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16 oz Tapered Canning Jar

16 oz. Tapered Canning Jar

16 oz. Tapered Canning Jar

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Simple and sleek, our 16 oz. Tapered Canning Jar is extremely similar to our 16 oz. Canning Jar. They share the same diameter, wick recommendations, and recommended wax fill line. The difference between the two, though, matters when it comes to labeling. The shoulder and base on the 16 oz. Tapered Canning Jar tapers a bit lower than our standard 16 oz Canning Jar, creating a 0.5” (1.3 cm) reduction in label area.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard 16 oz. Canning Jar, this sleek jar could be it. Just keep in mind that the maximum area for a label is reduced by half an inch (1.3 cm).

Note: The 16 oz. Tapered Canning Jar has a slightly green tint due to the manufacturer’s use of recycled glass. This coloring can vary between batches. We’ve found the green tint on these jars to be slightly less than the 16 oz. Canning Jars.

Looking for a lid? The 16 oz. Tapered Canning Jar works with any of the #70 G Threaded lids; antique gold, black, gold, gold plastisol-lined, silver, pewter, rustic, white, or pewter daisy.

How much wax will it hold? 
See this information in the Properties section of this page. Learn more about container wax weight and volume.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

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Made in the USA


Glass Transparency
Wax Weight (to Fill Line)
12.5 oz (354 g)
Volume (to Overflow)
16.9 fl oz (500 mL)
5.06" (12.9 cm)
3.06" (7.8 cm)
Max Labeling Area
9.875" x 2.5" (25.1 cm x 6.4 cm)
Prop 65 Warning

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