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How to make tie-dye wax melts

30 min prep time
4 clamshells
Teal and white marbled wax melt on counter.


STEP 1: Weigh your wax

Blended Waxes soy pillar wax pastilles in pouring pitcher on scale.

STEP 2: Cut the candle dye block

Cutting up teal dye block on cutting board and weighing amount on scale.

STEP 3: Weight our fragrance and add to wax

Weighing High Tide fragrance oil and pouring it into melted soy pillar wax.

STEP 4: Mix in the color

Adding melted soy pillar wax to dye block pieces.

STEP 5: Pour the wax into clamshell molds 

Pouring dyed soy pillar wax into clamshell.
Pro Tip!

Swirled marble tie-dye wax melt.
Pro Tip!

Teal and white tie-dye wax melt with clamshell containers and packaging.
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