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Sparkle Plenty Mica Swatch
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100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Ethically Sourced Micas

Sparkle Plenty Mica provides the look of loosely packed snow sparkling in the winter sun. While you can use it directly in melt and pour or cold process soap, we found much of the shine is lost in white bases. However, in clear bases, the mica glitters like diamonds!  It’s also fantastic for dusting the tops of your soaps for an accent of shimmer. 

Sparkle Plenty Mica is not intended to color your soap white. Its intended use is to add sparkle to your final product and it performs best in clear melt and pour soap or dusted on top of your final product.

100% synthetic, this mica is eco-friendly and contains no plastic or metal.

See our complete list of soap safe fragrance and essential oils.

Note: We do not recommend using mica in candles.

Recommended Usage Rates in Soap:

  • Melt & Pour: ½ tsp per lb. of base
    • Note: a white base will always create a pastel form of the color.
  • Cold/Hot Process: 1½-2 tsp per lb. of oils OR 2½ - 3 g per pound of batter

Soap Maker’s Notes:

  • A white base will always create a pastel form of the color.
  • For large batches, we recommended weighing 0.03-0.05% by weight for Clear base and 0.22%-0.28% by weight for White base.

INCI Ingredients: Fluorphlogopite, titanium dioxide

Additional Uses (See Mad Micas for details)
Eyes: Yes
Lips & Bath Bombs: Yes
Nails: Yes
External Use (Lotion & Oils): Yes
Resin: Yes
Crafts: Yes

Wholesale Ordering
View our wholesale page for more information on ordering in bulk.

CA Prop 65 Warning: Titanium dioxide is a common ingredient in mica that is known to the State of California to cause cancer only while in the form of “airborne, unbound particles of respirable size.” Once incorporated into a base like soap or wax, it is no longer on the Prop 65 list. Learn more about titanium dioxide on P65Warnings.ca.gov



Melt & Pour Soap
Stable in Cold Process Soap
Wax Melts/Tarts
Particle Size
40–300 μm
Ethically Sourced
Cruelty Free
Synthetic Mica
Prop 65 Warning Required
Yes, see description for details.

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5 out of 5 Stars.

Definitely was curious to how this would go since it's new and you can't see it in a product.i used this in my body scrub for two tones and it definitely gave it some sparkle.when you open it, it looks just like silver glitter.when mixed it doesn't look like glitter on some Dorothy slippers...it's more of a shimmer lol. Make sure when mixing any of these colors don't leave on top.i leave a layer or hole in the product and then cover it...light hand mix and then blend to avoid it flying everywhere.