If wedding plans are in your future, here's an idea for beautiful and economical candle tins you can make as favors for your guests. Whether your wedding is big or small, near or far, these DIY candle favors travel well and will serve as a reminder of your special day!

Uniquely Scented Wedding Favors

The fragrance choices are endless and will most likely be determined by your wedding season. Browse our complete list of fragrance oils to find the perfect scent for your special day. And for a heads up on pricing, we've calculated the cost for this project using an average guest count of 120.

Master Supply List for 120 Soy Candle Favors

So, here's the complete supply list to make 120 - 4oz. candle tins using GB 464 Soy Wax with a fragrance level of 7%. The items in the first list are supplies you will most likely need to purchase. You can quickly order the basic materials needed for this project by clicking "Add Items to Cart" below the list. Be sure to also choose the fragrance oil of your choice when ordering your supplies. Then take a look at the rest of the supplies. You may already have some or all of them, so we didn't include them in the cost.

Basic Items:

Fragrance OIl: (Be sure to include the fragrance of your choice when ordering your supplies)

Additional Items Needed: 

  • Double Boiler
  • Wooden Spoon (not to be used again for food prep) or Metal Spatula
  • Paper towels and alcohol (70% Iso Propyl) for easy cleanup
  • 5 oz. dixie paper cups for measuring fragrance oil
  • Digital Food Scale
  • 1 oz. bottle of Liquid Candle Dye (optional)

Project Cost

The subtotal for the above CandleScience supplies with White Tea and Berries fragrance oil is approximately $229.31 which comes to about $1.91 per candle tin. This does not include personalized labels or the following items that you may already have at home: double boiler, wooden spoon, paper towels, paper cups, rubbing alcohol, and a digital scale.

Note: The subtotal for the above CandleScience supplies is approximately $213.93 which comes to about $1.80 per candle tin. This does not include personalized labels or the following items that you may already have at home: double boiler, wooden spoon, paper towels, paper cups, rubbing alcohol, and a digital scale. 


The directions below will make 12 - 4 oz. candle tins at a time, so you will make multiple batches according to how many candle favors you need. For example, if you need 120 candle tins, you will make 10 batches.

Materials needed per batch:


Place the pouring pitcher on the scale and tare it to zero.

Wedding step 1 a

Weigh 36 oz. of GB 464 Soy Wax in the pouring pitcher.

Wedding step 1 b

Place the pouring pitcher of wax into the double boiler and heat wax to 185 degrees.

Wedding step 1 c


While the wax is heating, remove a wick sticker from the paper sheet and place the sticker on the bottom of an ECO 10 pretabbed wick. Then place the wick inside the center of the tin. Repeat until you have prepared 12 candle tins.  

Wedding step 2 1

Place a warning label on the bottom of each tin (You can do this step ahead of time if you want).

Wedding step 2 b


Place the empty dixie cup on the scale and tare the scale to zero. Pour the fragrance oil into the cup until you weigh 2.5 oz. of fragrance oil. Try to do this when the wax is close to 185 degrees. If you pour the fragrance into the cup too early, some of the fragrance will seep into the paper cup and your percentage of fragrance will be less than 7%.

Wedding step 3


When the wax reaches 185 degrees, remove the pouring pot from the heat and place it on a level, heat resistant surface.

Wedding step 4 a

Carefully add the 2.5 oz. of fragrance oil and stir gently but thoroughly for about a two minutes. Let the fragranced wax cool to 145 degrees.

Wedding step 4 b

NOTE: While you're waiting for the wax to cool to 145 degrees, you can begin to melt the next batch of wax in the double boiler.


When the wax cools to 145 degrees, carefully pour the fragranced wax into the 12 prepared candle tins up to the embossed ring on the inside of the tin.

Wedding step 5 1

Use a wick bar to straighten and center each wick.

Wedding step 5 b

Allow to cool overnight.


When the wax is completely solid, remove the wick bar and trim each wick to 1/4 inch.

Wedding step 6 a

Place a lid on the top of the tin. If desired, add a personalized label.

Wedding step 6 b


Finished-soy-candle-wedding-favor 2

Custom labels are a great way to further share your love story with your guests on this special day. Incorporate your wedding colors, invitation design, and theme; come up with a creative fragrance name that reflects you and your soon-to-be spouse; or use other personal details like where and how you met for design inspiration. For designing and printing your own custom labels, we recommend Avery WePrint™. All CandleScience customers receive an exclusive discount on any WePrint order.

Simply upload your own artwork, or use one of their professional designs to personalize your labels. Just select the size, shape, and material you want, personalize, and order. Order as little as a few sheets or thousands of labels depending on how many guests you’re expecting. Visit Avery WePrint™ to get started. Your discount will automatically be applied.

Inspirational Designs To Get You Started 
Romantic Elegance

Capture the spirit of romance with an elegant, refined label. This design features a 2" Round Matte White Paper Label and a 1" x 4" Rectangle Matte White paper label. Click the link below to customize this design using Avery WePrint’s software.

Customize Top Design Customize Side Design

You’re a modern couple with sensibilities to match, your label should too! This design features a 2" Round Silver Metallic Film Label and a 1" x 2 5/8" Rectangle Silver Metallic Film Label. Click the link below to customize this design using Avery WePrint's software.

Customize Top Design Customize Side Design


A few tips: It's best to allow the candles to cure for about a week but no longer than six weeks before your event. Store the candles at room temperature (about 72 degrees).

Note: Be sure to follow all candle burning safety rules.

Clean Up: Use a paper towel and alcohol to wipe out any wax left in the pot. Do not pour extra wax down the sink. If there's enough wax to save, label a paper cup with the wax and fragrance, pour the melted wax into the cup, and allow to cool. When you want to make more candles or tea lights, tear and discard the paper cup, and place the solid wax chunk into your double boiler to remelt.

If you want to add color, here's what to do: While the wax is melting (Step 1) in the double boiler, add 6 drops of liquid color to the pot and mix thoroughly. For a deeper color, add 12 drops. It's a good idea to do a sample test to be sure the color is what you want. Follow this link for more information:

Your custom soy candle wedding favors aren’t just a fragrant goodie. Each time your guests light your handmade candle, they’ll be reminded of the love and joy they got to share with you and your new spouse on your special day.

Even though we didn’t get an invite, we’d love to see your finished favors! Share photos of your wedding candles by tagging us @candlescience or using the hashtag #candlescience and we might feature you on our website.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!