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How to make DIY candle wedding favors

3 hours+
120 4 oz. candle tins

Uniquely Scented Wedding Favors

Master Supply List for 120 Soy Candle Favors

core supplies list:

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Weighing candle wax
Weighing Candle Wax
Double boiler melting candle wax
Wicking candle tins
Applying warning labels to candle tins
Digital scale weight being tared, and weighing out liquid fragrance oil.
Checking the temperature on melting wax
Adding fragrance oil to melted candle wax
Filling candle tins with wax
Adding wick bars to candle tins to hold wicks steady
Removing wick bars and trimming candle wicks
Putting lids on candle tins

Finished wedding favors with decorative labels

Candle tin wedding favor with white floral label on the lid.

Inspirational Designs To Get You Started

Romantic Elegance