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Reed Diffuser Base is a liquid you mix with fragrance oils to make reed diffuser oils. It makes fragrance thinner, or less viscous, so that it flows up the reed easily.

Please note that not every fragrance is compatible with a given reed diffuser base. We test every single one of our fragrances in our base, and list the compatibility on individual fragrance pages. Use our Fragrance Finder tool to easily find compatible fragrances to use with the diffuser base.

Major Product Revision - 11/8/2011
We've totally reformulated our reed diffuser base for:

- Better wicking up the reed
- More volatility, which means more fragrance in the air
- Full evaporation, which tells customers it is time to refill

Note: We've also switched to selling by weight, not by volume (as with the last version). The good news is that 1 oz. by volume weighs about 1 oz (like water), so there is really no conversion. We've also retested every single fragrance, and have listed updated compatibility on each fragrance page.

Are all Reed Diffuser Bases the same?
Absolutely Not! There are 2 big things to watch for:

1. Safety - When we first saw the popularity of Reed Diffusers, we got excited. But when we studied them, we found safety issues that weren't being handled in a way we felt good about. Turns out lots of bases have high levels of VOC's in them. VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. You can find out more about it at the EPA's VOC page. We weren't willing to offer a base classified as a VOC, and it turns out lots of states (CA, MD, PA, NY, ME, DE, NJ, DC) have made strict rules about them. This product does not contain DPG.

The bottom line is - make sure that you are using a diffuser base that is VOC compliant, especially if you live in the states above. Rest assured that our base is totally safe and has no VOC restrictions in any state.

2. Flow - The other important aspect we encountered in testing and formulating a reed diffuser base is its ability to move up the reed easily. We've seen products that take days to reach the top. Many people take shortcuts like flipping the reeds to quickly wet both sides, but we've found that the best fragrance throw is achieved with a base that flows through the reed.

An easy formula is 25% - 3 parts Diffuser Base to 1 part Fragrance Oil.

Vanillin Content 0%
Prop 65 Warning Required No
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Love Candle Science!
Just curious, what kind of containers does everyone use for the reed diffusers?

Reed Diffuser Bade

I love it this product but can I use it with essential oils?

NEW, to ordering oils

What is a base? Also how do I make the oils safe for skin?

Works every time!!

Use 4 parts of base to 1 part of fragrance. If using Candlescience fragrances, it will work every time (as long as they say it is compatible). If using another company's fragrance, just test it. You can use as many reeds as you want, but we use 8 - 10 for everyone we sell.


How many Reeds should you to use in the 4 oz. oil? I am a newbie and have lots of questions. I do think I am going to make these as gifts, along with my candles and soaps. These look amazing! Thanks

Reed Diffuser Oil Base

I am wondering if after mixing fragrance with diffuser is there a time period to cure, or does it work shortly?

Appropriate for Incense Sticks?

Has anyone used this base with oils to make incense sticks?


I used this for the first time with some fragrance oils and have had amazing results.


I have a question, once you have your base and oil mixed together can you put the mixture in plastic bottles? I am new at making the reed diffusers, I have always seen them in glass jars in the stores. So just wanted to find out if plastic can be used to store the already made up mixture.


Can I use Essential oils instead of your fragrances in the bottle

Great product!

I purchased the 80 oz. size and was able to get 17, 6 oz., bottles of diffusers out of it. I used a 5/1 ratio and that worked out well. I'm hoping all of the CS f/o's will be compatible soon so I can make the diffusers in the same scents as my soy candles.

Great results

I made my first Reed Diffuser today using Sunwashed Linen. I used 3 ounces of diffuser base and 1 ounce fluid. It smells clean and a nice level of fragrance for our bathroom. Though this worked well, I still have questions before I jump in with both feet. Can you use any fragrance oil from Candle Science? Looking for some more feedback from others too. Thanks for posting all your reviews!

My formula is 3 to 1 as suggested. Works great and easy to remember!

Forgot to add

I used 10 reeds in my diffuser bottle :)

Good stuff!!

I'm still learning about reads and base and stuff but.. I made a diffuser today and it's working very well. I used 6oz of base and 1oz of fragrance oil (Love Spell) and it's potent! My office smells great! It says you can use 3oz of diffuser and 1oz oil but I think it would be too strong. 6oz base to 1oz fragrance is perfect. Can't wait to make more diffusers.