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How to make ice cream scoop candles

2 hours+
4 candles
Rose petal gelato soy wax ice cream scoop candle


PART 1: Make the ice cream scoops with you wax

Pouring soy wax flakes into melting pitcher.
Cutting pale pink candle dye block with a knife
Pro Tip!

Adding dye block and fragrance oil to melted soy wax flakes
Pouring colored soy wax flakes into a glass bowl
Stirring soy wax with a metal spatula
Pro Tip!

Pro Tip!

Soy wax cooling in a bowl
Scooping cooled soy wax with an ice cream scoop
Poking hole into ice cream scoop wax with wick pin

PART 2: Make the candle base

Adding wicks to Mini Tumbler for candles
Adding dye block flakes into wax
Pouring melted soy wax into mini tumblers and setting wicks with a wick bar

PART 3: Assemble the candle

Closeup of pink candle
Putting soy wax ice cream scoop onto mini tumbler candle

PART 4: Finish and ENJOY!

Ice cream scoop dessert candles
Did you make it?