12 oz. Glass Status Jar for candles
Top view of the 12 oz. Glass Status Jar
 12 oz. Glass Status Jar with candle wax inside
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Wholesale Pricing:
3 - 43 Cases $14.46 $1.21 /pc
44 - 87 Cases $13.94 $1.16 /pc
88+ [pallet] $13.27 $1.11 /pc
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Product Update: July 26, 2021
Global shipping delays may impact our ability to restock this product. Restock dates are only an estimate based on anticipated delivery from manufacturers, which means that dates are subject to change. We will share any information about delays and dates on this product page.

Our 12 oz. Status Jar is a great option if you are looking to add a slightly more modern or contemporary candle to your line. We recommend only filling this container with 8.9 oz of wax to make wicking a bit easier. We also offer a 21 oz. Status Jar.

Tops are sold separately.
The 12 oz. Status Jar works with the following tops:
Large Flat Top
Bronze Metal Flat Lid
Silver Metal Flat Lid
Black Metal Flat Lid

How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 8.9 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 11.8 fl. oz.
Manufacturer Spec. - 12.5 oz.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
GB 464 - CD 18
IGI 4630 - LX 22
IGI 6006 - ECO 8
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations for other waxes! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

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Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.



Total Height 4"
Recommended Wick Height 3.25"
Outside Diameter 3.03"
Inside Diameter 2.9375
Max Labeling Area 9.875" x 3.25"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 49 reviews)

Lovely jars but…

I really love these jars BUT I have a hard time centering my wicks. Because of the outer edge on the bottom of the jar it’s hard to eyeball the center and no one makes a wick placement tool for this jar. I also double wick this jar sometimes and that’s hard as well. May have to look into switching jars unfortunately.

Candle maker
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're sorry to hear you're running into some trouble wicking these particular jars. if you're looking for a wick setter, we do carry the EZ Wick Setter at the link below that is compatible with this jar! A member of our support team has also reached out via email with some additional suggestions that could help you with the centering process in the meantime.

Wick Setter: https://www.candlescience.com/equipment/ez-wick-setter-single

Lovely Jars

These are such lovely jars, I just cannot seem to have any luck finding a wick with the use of 464 soy! Used the suggested wick size and got no luck ):

Jah'Nyia Mills
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving your review. Our suggestions are a great place to begin your testing, but in some cases, your unique process can benefit from an adjustment. A member of our support team has reached out via email to see how we can assist further with this!


I Love these jars and so do my clients. I love how modern they are. I wish they would hurry and get back in stock!



wick suggested doesnt fit, bummer being i brought a big bag. i love the glass itself though, very elegant and cute.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! A team member is reaching out shortly to help with troubleshooting!

Customer's Favorite

These Jars are the staple of my business. Clients love the clear glass and the ability to see the flame. Also, I have many clients that love to recycle and return the jars to me. They wash well and are able to be reused over and over. And, thank you for keeping us posted through the Libbey shortage.



As a new small candle business I get all my items from candle science! I absolutely love these jars and the way they look my only disappointment was a few jars came broken. Their was no fragile sticker & the box was very heavy so I assume it was thrown around. Other than that no complaints!


Vita’s candles

These jar are perfect .

Vita’s candles

Broken Jars

I am a bit upset with my purchase. My jars came with 2 broken and glass everywhere. There’s not even a fragile sticker on the shipping box. I usually buy fragrance from CS and this was the first I bought jars from them because I local vendor was out of stock.

Nhi Tran

Two Birds Craft Works

These have become my signature vessel - sturdy, classy, and easy to label. While I've received broken pieces in past shipments (which Candle Science has replaced without hesitation), I just placed my largest order of 10 boxes, and only ONE piece was broken! That's impressive! I want to also publicly thank all staff at Candle Science for their consistently excellent customer service - from packing, to shipping, to complaint resolution - they're always on top of the game and there is no comparison out there. For as long as I go on this journey, I'll be loyal to CS!

Dee Adams

I love these jars but I am having trouble wicking these jars! Iv tried just about everything even wood wicks nothing is working ! Any suggestions


Like them but a couple notes

The jars themselves are pretty and fairly sturdy, but the glass isn’t blown evenly on the inside. This can lead the candles to looking lopsided when looked at head on and even encouraged separation between the glass and the wax. I’d give it a 5 star if they could straighten it.


Good but broken

The reason these jars do not get a 5-star review is because when I recieved the package, two of the jars were shattered. Due to my deadline I went ahead and used the remaining 10 jars. The jars are sturdy and look expensive, but just weren't packed the best which is why I assume two of the jars came to me broken. I still do recommend for candle making.

Rebecca Moussazadeh
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thanks so much for giving us the chance to take care of this for you!

Love these glasses but having trouble wicking it I use 464 soy wax and I've tried cd18 cd22 + Eco 14



I love the jars , they were not packed well, I could hear them bumping around when I unpacked it 1 was broken, not sure hoe to be compensated for that . Please contact me CS , Other than that fast shipping and I’m always satisfied with CS

Anita Louise
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We'll be reaching out to you shortly!


I have not received my jars yet, because I literally ordered them 10 minutes ago, and they have shipped already. That’s crazy fast!

Anita Louise🌸

My First Choice!!

I ordered 36 status jars and several of them arrived broken on a Saturday. I sent a message to CS. The next business day (Monday) I went to contact CS and noticed that they had already sent out a case of status jars. More than what was broken. CANDLE SCIENCE IS AWESOME!

Pamela Kidd

update on crack jars

I melted the wax out of the jars and it was the wax giving the cracked appearance. So these are nice jars.



I love the jars. I made 1 candle and after my candle set it was fine. Checked on the candle a few days later and there are cracks in the glass. I have not dropped the candle or anything. Not sure if I got a defective batch but scared to sell to customers due to it might get cracks in the glass once they receive it.



Hello,please help me,What size wick would I need for these jar, I'm using Golden Brands 464, 12% FO,and Liquid Candle Dye. Thank you.


Needs a lid

The jars are very nice, wicks are great, I can't find lids😢😥

Debra Johnson

Defected but still a nice jar

Although these glass jars come with lopsided insides that's visible to the eye, especially when wax gets poured (bummer)--I still love them due to the look. I was wondering what is the best wick for the jars? I use C-6 coco-soy wax. Thanks for any tips.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a review. Our Support Team has reached out to you via email with some helpful tips!

This was my first purchase from CS and I can definitely see why they are a top supplier in candle groups.
The jars are beautiful and solid. Haven’t used them yet but shipping was super quick.
Just placed another order for FO


These jars look great and are best sellers for my company. I use GB 464 with CD 22 wicks and the bronze flat lid. I get 10 oz in the jars and they are full!


Love these Jars

I love the look of these jars. Would like to use double wicks with these jars. I’m using 464 which wicks should i try? Thanks


King of Cartoons

The jars are uneven on the inside in the bottom. All of the insides on these jars are slanted slightly


Great containers

Having trouble wicking with GW 444, any suggestions?

The candle lady

Love the jar

I love these jars very thick glass and classy. Does the Kraft box work with these jars?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Unfortunately, we do not carry any boxes that fit these containers.


I love this candle i am currently using the LX wick and its not burning well , which wick size do you recommend for parafin comfort blend


Love these jars. I am now using C3 Wax. Would ECO 14 be a good starting point for testing. 8% Fragrance load.


Love the look of the glasses and very new to candle making. I'm having trouble with wicking my coco83 wax and have only tried CD10 AND CD12. Any suggestions?


I love these

Sturdy thick jars. I use them for a specific candle line of mine and they are absolutely perfect. The status lids are also phenomenal. Great for large detailed/complex labels as well.


Awesome Jars

I use these jars all the time, I love them and I use soy wax & eco wick 10 6" and have perfect burns.


Classy Jar

I think this is an attractive, classy jar for candles. Not having the tops designed for screw-on lids elevates the appearance over many other jars, and the extra glass on the bottom contributes to a sturdy, elegant look. I finished off with the silver flat lids.
These were packed well and arrived in perfect condition.
I can fit 10 oz (9 wax, 1 fragrance oil), but it's *very* full.


Love the jars, however, having a little trouble with the wick size. What is your recommendation of wick size for Golden Brands 464?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Typically, we'd recommend starting with a CD 18 or an ECO 14 for testing with the 464 wax. Depending on your particular recipe, however, you may need to wick up or down a size. If you'd like to tell us a bit more about your materials and process, we'd be happy to troubleshoot further at support@candlescience.com!

I’m using 6006/soy blend which wix do you recommend?

cynthia moreno
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We would recommend starting your testing with the ECO 8 wick. You may need to adjust from there so be sure to start with a small batch test. Moving forward, our wick guide is always a great resource for selecting a wick to start testing with. You can find it here: https://www.candlescience.com/learning/wick-guide.

Wright size

I’m using IG 6006 what kind of wick do you recommend?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! For the 6006 wax and the 12oz status jar, we'd typically recommend starting testing with an ECO 8 wick. Please feel free to reach out to our support team with any specific questions or concerns at support@candlescience.com!


These are exactly as described and are great for candles. I am very satisfied and my customers have been as well.

BlueKrow Artistry

Broken Glasses

I purchase 5 cases of these jars, 1 case came damage can you please put fragile labels all over these boxes please to avoid them from being toss around. All of your products are excellent very quick and prompt service.

Latisha Pratt
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are sorry that you had some damaged glassware. Our support team will be in touch soon.

Excellent Quality

My order arrived in perfect condition. I couldn’t find any flaws in the glassware if I tried. Combined these jars with the bronze flat lid for a classic look. I also like the fact these jars hold a pretty perfect 8 oz of wax. East to center/place the wicks in the bottom of the jar. Very pleased with CandleScience as a whole!

Tish K.

Contemporary and Versatile

I really like to use these and my customers love them! I can do so much with them.,For example, I can leave them plain or with a great label, depending
on what event show I am doing and the theme of that show. The customers like the style and fits very well with any home decor!



Jars and Lids fit snugly with no manufacturing flaws. Everything worked out fine for me, unlike other customers who were not so lucky. Sounds like a refund is due in those cases.


Like Allison below me, be careful. These lids DO NOT FIT and I have since begun buying my 12oz's from another vendor. Candle Science NEEDS to get the squared away, til then, my money is going to somebody who can give me lids that fit.


I really like these jars. I switched over to them from the apothecary jars for a more upscale look. Only issue I have is the flat glass lids that are supposed to fit them don't always fit. Not sure if it's a problem with the jars or a problem with the lids. However due to this, I have to sell some of them at a discount due to not having a lid and cannot use them in my retail stores at all without the lids which is a problem.


Perfect candle jars

I used these with GB 464 and ECO 16 or ECO 14 with no dye. Burns evenly the whole way down.


I love the look of these jars. I did have a hard time finding the right wick and tested several different brands and sizes. I'm now using (2) Eco 4 wicks with IGI6006 wax. It burns exactly the way I want it to. Very happy.


Nice Modern Look

Love this container.

I did my test with one HTP 126 and burned for over 5 hours and it never went to a complete pool.

Second test I inserted (2) HTP 105 and did test within 35 mins had a complete wax pool leaving the sides clean and a great scent.

Will purchase more....Don't forget the glass flat tops..


This is not like, this is love

This 'status jar' really elevates the appearance of my finished product. The shape is modern and classy and perfect for wrapping my candle labels around. The 'flared' bottom really adds a distinguishing touch!


sleek and stylish

I love these jars, very simple, sleek and stylish. Great weight to them and will definitely buy them again, if I can find a wick that burns correctly.

Alison Bostock

Love these Containers!

I just ordered 7 cases of these containers and I absolutely love them! They give my container candles such a stylish look, they are going to look incredible in my new shop!