IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Blend Wax

IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Blend Wax

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Can't decide between paraffin and soy? Get the best of both worlds with IGI's 6006. This paraffin/soy blend offers the fragrance throw and easy burning of paraffin, with the appealing look and usability of soy. This blend can hold 1 2/3 oz of fragrance per pound (10%), and requires no additional additives - just add color and fragrance.

60 lb. Case Size: 19.25" x 12.5" x 10.5"
* The weight on slabbed wax can vary slightly.
* Cases contain 6 slabs of wax packaged together in a reinforced cardboard box.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Wax Type Paraffin/Soy Blend
Appearance Semi-Gloss, Opaque
Max Fragrance 10% or 1 2/3oz./lb.
Applications Container / Tealight
Pour temp 170° (+/-5°)
Oil Content .4
Melt Point 133°


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No Scent Throw
Submitted on 2015-08-01

I switched to this wax from 464 because I believed all the reviews saying it had an awesome hot and cold throw and needed less fragrance than soy.

I HATE this wax. I've wasted so much money on it. I've used 1.5oz/lb of wax with Sweet Pea and Caribbean Teakwood fragrance and I get a miserable hot throw and not a great cold throw. Grapefruit and Mangosteen I used 1oz/lb of fragrance and I have a great cold throw but no hot throw. I've got Huckleberry fragrance (from a different supplier) going right now at 2oz/lb (the highest I'm willing to go, slightly higher than recommended) and I can't smell it AT ALL hot or cold. Smells amazing out of the bottle and while mixing so I don't believe it's the fragrance.

I will be going back to 464.

Submitted on 2015-07-24

I needed to make a quick decision on a wax because the straight soy that I used turned out awful. Just by reading the reviews on this wax I took a chance and ordered. The Best Decision ever!!! It's like night and day. No frosting, no starring, no cracking, awesome scent throw hot and cold. I'm Hooked!!

I am so glad I switched over!
Submitted on 2015-07-08

When I started candle making a few months back I used 100% soy. The soy is hard to get perfect and the hot scent throw is not strong. I switched over to this wax, and I am so happy I did. I made over 30 candles without a hitch. They all came out perfect. I save money on dye and fragrance oil since I use less per pound compared to soy. The hot throw is wonderful. This is my permanent wax!

Submitted on 2015-05-26

My wife and i created a side candle business and were using GB 444 and did not go well once we used this all of our problems went away. Only one thing is i wish military got a discount from the site.

So far so...
Submitted on 2015-03-17

GOOD! I have had a great time using this wax, so far. I'm a newbie at candle-making, and this wax makes it easy. I used the 'White Tea and Berry' fragrance at 1.5 oz/ 1 lb. and the cold throw isn't as strong as I was expecting to be, so I REALLY hope the hot throw is stronger. It smelled nice when I mixed it with the wax, and if it smells anything like it did then while its lit then I'll be alright.

Great product!!

Great for beginners
Submitted on 2015-02-10

I'm very happy with my purchase of this wax. I was working with GB 464 and was having both frosting and sinkhole issues as well as hot throw, the wax was just too inconsistent for me as a casual candle maker. I purchased this wax and had some great first pours! I had sink hole issues around the wick but I found that could be reduced by pouring around 160 (that and a heat gun!). I have run into one issue however, which is tunneling. I made candles in Ball jelly jars with a diameter of about 2.3". I used the ECO 2 wick as suggested but my burn pool isn't wide enough. Perhaps maybe ill move up to the ECO 8? if anyone has wick suggestions please let me know! other than that both the cold and hot throw are way more prevalent than I experienced with the 464!

two thumbs up!
Submitted on 2015-01-24

Loving this wax blend. Pour at 180. Sometimes has wet spots, sometimes top isnt smooth, even though I preheat my glass, but overall great wax! Beautiful texture, no frosting, generally good cold throw at 8-10%, great hot throws. Burns rather quick (no more than 30hrs on a 9oz) , sooting with LX 24 wick (gotta cut them real short). My glass size is 3.25 inches... HTP 104 too small. Trying Eco wicks based on CS recommendation, will update.

Love, Love, Love this Wax
Submitted on 2015-01-18

I forgot to mention that I preheat my jars for just a few minutes before pouring the wax. :)

Love, Love, Love this Wax
Submitted on 2015-01-18

I am fairly new at candle making and after watching the video on how to make soy candles, I bought some of the GW 464 that was in the video. I've gone through a case of it, and was having such a hard time with frosting, wet spots, rough tops, and sinkholes that I almost gave up,but after reading reviews on the different waxes decided to try the IGI 6006 blend. I'm SO glad I did! I have virtually eliminated all frost, and wet spots. This is how I've done it: I add 1 TBS Coconut cooking oil to the melted wax @185°, Pour the wax between 165° and 170°, after they have set up enough to move, I put them in an ice chest that I've preheated with a heat gun, to make sure they don't cool too quickly. I leave them overnight and the next morning I had no frosting, sinkholes or wet spots. They are a beautiful, creamy texture. with perfect tops. I've done 14 of them this way and so far, so good.
I will never go back to straight soy again.
Hope this helps someone else who frustrated and getting disenchanted.

great for first timers!
Submitted on 2015-01-08

I'm new to candle making and this is the only wax I've used so far. I wanted to use Soy but from the reviews I've read it can be hard to get just right. So I tried this one and its so smooth. I do occasionally get wet spots but they're always small enough to cover with my label. I haven't had very good hot throws so far but I'm still experimenting with my FO amounts so that could be why. Cold throw is almost always amazing though! I used an Eco 2 wick in a 2.75 in jar and the melt pool just barely reaches the sides of the jar so I don't get any tunneling as long as I let it burn for at least a few hours each time. In the medium straight sided jars (which hold 5.8 oz i believe) I get around 40 hours of burn time.

Trouble wicking
Submitted on 2014-10-13

So far I like this wax - has a great smooth look and nice hot throw scent. I made a large 3 in jar and used the wick recommended Eco 8 and it tunneled right down the center. I see there a few people who are also having this issue. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Submitted on 2014-09-16

So far so good with this wax! I am new to candle making, so I wasn't sure what to start with. I chose GB 464 and had a really hard time with it (even after pouring at cooler and cooler temperatures, cooling it more slowing my covering my pot, pouring slower, etc). Even after all that I was still getting rough tops and almost no hot throw. I did a little more research and decided to try IGI 6006. It's so much better and I think it's easier to handle than soy. I just made a batch of Dragon's Blood candles. They are so smooth and pretty. The cold throw is amazing and it holds color beautifully. I have to wait until tomorrow to light one, so not sure how the hot throw is yet, but I have a good feeling this will be my go to wax! Definitely sticking with this one!

Love it!
Submitted on 2014-09-16

I must say I started with pure soy and I just could not perfect the look of my candles no matter what I did. I started using IGI 6006 and I have the best looking candles and the hot throw is unbelievable and the cold throw is also just as great. I've had customers tell me "when I walked into my house I thought I had forgot to turn the candle off" because the cold throw is that good. And when people tell me how great their purchase was just makes me feel great!

Submitted on 2014-07-07

Oh, we're using 10% FO.

Does anyone get soot when using this wax?
Submitted on 2014-07-07

This wax works perfectly; however, we're still trying to experiment on the wicks. We're using a 3" container and the CS recommendation is ECO 2 - ECO 8. The ECO 2 is too small and the ECO 8 is also a bit small and produces a bit too much soot to my liking.

We also tried ALL the other brands and find that some soot (particularly LX and ECO). Anyone else experience this?

Any wick suggestions would be helpful. So far, we're liking HTP 104 (HTP 126 produces a better pool but wick flickers a bit too much and produces soot), RRD55 (good pool but a bit of flickering and mushrooming) and now trying CSN 16 (as CSN 14 is a bit too small).

Any help would be great!!!

Product review update!
Submitted on 2014-03-09

I don't know why, but when I was using the wick guide, I searched for 4' or larger. I use 16oz mason jars, and the perfect wick is the Eco 2 6". This is still by far the best wax I've ever laid my little fingers on. I recommend it to anyone who's just starting out, or is a candle veteran.

Parasoy blend igi 6006
Submitted on 2014-01-02

I'm loving this wax! It's so easy to separate, and what
Wax that stays on my hands can be rubbed in for baby soft hands!
I do however need to repour once because of small dips in the top.
I definitely recommend this wax for all jar candle makers.
I still can't find the perfect wick. I tried csn 14, but got a
Small amount of tunneling. I use a 16oz mason, and if
Anyone has any suggestions on wick, please email me


Submitted on 2013-07-04

I live in a cold foggy forever-drizzling climate, and spent months trying to force my soy candles to look perfect despite the climate. They improved dramatically, but there were still so many aesthetic issues. I finally decided to give IGI 6006 a try, and every candle I've made since the switch is PERFECT! The wick suggested by CandleScience was likewise the exact right choice. The hot throw is wonderful, the appearance is beautiful, I am never going back to pure soy.

Excellent Wax!
Submitted on 2012-05-30

Wonderful wax; consistent, with none of the issues you get from pure soy, i.e., frosting, mottled tops, adhesion. Holds color very well with even the palest of shades and the scent throw is excellent. Very long and even burning clean candle!

Love it!

LONG Burning candles.
Submitted on 2011-03-16

This wax is great. Really easy to work. Beautiful looking candles, smooth, and great color. However, made really long burning candles. More than 4 hrs burning and still no burning even. I try whisper jar with light color Eco10 & Eco12 1.5oz FO per pound.

Very good wax!
Submitted on 2010-07-22

This wax has GREAT scent throw hot and cold.Takes color very well and has a very long burn time.I use an ECO-6 in a 8oz. mason with 8% f.o. load. TRY IT!