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Paraffin Container Wax (MP-117)
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We’re excited to bring this unique paraffin wax to the handcrafted market. Thoroughly tested (just like all our products!) by our in-house team of experts, Paraffin Container Wax (MP-117) is a high-performance, single-pour container paraffin wax that results in creamy white, semi-gloss candles.

MP-117 is packaged in slabs, but it’s soft and easy to cut into smaller pieces. Also, unlike most paraffin waxes, there’s minimal shrinkage. This product requires no additional additives - just add color and fragrance. We recommend this wax for use on its own or as a blender.

  • The weight per slab can vary; however, the total weight of a case is 45 lbs.
  • Cases contain 4 slabs of wax.

To help you get the best results from MP-117 check out our lab notes.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

Wholesale Ordering
View our wholesale page for more information on ordering in bulk.

Made in the USA


Wax Type
Opaque, Semi-Gloss
Container, Tea Light
Max Fragrance
Rec. Wick Series
Melt Point
Pour Temp
170º +/- 5ºF
Prop 65 Warning


Heat to 185°F using a double boiler. Add 6% fragrance (1 oz. per pound of wax), remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 170° F (+/-5°F). Allow candles to cure for five days for optimal fragrance throw.

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