Ecosoya CB Advanced Soy Wax
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As of 07/17/2019:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Product Update: July 17, 2019

NGI/EcoSoya informed us that after 20 years in business, they are closing their doors and will permanently discontinue manufacturing all Q-series soy, CB-Advanced, and PB Pillar blend waxes. Please watch the video above for more information.

EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy is made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. Candles made with CB-Advanced Soy resist frosting, have a smooth top surface and an even smooth burn pool with consistent color retention. Ships well in all climates.

Note: Wax is packaged in pastille form.
45 lb Case Size: 16.5" x 16" x 11.5"

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering CB Advanced Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

Produced from US Grown Soybeans!

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Max Fragrance 9% or 1.5oz./lb.
Applications Container / Tealight
Pour temp 125° (+/- 5°)
Wax Type Soy Wax Pastilles
Melt Point 111°
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 30 reviews)

Wax melts

I still have about 6 lbs, left of this wax can I use this to make melts in clamShells or individual wax melt containers?


Not good...not the same

This reformulated version is terrible. I have tried switching wicks, jars, amount of scent and this wax just makes terrible candles. I loved the original formulation and was sad when it was discontinued. I never found a wax that I liked better. When they brought it back, I was excited. Now I have a ton of candles that have excellent cold scent throw and zero scent when burned. Very very disappointed.

Sweet Pea n Me Crafts
CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you for leaving your feedback. While the manufacturer does state that the formula has not changed, there can certainly be some variations in the wax and you may notice differences compared to previous batches. However, we're always here to help troubleshoot. Feel free to reach out to our support team with more info and we'd be happy to help!

Like a lot of comments on here, I too, have had some wicking issues with this wax. I have been mainly working with Q210 wax and it has done a pretty good job, but it is hit and miss with wet spots. I tested this wax and it had great glass adhesion but the wick ended up drowning in the wax. My test candle for this was an 8oz Apothecary jar with a single Eco 14 wick as recommended by the wick chart. However, since the Apothecary jars border between an Extra Large and 2X Large on the wick chart, I did another test candle in an 8oz Apothecary jar with 2 Eco 8 wicks as recommended by the wick chart with this wax and a 2X Large jar. This worked very well! I had an even burn with great fragrance and the wicks did not drown. I hope this helps! :)

Vinette Candle Co

Do Not Buy

At 1st I thought my wicks were not compatible, then I thought my containers were not compatible , I changed everything, followed all protocols the 1st round and 2nd rounds,and this is the worst pooling wax that drowns your wick to death. I’m going back to Ecosoya Q230. I wasted about $100 , had very upset customers, and customer service just basically said “sorry”. Very disappointing. I love Candle Science but they need to take this wax off their website. Ecosoya should be ashamed! What a waste. Save your money and frustrations.

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for reaching out to us! While CB-Advanced is a very popular soy wax that can produce great results, wick testing is critical to ensure a strong burn profile. Wicks drowning out in the melt pool is usually a sign that the wicks are too small for the container. We hope the wick recommendations that we provided helped to achieve a stronger burn, but please feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions or feedback.

Completely Different

I bought this wax to replace the CB Advanced Soy Wax I had purchased before. I originally purchased the flakes and saw that now it's sold in pastille form instead. It is completely different from the first batch I purchased! First of all, there was frosting. Secondly, it is so slow burning that it tunnels and drowns the wick. I did research this and found that it has to do with the thickness of the wick. However, I have the tealight cups and pre-made wicks from Candlescience and it did it there too. This wax is not suitable for tea lights. I am now moving onto another brand since this wax is not even remotely similar to what it had been. Disappointed.


Best Wax

After having so much issues with GB 464, I decided to try the Ecosoya CB. My tops came out very smooth and glass adhesion was superb. Im now waiting to complete my burn test to find out what my HT smells like.



Very disappointed. Used Q210 but couldn’t handle the vinegar scent. Excited about the new Avanced but I can’t get my wicks to not drown. Waste of time and money.



I tried this wax today, after struggling with 464 for a while to the point where this was not really fun anymore. I am impressed, it is very easy to work with, heated to 185 poured at 125. The pour was great--very smooth, shiny, and pretty!!! Cold throw seems good, I hope the hot throw will be too. This may be the ONE!!!!!


the perfect wax?!!!!

like so many of you, i have struggled with 464 and the limited amount of options we have had with natural waxes. i have gone through 2 pallets of 464 in the last year, and i have had to make so many adjustments and repairs. it has not been easy. the frosting, the bubbles!!! i finally decided to give this wax a try. i used to use it years ago, but lost faith with all the fits and starts of bringing it back. i have made 2 test candles in 2 different mid size vessels. as far as i can tell this wax is incredible. the pour is gorgeous. smooth and pretty. the cold and hot throw are insane! the burn is perfect, no dancing and no smoke. i heated it to 185 and poured around 160. i am testing with cd wicks, 14- 20. i have held off writing a review for about a year now, hoping i would finally have something positive to report. i think this is it. anybody else impressed with this wax? i pour a lot of candles and have a successful business, i think i have tried just about everything. i am truly hoping this wax is the one that has it all.


Pleasantly surprised

I was so disappointed with the new ecosoya waxes, but very happy to hear they brought back the CB advanced. After buying a 10 lb bag, I decided to give this wax a try. Wow I am very happy with it. Smooth tops, no frosting (not that I stress much over that), and the scent throw is fantastic. I am back now to buy a big box of it.


Disappointed but not terrible

I recently upgraded from 464 and was looking forward to the quality that might come from this wax. The cold throw and hot throw are sufficient to my standards yet the two of the three things advertised that convinced me to buy were lacking: being free from frosting, and maintaining a smooth surface. I will say that making it in the fall vs. summer makes a significant difference yet the overall quality for the price was disappointing. The wax though, does burn evenly and I have noticed that it has a longer burn time than 464. I am not entirely giving up this wax and it is a definite upgrade to 464 yet lacks many of the qualities expected of the price increase.


Love the New Formulation

The new formulation has worked amazingly well for us!!! I’ve gone down in wick size and the candles are burning evenly!! I am loving the hot and cold scent throw as well:)

*I did only start the new formulation wax after the “vinegar” smell issues were resolved*

Rhonda Riley

same same name BUT NOT THE SAME AT ALL.

I almost stopped candle making after CB Advanced was discontinued because it was frustrating working with the other waxes in comparison. I was thinking the climate in NY is not ideal for candle making with extreme temperature and humidity changes. When CB Advanced came back, like a pet that had been abducted by aliens and returned, I was so excited to have my wax back but then I soon realized that this was no longer the CB Advanced that I had known and loved. I tried every wick, the largest one was too big and the pool drowned the flame and the next size down was too small and didn't burn out to the edge tunneling down and also drowning the wick....I have now 50 pounds of wax that I have been experimenting with and giving candles away to friends with instructions to pour wax out when the flame gets weak. I cant sell candles like this. I am wondering why did they discontinue the previous wax and why is it completely different now....


Terrible batch variation

I had never used the original Advanced, but happily tried it when it was released again in Australia. The first box performed well, though I did feel the hot and cold throw was not as amazing as people had suggested. Then a big price decrease happened across all suppliers in Australia (I don't know why). I got another box.....and it is terrible! Cold throw is poor, hot throw is noticeably worse than the previous box. The worst thing though is the shrinkage....the candles literally shrink so badly that they rattle in their jars and would fall out if the wick was not stuck to the bottom! I've played around with all variables and tested it against other waxes and have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with this wax. Unable to get a refund from my supplier (they won't admit something is wrong), I've moved on to another wax.


An update from my previous review....I ended up mixing the two waxes I had left, the new CB Advanced and the Ecosoya 210, used larger wicks in all the jars, in come cases 2 wicks and WOW! They came out beautiful with amazing scent throw. The ratio is was roughly half and half, so I ordered 10# of each one and am ready to go again. Happy day!


Not the Same but Better Than the Others

I used to use the flake cb Advanced before it was discontinued. Right now I'm testing the 4oz tins with the eco 8 wicks and I'm happy to say it looks/ smells good. No, it's not the same but it's better than the Q series or any other soys I've tried to replace the original cb adv. with. Expect some differences (tops may have to have a heat gun sweep to smooth) and go 2 sizes up for wicks until they bring the original back.

Don't call it by the original name, when it's far from it

I gave this 2 stars because they removed the awful vinegar scent, and I actually like the pastille form it's in, but that's as far as I can go with this. The scent throw is terrible and the wicking I used with the original advanced does not work at all anymore. I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars, and hours of time trying to make this sellable. I'd be the happiest customer on the planet if you would actually bring back the original formula, but heed my advice and pass on this one.


SO VERY HAPPY to have the CB Advanced Back

There is no wax that we like better than the ES CB Advanced wax. It gives our fragrances great scent throw and looks very nice in our glass jars. Thank you for bring it back! Will leave another review after we have used this new CB Advanced - to see if its just like the good ol' wax. :)

OakviewCandleCompany - Easton MD


I've been making candles for a year now. I am having a hard time with this new Ecosoya CB Advanced wax.
What wicks are working the best for you all out there? I can't seen to get a consistent wax pool all the way
down the Tumbler container (Classic tumbler). I have been using a 14 or 16 Ecowick .
Any Suggestions?

Suzanne B

So Happy to Have it Back!

Melts down quick, holds scents great & solidifies beautifully. I'm glad the cb adv. is back because it's the best soy I've used so far!


Hi from Perth, Australia, My business was built around CB Adv, beautiful wax with very few issues. I was devastated Ecosoya stopped producing it. I was super excited when they chose to bring it back though and after a considerable amount of testing I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not the same CB Adv I know and love. Using my standard 2.5” Jars wick size has gone up by 3 sizes, having to double pour to ensure a perfect surface and the hot throw is nowhere close to what it used to be. I wonder why they’ve messed with something that was already fantastic. Such a shame.

Anna Paton

I was so happy with the previous version of the CB Advanced wax. Never had any problems, smooth top, good scent throw. I was disappointed they discontinued it. Tried a couple other brands, much to my dismay. Then happily bought 10# of the new Advanced wax, and my whole batch of candles are useless! They all needed a larger wick or even two wicks. I'm not sure if I'll try another batch or not. Not pleased at all :(


Ecosoya cb adv

I'm happy with the newly released cb . It takes some work to retest but I'm very happy to have it back !

Chris d


I've also noticed that the price has been dramatically reduced by all suppliers here in Australia in last few weeks for the new CB Advanced formula.


Hi from Australia....2 years ago I launched a home candle business. Being a beginner I decided on Ecosoy Advanced as the reviews were great for beginners. I was so pleased and the business thrived even better than I imagined. When that was discontinued, I switched to the Q210 but after lots of testing, and not happy with the vinegar smell, I eventually threw it all out. I was excited to see Advanced released again but definitely not happy as it's obvious they changed it from the original. It has very poor cold throw (non existent) and very poor hot throw. The wicks need to be a size bigger than before. Luckily I have a customer who only wants unscented candles so I use it for her. I have switched to another brand which has good throw but still testing wick sizes. Very expensive exercise costing me a lot of time and money. Why they changed a perfectly good product still baffles me.



I used CB advanced before they discontinued it and it worked great with the formula 1lb wax to 1oz fragrance oil. I switched over to 464 and 444 which were both nightmares and was stoked when they re released CB advanced. I used the same amount of fragrance oil as before thinking it would turn out the same. There was no cold throw with the new wax. I tested some candles and not much of a hot throw either. With the new CB advanced, I have found that you need to use 1lb wax to 1.5oz fragrance. Heated the wax to 165 and poured at 120. The tops set really nicely. I use 5/8” (.03) wooden wicks in a 3” diameter jar. The cold and hot throw are better but not great. I’m bummed this wax is not performing the same as before they discontinued it. Should have named it something else if it’s not the same wax.


Pretty Frustrated.....

So first a little background.....I am a new candle maker. I have been in the testing process for 2 months. Stupid me, I have already advertise the launching of my new company for June 15th ( a week from now) and I am still having trouble. So the first wax I tested when I started was GB 444. Great hot throw, no wet spots BUT I could not for the life of me get a smooth top. I tried all the ticks I read about and nothing worked. Reheated the top...just hardened back to a rough frosted, cratery top. Even when I burned the candle they would re-harden to rough tops. So moving on.....I heard that this amazing wax that everyone loved was re-launching....enter EcoSoya CB Advanced. On a side note, I really wish CandleScience would delete ALL reviews prior to the revised product because that leaves a newbie somewhat mislead. Even though I knew the product was a relaunch when I bought could argue it gives false hope. Anyway, I went through about 6 lbs of CB advanced. I LOVED how it set up. Very smooth tops....I did get wets spots but for me that was better than rough cratery tops. BUT, in the last few days....after curing candle for 10 days... I have started test burning the same scents as I did in the GB 444 and there is almost zero hot throw. These scents were amazing in GB 444 but are almost non existent in CD frustrating. Now, I have GB 464 coming tomorrow to try. I am going to try it as a standalone first but then I may try mixing the two. See if I can get the scent throw of the GB products with the set up qualities of the CB Advanced. Has anyone tried this yet? Please let me know.


The search continues

Scent throw is very underwhelming and also if you’re using the ECO wicks with this then I’d recommend using at least one size larger than is recommended on the candle wick guide on this site.


More reviews of the new release needed

I wish more people would describe their experiences with this wax now that it is available again. Does it perform as well as it did before it was discontinued? I loved this wax and never had any problems with it. Always had beautiful smooth frost-free surfaces and no tunneling. Wish I could say the same for the GB 464 but that wax gave me nothing but trouble, the most frustrating of which was the lumpy wrinkly surfaces it produced upon setting. I tried everything, but No matter what I did I couldn’t completely overcome that issue. I’m cautiously thrilled that EcoSoya is back.


Haven't used the wax yet, but just opening the bag is already an improvement from the newer Q210 wax in that the wax itself does not have that same awful smell. Overall I like the performance of the Q210, I just can't stand the awful sour smell. If the relaunched CB advanced preforms as well without the stink I will be very happy.