love this scent, so does my mom and costumers! <3


Wonderful fragrance!

The smell is difficult to describe, but I would absolutely recommend buying it! This fragrance is perfectly balanced. It isn't too much or too little. Just perfect!

Maysi's Gypsy Candles

Sea Salt & Heaven

I can't believe how inviting and relaxing this smell is!!! I *knew* I would love it when I saw the name...but the scent is literally indescribable. There are SO many undertones in here you won't be able to contain all the goodness that enters your nose when this is in your home/business/etc. I absolutely love this. Sea Salt & Orchid will be a HUGE winner, regardless of what you pair with it or what medium you use to share the love. <3 Job WELL done guys. Thank you!!

Ashley M

Best Seller

This is such a lovely calming scent. My customers love this scent, I can't keep it in stock.



I can barely keep Sea Salt Orchid candles on my shelves! This and Fraser Fir go quick, so buy a lot! Never change this scent and never run out, please!

Jessica M.

Best Seller

This is a favorite of many, and it always sells quickly. It is a great stand-alone scent - I always want to mix things to create my own scents but I don't mix this one with anything because it is great by itself. I'm not sure it smells like sea salt OR orchids, but whatever, people love it.



I love it, in my soy candles 464 it has a unique and special smell. All customers like it.


It seems that everyone makes this scent in soap and it took me a while to purchase because I didn't want my soap to smell like everyone else's. I finally broke down realizing it was popular for a reason. I made soap with this f.o. last week and it is absolutely AMAZING. My cp soap reached trace just a little faster than usual but I was still able to make swirls. The scent is not overpowering and is absolutely delightful. ❤ definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence.


Smells amazing in cold process soap

I used this in my very first cold process soap a few years ago and again in a salt scrub cold process soap. Both of them soaped perfectly. No acceleration, ricing or discoloration. I soap at room temp which helps slow trace. This scent is a hit with all the women in my friends and family circle. I've bought this several times. It was one of the first repurchases after all my fragrance oils were ruined in our house fire. Everyone wanted it back right away. I really don't think you can go wrong with it. I can't wait to make another soap with it soon.


One of my favorites!

Haven’t been doing this long I love making candles without my vision scents have become such a different experience. I started making candles recently for something to get me through my days it has given me joy but back to this scent I love the slight oxen scent you get when you first inhale then the ever so slight but beautiful floral scent it makes great wax melts!


Anchor of Hope Design

One of my best sellers!! Truly a beautiful fragrance.

Cara Simon


this is so lovely I will keep this in my line as long CS keep in stock
the type of FO I will love to have all the time
Thank you!!!!

Rosy Blanco

New Soap Maker, Long time crafter & entrepreneur

I LOVE this fragrance aside from the lovely smell this fragrance behaves very well in cold process soap!! My soap stayed very fluid even though I was ready to work quickly because of the floral. There was no need! I defiantly need to order more of this fragrance!

Holly Hobbyist

The best scent ever for candles. It will accelerate in cp soap!

Like everyone else I am always sorry I didn't buy more of this scent. My candles fly out the door as soon as my customers smell them. I also have made lotion which is out of this world. Today I made my first batch of soap cold process soap with this fragrance. In the description it says that it will not cause acceleration. I found this not to be the case. If you work with a water discount be ready to work fast. I use a 10% discount and soaped at my usual temp of 85 degrees. 3 seconds of the stick blender and it was at a thick medium trace. It all worked out just fine due to the fact I wasn't doing anything fancy but knowing what to expect makes soaping much easier.


GORGEOUS fragrance! This smells expensive and sophisticated and beautiful. A customer favorite in our 464 soy candles. We used a 10% fragrance load. Love, love, love!


Love this!

This FO is such a perfect blend! The ocean water scent combined with the jasmine and lily makes for a wonderful, soothing beach smell. It performs amazing in parasoy wax melts!



This smells amazing in cold process soap, it soaped well, after 4 weeks it smells amazing and the soap is ready to sell, I know my customers will love this one!


Candle Business New

I’m so impressed with this fragrance , smell amazing! All my customers love it! It’s has a very good hot throw! I am so happy with Candles Science Co.


Lord Have Mercy

This fragrance is everywhere in my home. It now reminds me of summer and I'm in love. Whoever made this scent, bless you.


Owner, Candles & Creams By London

OMG!!!!!!! This fragrance is so intoxicating! I used it to make a body butter and I asked 5 men at work if they would like to smell this on their wives and they all said yes. I use it regularly and I'm just really pleased with this scent. It's so warm and inviting. Not too strong. It almost feels like it is hugging you when you smell it. I love it so much. I'm going to order a large quantity for my inventory.

Aileen London

Soy Candle

I love it!! I justed ordered a 4oz bottle I should order a bigger one. Smell amazing on soy wax, I can´t wait to try on soap, hope I know how to do lotions because for sure it will smell sooo good.

Aide Mancera


OMG this scent is wonderful!!!!! 12% in 464...Heat to 165, add FO 150, pour at 110. One of my best sellers and one of my personal favs!! Will continue to buy! The HT is strong!!

Montford Wicks

Beautiful Fragrance

A little sharp OOB, but it mellows in the application to something truly sophisticated and sexy.


---> L U X U R I O U S <---

This FO will make a nice addition to your collection. No need to mix other FO to this. It is PERFECT right out of the bottle.

Rick M.


Omg OOB it's freaking awesome!! I want to make soap right now!! Asking my cousin to make me a candle!!


Beautiful scent

I love this. It’s a perfect balance between a very light floral and just plain clean air. This is my new beach scent for everything. Love it.

Sheree Ealey

Beautiful Spring/Summer Scent

Feels luxurious and has an amazing cold throw! The hot throw is strong too and lingers making your room smell divine


Very lovely scent!

I have used this scent in candles and they sell very quickly. I have used this scent into soaps and they sell very quickly. I have used this scent into wax melts and those sell very quickly when I really didn't think they would.

Mrs. Smith


I cannot even believe how good this smells! Everyone loves it... that is the bars I'm not using myself.



I love this it's a creamy soft scent with a hint of zing and sweetness. Made perfect soap not sure about candles will be ordering more for candle testing. It's more of a spring scent but you could get away with it all year long


This smells so good!! I do 12% FO load in 464 and the HT is AMAZING! One 16 oz candle fills my entire kitchen and living room area. I will probably go down to 10% because it's almost too strong. Definitely recommend.


No acceleration or ricing in CP soap

Behaved well in CP soap, no acceleration, ricing, etc. I used this in a beer soap batch so I think the fragrance got a little thrown off by the beer, will definitely try again in a "normal" soap recipe. Did discolor quite dark, as expected, but did not really affect the portion I swirled without FO so can definitely work with the discoloration easily if planned appropriately.


Very Beautiful FO

Has a beautiful smell when mixed with soy wax.


Great feminine, beach scent for candles!

I made candles for the first time this year (2018) to give as Christmas gifts to family and friends. I researched obsessively before making candles, and I found candlescience as a company to be a good fit for what I wanted in candles (high quality products, good customer service, products good for the environment/humans, etc). This was one of my favorite scents I used. Out of the five fragrances I purchased from candlescience, this was everyone's favorite. I had several friends smell the candle oils (both OOB and in the finished candle), and this was unanimously the favorite scent, despite really different tastes among my friends. It is floral and light, definitely has a spring/summer kind of vibe. I used the 464 soy wax from candlescience at a 10% fragrance load and had good performance with both hot and cold throw. I added fragrance at 180 and poured at 135. I didn't have any sweating in my candles from the fragrance. Would highly recommend!


Owner of Mud Country Candles

I bought this as a sample. It's makes 3 8oz jar candles. We like to do this to see which scents go the fastest before ordering a 16oz bottle of fragrance. I can tell you those 3 candles lasted 3 days. Customers and myself, absolutely love this scent!



Beautiful fragrance


Beautiful Sensual Scent

I LOVE this scent! Not overly floral, has a mysterious and sophisticated edge.

Modern Magix

Love this scent!!!

I didn't get to enjoy this scent like I wanted to because when I opened my order (bottle had leaked out all the box) I did enjoy cleaning the rest of my bottles off and the smell is so refreshing and it's a very soft but relaxing smell! I will be buying another bottle but I'm saving it all for my own use instead of for my customers lol jk I plan to buy this scent for a very long time.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are so sorry to hear that your order arrived damaged. That can certainly be frustrating. Please email pictures of the damage to and we would be happy to get a replacement out to you!

my favorite fo

This is absolutely my #1 fo from CS. It smells soooooo good! I have tried it in lotion and the scent lingers on my skin for a while. I can't wait to try it in CP. It smells refreshing with a hint of floral, sweet, spa fresh like notes. To me, it has a tint perfume note which makes it perfect for lotion.


love this! It has a very high end spa type aroma. It smells heavenly in bath bombs, soap and in candles. Got this in a 1 oz but will get a bigger bottle next time. Yes!



I’m in love with this scent! I have to buy more asap!



I purchased the 1 oz sample because the reviews we so convincing I just had to try it. OOB I wasn't sure I it liked it 100%. It smelled kind of sweet to me. I tried it in parasoy wax and made some melts. Let it cure for a week. And Y'all " THIS FRAGRANCE IS AMAZING". I felt like I was at the spa. The scent throw is incredible. My husband loves it too! This is a keeper. I will be ordering a large bottle of this one.



This is a very nice fragrance! Thankful for this creation!


My favorite

I can't get enough of this smell. This made my house smell like a Day Spa. Cold and Hot throw are excellent.


My Best Seller

I use this scent in M&P soaps and soy candles, it is absolutely, hands-down the best scent in my collection. It has a hint of summery-cocoa butter that is nostalgic and comforting, I highly recommend this essential oil!


I didn't get to try this one

My customer said they really liked this one and it was in soy wax container wax. I bought it as a 99 cent deal and sold it to a customer and this was back in December.
I just got asked last week from this customer if I could make several more for them as they loved the scent. Cold throw was very weak to me but if they just burned it, it means that it sat for months curing and the hot throw must have been good. It cured for 5-6 months then.
I'm only giving this a few stars as I myself did not get to try this one as there was not enough oil but only for the 1 I sold. I'm glad they love it.
I will make myself 1 and see if I like it.
I may make a body spray and lotion and see if I can move this product.

Raptor Lover

Just wonderful!

Amazing unisex fragrance! For those complaining about how all their scents come out weak.. try a wax blend other than just 100% soy. From my experience straight Soy is great for bakery scents. Other than that stick with a para/soyblend. Design your own ratio if you have to.


I love Sea Salt and Orchid its one of my favorite fragrances from CS. It works very well with C3 soy wax. The hot and cold throw is amazing. it's a big hit at craft fairs.

The Candle Caffe

Top Seller

This is by far my best selling scent. It is fantastic in my body butters and wax melts. The "sea salt" is not very profound, and I'm told by my customers it has a creamy coconut scent with floral undertones. It is not a masculine scent, but somehow smells great on guys!


This is a must have scent! It works great in Soy candles gives off an amazing cold throw and even better hot throw! Made a small amount to test and sold the first 5 people. Bought a big bottle and cant wait to add to my line up.

Rustic Rose


This one's a keeper! Customers LOVE this scent. It's very soothing and relaxing. Highly recommend.



I fell head over heels in love with this fragrance! I got a sample size when the sample sale was going on and i am so happy i tried it. I used it in cp soap and split my batch into three colors, one i used orchid mica, one i used yellow oxide and the other i used neon yellow pigment. I put all the soap batter in condiment bottles and had my kids help squeeze them into layers. My vision was to make the soap have a tiger orchid pattern and it is beautiful!!! Everyone loves it! I'm ordering a bigger bottle because i can’t live without this fragrance.

Monique Proulx-Masters

Very nice

This is a beautiful fragrance that I plan to make one of my regulars.



We love this one. Works amazing in candles and lotions.



So I got this oil based on the wonderful reviews and I must say that I am VERY disappointed. I made a batch of candles using this fragrance and they had absolutely no cold throw. I literally will have to put my nose as close as I can and inhale so hard to try and get a smell from them. I used Ecosoya CB Advance and added fragrance at 185 degrees, and poured at 135 degrees. I’m praying to God that when they get burned, there’s a great hot throw. If not, this would have been a COMPLETE waste of my money. I will NEVER buy this FO again and I wish I could get my money back for this one.


Owner at Melting Moon Candle Company

This scent is SO complex everyone who smells it loves it. I use it in 464 for my candles


Sea Salt and Orchid

By far one of my favorite scents and popular among my customers. This one will always be a regular in my line-up. A great one for all seasons!!

Yananta Ke

One of my top favorite scents

I loved this fragrance! a best seller!



Works well as a background scent when used with the reed Diffusers. Excellent in liquid soap too!

Mother Pearl’s

Can't get enough of it...

Love this fragrance! Wonderful cold throw. One of those you can't get enough of smelling it...



New favorite! Already sold out the candles in this scent. Buying more!


All time favorite

This scent is a hit in every application. Candles fly off the shelf. Literally had customers play rock paper scissor for the last Sea Salt and Orchid bath bomb. Great in melt and pour. Behaves pretty well in CP soap. Very mild acceleration, no ricing, strong scent retention. It does discolor to a medium tan in CP.


Love this Scent

I saw a few of the bad reviews and hesitated, but I'm so glad I ended up purchasing this fragrance. It smells absolutely wonderful. It has such a pleasant and beautiful aroma. In no way did I get a febreze scent from this fragrance and my husband loved this scent as well and he's fairly picky. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it does at my vendor event this weekend.


Soft yet powerful and compelling. I fell in love instantly and has incorporated it in mixes for my spring line. It was a hit in its testing phase and has become one of my best sellers for new and old customers. Even a good deal of my male clients are drawn to it. It's so good it's one of my personal go-to's and my most recommended for gifts.

Krafted By Kimme

Can't Get Enough!

This fragrance smells so wonderful! It is truly for someone who likes perfumy scents--which I do! I will certainly be buying this fragrance again and would highly recommend it to others.


Best Seller

This fragrance is a favorite by all my customers. I make coconut soy candles with it, body butters, scrubs, soap and it is a hit!!!
This will go in my line up for sure. Very pleased with this. I can't stop smelling it...aahhhhhh

Estelle Creates

little whitehouse candles

I really wanted this scent-cannot use in my business-just not strong enough


Great cold and hot throw!

I tried this fragrance in GB wax 464 at 6% and it was absolutely lovely!!! I don't usually like these kinds of perfume or floral type fragrances. When I tried it at 8% it smelled too strong and I didn't like it. So don't over do it! Keep it at a smaller percentage in your wax. The hot and cold throw are still very strong even at 6%.


This is Fabulous!

I love the smell of this fragrance oil! I don't know how anyone cannot like it. It is a lovely perfumey fragrance. If you like Black Opium you will like this.


The worst

I have always loved all the oils from candlescience, but NOT this one. Horrible scent in both the bottle and in a candle. Wish I could return, because it was a complete waste. Super strong fake febreeze smell with no hint of sea salt.


Such a complex smell

I LOVE how complex this smell is! It was a little "perfume-y" to me, but ALL of my testers LOVED it and it is a great scent. Diff has a very "high end" feel to it. Used in 464 Soy Wax at 1oz/1lb, nice strong cold and hot throw


Potent and beautiful

I am not really a fan of florals, but the woody/salty notes balance out and add a complexity to this fragrance and gives it a yummy quality. Reminds me of a fancy spa with pristine white towels and robes and clouds of steam hovering over soaking pools. This leans feminine, and there is a lightness to it, BUT, it is has to be one of the most potent hot throws of any CS fragrance I have tried, a sample 4 ounce tin filled up my entire second floor (10% in soy blend).


Love the scent but

I love this scent but it does discolor in cp soap. I was hoping that if it discolored it would be a nice tan color but it turned an ugly yellow color .

Mary Lou

Just Beautiful!!!

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive before I bought this so I only got the 4 oz bottle. What a mistake!!! I should've definitely ordered a larger size. This scent is BEAUTIFUL. It's in the running as my new favorite scent. It's light and feminine and it performed MAGNIFICENTLY in my cold process soap. I was very, very happy with the outcome. I will be ordering a larger bottle because this will definitely be a staple in my products going forward.

Bougie Flamme Bath & Body

Love it!


Best Seller

Sells out as soon as I make it!!! I love this scent and so do my customers. I have used it in hot process soap, lotion, and soy wax. I am pleased how it behaved in all 3. Nice balance of floral and sweet and a base note you can't quite put your finger on.

Amanda B

Best Seller

Very nice, clean and light. Best seller always!!


Seriously this product sells so fast, I cannot keep up with the demand! I'm in my first year, and this is in my top 5 sellers year round. I couldn't ask for a better floral fragrance. Some day I'll be buying the 5 gallon one in this. I love this fragrance. Candlescience you did amazing with this

Torie Harmon


I can't keep this product in stock! My customers love it I'm keeping it for the fall due to the high demand.



This has amazing performance in soap! I do recommend going with a higher percentage for candles however. The hot throw at 10% can easily fill a room but at 6% was a little underwhelming. Wonderful scent! My favorite right now!



This is by far my all time favorite candle science fragrance! I love love love it!!!


This was my first experience with this fragrance and I am loving it, will definitely buy again!


Weak Cold and Hot Throw

This is a very nice fragrance on the blotter. It smells perfumey and really nice.
I made the first candle with 9% FO in IGI 4630. Barely any CT or HT. I then made it with 12% FO. Same result.
I'm melting wax to 185-190, adding FO at 180-185 and pouring at 170F.
I just made a candle with 15% FO!! The cold throw hardly changed. Haven't burned it yet.
I love this fragrance and if the 15% does not present a better HT, I will try adding the FO at 170 and pouring at 160F.
Not sure what else I should do...helpful tips are welcomed! thanks!


Best Seller

This is one of my best sellers! Wonderful scent.


Another Winner

I didn't get Febreze from this scent at as some reviewers have commented. My cp soap has yet to finish its cure, but 1 ounce of this was was enough to lightly scent 50 ounces of soap. The scent has softened somewhat during the cure, but that's a good thing since I was aiming to create a soft scent for those who don't like traditional FO. Soaped like a dream!
The more I use up my candlescience samples picked up during the last 99 cent sample sale- the more impressed I become!


Sold all my candles

I bought the small bottle to try, and made a variety of sizes and they all sold out in one farmers market. I'm buying more for the next market :)


Great but...

I love this scent and will definitely sell well, however the name of the oil is a bit misleading as it really doesn't have a "salty" quality to it.


Pleasant Scent

This is a pleasant scent, which I would say is neutral (not too sweet, not too floral, etc). I get what people are saying about Febreze though, there is something very familiar and commonplace with this scent and the first thing that came to mind was Febreze for me as well. Strong HT in parasoy for me.


Absolutely beautiful floral!

This is an amazing fragrance. Not overly flowery at all. It's a tropical scent wrapped up in salt and ozone. Just perfect! I will be buying a vat of this one.


Reminds me of growing up.

I just saw the video, and had to leave a review. I bought this fragrance a month ago, and I absolutely love it. My son was with me and it reminded us of home. We grew up near the tropics, and my mother used to raise orchids. Immediately made MP Soap with it. It will be a must have and permanent in my collection!



I'm not a fan of floral fragrances at all, but I was intrigued by the reviews and description of this fragrance. This is an amazing fragrance! It's warm and clean and fresh, not cloying like many floral fragrances can be. I will be adding this to my permanent line. Excellent job as always, Candle Science!

Susan S.


This scent is awesome! smells exactly like the beach....... sweet yet salty, clean and fresh!


Great scent, great throw

Wasn't sure about this one smelling it from the bottle, but I made a tester and am glad I did. Both the cold and hot throw are strong, and I think it smells way better burning than out of the bottle! It's pretty floral but not too overpowering, with some really nice clean notes...definitely balanced. I'll be ordering more!


Instant hit!

I'm very new to the candle making world. So I usually only by one ounce of fragrance at a time. This last time I only made three candles with this scent, because that's all I could make with my one ounce jar! Those three candles went so fast and I actually had people arguing over who was going to get them. I wish I would have purchased the larger bottle of this fragrance and made 12 of them. I love the smell of it also. Before I let people smell the candles, I always told them, "This one is my new favorite." Like I said it was an instant hit.

Smelley Kat

Really Nice

Ordered a sample of this one and really like it. It's quite feminine and think it would do really well in a soap. Making candles with it currently and am liking the results so far. The hot throw is quite potent. Very nice!


So good

This scent is amazing!!



One of my personal favorites. It smells very pink to me. It smells so clean and fresh, it might end up being a year round fragrance for me.


I had high hopes for this one, however it does smell like a Febreze plug-in. All I pick up is a slightly floral, powdery note with maybe some slight ozonic at the top. The cold throw is pretty good, and I haven't burned it yet, so we'll see about hot throw. Its a nice scent, just doesn't really appeal to me.



I've tried just about every fragrance on here and this is easily in my top 10, just waiting for my candles to cure before I test them we will see what the trow is like!

Brittany, TX

Smells amazing!!!

I paired this fragrance with the Triple Butter soap base.
OMG, it smells amazing!!
I think this is my new favorite scent!!!
Very pleased!!!


Sea Salt & Orchid

First, Sea Salt & Orchid is a pleasant and warm fragrance. We plan to purchase larger bottles for personal use.

Now, for the rest. We made candles & sachets for friends and family. They also enjoyed the scent but mistook it for a Febreze product. I was slightly disappointed because we really enjoy this scent & hoped for the upscale spa. But, then again, I have preferred a few Febreze candles over expensive designer scents.

With that being said - if you own a candle store, I'm certain customers will enjoy this FO. (It's in my Top 3 of Candle Science fragrances.) But, many will associate the Sea Salt & Orchid scent with a generic Febreze. It's clean (not fake linen clean, but fresh summer air clean) and I could see it replacing traditional linen/clean scents in your summer candle lines.

Five stars because it's a nice, clean fragrance that will be used often in our home.


I purchased this FO as a sample size because of the size and the picture captured my attention. OMG is all I could say when I smelled this FO. I think it has become my favorite one by Candle Science. I've only smelled it OOB but I've already placed an order for a larger bottle.

Shawn, Maryland

Such a surprise!

I bought this one (in addition to the other new fragrances) on a whim since they had an introductory sale going. I don't think that I would have considered this one otherwise, and I couldn't quite imagine what "Sea Salt and Orchid" would smell like. But to my immense surprise, after such high expectations for of the other new scents, this one is my favorite by a landslide. I've only smelled it OOB so far (and can't stop smelling it!) but it has already guaranteed a permanent place in my Summer line and my personal collection.