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Start a soap business in 5 basic steps

Mixing soap dye and fragrance oil to melt and pour soap base

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with soap making

Close up of purple whipped bath soap in a jar.

Make it: whipped bath soaps

Easy to customize and super fun to make, whipped bath soaps are an ultra luxurious addition to any product line or personal care collection.

Closeup of honeycomb facial soap stacked on a table.

Make it: honeycomb facial soap

Made with two nourishing soap bases, these soaps are a great project for beginners or anyone who wants to explore additional melt and pour techniques.

Red melt and pour soap with loofah.

Make it: loofah soap bars

Luxurious loofah soaps provide the benefits of exfoliation to the skin, with the added aesthetics of the natural loofah sponge.

Step 2: Develop a product line

Cutting melt and pour soap base on a cutting board

Step 3: Design your packaging

Step 4: Decide how and where to sell

Step 5: Start selling your soap!

Shrink wrapped honeycomb facial soap on kraft paper