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Wholesale Pricing:
8 - 59 cases $6.36 $0.53 /pc
60 - 119 cases $6.10 $0.51 /pc
120 + [pallet] $5.79 $0.48 /pc
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Our 16 oz. Mason Jar is a best seller, but lots of people want a similar jar with plain sides. The 16 oz. Canning Jar fits the bill as it is totally round and has no markings for easy labeling.

Notice: Our 16 oz. canning jars may have a slight green tint due to the manufacturer using high percentage of recycled glass to make the jar. This coloring can vary between batches during the manufacturing process.

Tops are sold separately.
The 16 oz. Canning Jar works with any of the #70 G Threaded lids; antique gold, black, gold, silver, pewter, rustic, white, gold daisy, or pewter daisy.

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How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 10.1 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 12.7 fl. oz.


Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.
Height 5.1"
Diameter 3.15"
Max Labeling Area 9 7/8" x 3"
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

(based upon 6 reviews)

I love these jars! They’re not too big and not too small. I can barley notice a green tint, they are just smooth and perfect for labels!

These jars are just the right size and have a nice smooth surface making them a breeze to label.

Too small for me

I currently use a 16oz Mason jar from another company. I thought I would try these jars as I want a smoother finish than the ones I have. They are much smoother and look nice but they aren’t 16oz like I thought. (I guess I should have read the details better, my bad.)
The other mason jars are much wider and taller so I guess I won’t be using these jars after all.
They are nice jars, just too small for my labels.

Owner, Tahoe Bath and Candle Works

I just saw the reviews on these jars and I feel I have to comment. Yes, there is a very slight green tint in these jars...very slight. We make colored soy candles, including white, and have had no issues with the slight tint. It does NOT tint our candles at all. We've been using this jar for many years and have made many thousands of candles with it. It's a very good jar with a very good track record with our company.

Tinted Jars

I agree with the comment below. I've been doing business with Candlescience for over three years. I have never once had a problem with these jars, but recently received a huge order, all with a tint. I took a chance this last week (nearly two months later) to place an order to see if they had managed to fix the problem or get rid of the tinted inventory and they haven't. I actually just had a store decline their order when I informed them of my current predicament. Candlescience was, like Lisa explained, basically unhelpful. This is a huge detriment to my small business and hurts my relationship with my retailers deeply. Currently working with a new glass company and will be sourcing my jars from them for now on. Candlescience, you have lost a lot of money I would otherwise be spending with you. When you're selling to businesses and advertising that you do so, you must stay consistent with us. What a disappointment.

I love these jars and want to give them 5 stars, however the last big shipment of these I ordered all have a green tint to them, the old ones were completely clear and is noticeable when my candles are side by side. I am really disappointed in customer serivice because it's not considered a defect and I am welcome to return them but would have to pay return shipping which is so expensive. I'm just starting my business and can't afford to do that and I can't afford to have a product that isn't consistent. Please work on this!