Charcoal Color Nordic Ceramic Tumbler Container
Charcoal Color Nordic Ceramic Tumbler with wax inside
Black, Charcoal, and White Nordic Ceramic Tumblers
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Wholesale Pricing:
6 - 44 Cases $30.37 $2.53 /pc
45 - 89 Cases $29.59 $2.47 /pc
90+ Cases $28.81 $2.40 /pc
Ships from East Coast.
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Get your hygge on with our Nordic Ceramic Tumblers in Charcoal, a lovely shade of deep, dark grey. These containers are elegant but unpretentious, with a rounded base for a streamlined silhouette. With a modern, soft-touch matte finish, these ceramic tumblers are attractive pieces of decor for any space. Also available in White and Black

Looking for a lid? We have two options! Check out our Bamboo or Cork Lids. 

How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 10 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 13.5 fl. oz.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
GB 464 - CD 18
IGI 4630 - LX 22
IGI 6006 - ECO 8
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations for other waxes! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

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Note: Labels for the Nordic Ceramic Tumblers can be a little tricky due to the gently tapered shape of the jar. We recommend not utilizing the entire height of the jar for labels and instead stick to a narrower portion.

Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.



Height 3.75"
Inside Diameter 3.25"
Outside Diameter 3.5"
Max Labeling Area 11" x 3"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 32 reviews)

Kingdom Harvest Co.- owner

I love these vessels, they are beautiful! The bamboo lids look fabulous! I’m currently working on wicking them, any suggestions? I uses 464 wax.

Jennifer Smith
CandleScience Reply

Hi There, We're so glad to you're enjoying these containers and the new matching Bamboo Lids! When using this container with Golden Brands 464, we recommend starting testing with a CD 18 or ECO 14 wick. You may find you need to adjust your wick size up or down from there depending on your fragrance and dye choices, but either of these should be a great place to begin! If you would ever like a second opinion on wick recommendations or if you're having any trouble in burn tests, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team at and we would always be happy to help!

Wicking frustrated...

I am excited to have these lovely tumblers, there exactly as I pictured, the problem I'm having is I cannot find a wick either cotton nor wood. Tried the suggestion with the luck.plz help me put a blaze to this container. Currently using GB464 Soy., As trying to be eco friendly and clean as possible.

CandleScience Reply

Hi There, We're so glad to hear you're enjoying these containers but we're so sorry to hear you've been having some trouble with wick tests! Our Wick Guide will offer a solid starting point for testing, but results can certainly vary since every candle will burn a little differently than the next. A member of our Support team will be reaching out to you via email today to see how we can help!

Difficult to wick

I LOVE these jars and am excited that lids are now available, too. I have had issues, however, finding the right wick that does not tunnel. I use a 3:1 beeswax coconut oil ratio and have found it very tricky to balance a strong flame to create a full melt pool and a smoky flickery flame. Help sincerely appreciated!

Nicole Gross-Camp
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thanks for your kind words about the Nordic Ceramic Tumblers! We are big fans of them here too! I'm sorry the wicking process has been a bit difficult for you thus far. A member of our team will be reaching out via email shortly to help point you in the right direction!

Love these jars but:)….

These jars add a nice touch to your brand but it would be even better if they had lids for them however I managed to creat dusters for them which kinda helps but still would prefer lids and also labeling is a bit of an issue but I guess the duster can also have the info that would go on a label is a way to solve these two problems. As far as the color goes I don’t mind it at all

Izzy & Lily Co

Pretty, but ...

I really love the feel and look of these containers. I have been dying to use them ever since they came out, but I've mainly been waiting on lids for them. Also a major issue I've come across is getting labels to work on these. The sides are not perfectly straight so labels - multiple shapes and sizes that I've tried - pucker and bubble up which looks unprofessional. They also just don't stick super well to the material of the jars which makes this issue even worse. Also wicking these jars was a bit of a challenge. Wish I could love these jars.



These came just as I imagined them! I really like the dimension they give with my label inserts. Looking forward to them being back in stock;)!!


Label Issue

These are fantastic... the only issue being that my label is 7" and because of the slight curve on this vessel, the label can't go on straight and flat. Makes little wrinkles in the label along the bottom rim. I'd change the label, but my line is in collaboration with local artists and needs the space to display their art. Wish these were more straight sided.


Awesome quality

I just ordered these and they came in so early, Thank you candlescience! These are very good quality vessels and I cant wait to start testing these. Just a small thing, the made in china is not in the middle so with my warning label this will show and that kind of takes away a little bit. I will be making my own dustcover so having no lids is okay.
Will there be more different colors in the future?


Awesome Jars

These are so nice! The color is nothing to worry about. My customers really like especially since I put a wood wick. I really would like to have a lid though candlescience

Blushcandle Co


Love these vessels. Great quality, arrived intact, love the dark gray color.

I know there are not currently lids available...hoping for lids soon! I am going to wait to include these containers as part of my candle offerings until lids are available.


Great Vessel

Fantastic quality. Beautiful jar. I tried with a wooden wick, ECO 14 and 2 Eco 8s all from candlescience. The double wick was the best so far.
Just BEWARE. This jar is more like a steel blue/gray color - more blue than gray - NOT BLACK! I may purchase the white vessels instead of this color. Overall, very impressed with the quality. 2 thumbs up!

Elle B.

These are great. The quality is AMAZING. My only issue is the color. The picture posted make the charcoal one look more black but they are actually gray with a bluish tint. If these were a matte black I would have no problem at all.


I absolutely love these! I purchased both colors and use 6006 wax with 10% FO. The recommended wick is Eco 8 however that did not give me a full melt pool. Waiting on more wicks to be shipped to finish my testing.


I absolutely love these jars, my only complaint is that there are no lids for them.


Affordable + luxurious

I used to purchase the same vessels from a competitor company, so happy to see them here at CS for reasonable price! I love these vessels. They are also reusable which is a plus for the majority of my customers!

Lana Bencosme

Absolute Luxury!

I really love these in charcoal and white. I think the name Slate would be better suited for the charcoal ones, as it does give a bit of a blue gray. This does not bother me at all though. I ordered one dozen of each color to test and I am in love with both. They are very high-end and luxury feeling. A great weight (although I'm sure I will hate this when I ship to customers) and the matte finish is beautiful. I have had trouble with wicking and have ordered more to try to find the right fit. The ceramic does not get hot, which I personally love because it allows for a slower burning candle, but it's keeping me from getting a full melt pool. I use 464 wax and CD wicks and I have tried CD 14, 16, and 18 so far with no luck. 18 is VERY close to a full melt pool but even after burning for a few hours I'm left with a bit of a rim all the way around. I have ordered CD 20 to try out and I have high hopes this will work. Once I figure that out I will most definitely be ordering more of these.

I am interested to see what my customers have to say about no lids. I am aiming to make dust covers and then create nice boxes to package them in. I think this will work nicely and maybe the lack of lids will help to balance out my cost on these since they are much more expensive than regular glass jars.

Overall could not be more pleased! Great purchase, please don't ever stop making these!


Amazing Vessels - Top Quality

I absolutely LOVE these vessels. The quality of these ceramic jars is unmatched in anything I've seen from any company, and they are straight on point. I can't find any imperfections except for maybe the price, but I think that is to be expected for something ceramic AND this high quality. You could easily build a luxury line around these. My only suggestion: find or make lids for these CandleScience!

Scott Friend


I love these ceramic tumblers! The tumblers feel sturdy and I love the matte charcoal color. These are going to be a great addition to my shop!


I love, love, love these jars but would like to know what size lids fit this jar. There are other vendors who sell wooden lids which I love but I need to know what size I should order that would fit these particular jars?

Thank you,

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Unfortunately, we don't carry lids for these jars as of yet. Make sure to stay tuned to our email newsletters for any updates!

nice jar

i bought a dozen of these to test out. The vessel is great. Nice size. Good quality. My only complaint is that it is not dark gray/black like the picture. These are more of an ashy navy blue color. If you dont mind that, then these are great.


These are so cute!

I love how these look and they go very well with my aesthetic. They are heavy too and scream luxury. These are perfect. I am currently waiting on my order for the white ones .


Great Candle Jar! Lid options?

I love the matte finish and the luxurious feel of this jar. I highly recommend it. Is there a lid option for this jar?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thanks for your question! We currently do not have a lid option for this jar.

candle maker in the making

I am ordering these this week. I know i want to add atleast one glass jar and two colorful jars to my line, black being one of them and another color in blush pink rose gold-ish. I hope to one day see this color on the candle science website, ive seen these colors or something close to these colors from websites i have yet to hear of so im not trusting ordering from those sites, but wishful thinking from my lips to candle science ears that a nice matte blush pink ceramic jar with a rose gold lid will make its way here soon. But no pressure.


EXACTLY as expected

These jars are very well made and the finish is stunning. Charcoal is what was expected and what was received - the finish is more gray than black, but easily blends with most designs (coming from and interior designer). LOVE these jars!!


Great, but I expected it to be darker

I love the jar! I will be purchasing the white ones as well. My only issue is that they're more of a green toned gray, not charcoal/grayish/black. Unfortunately, I can't use these, but that doesn't mean they're not a great product.


Why post a negative review

I see the negative review that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the jar, just an "I don't like and it's definitely not black, more like dark grey... Lol, charcoal IS dark grey, not black.
These jars are just as described and look perfect with correct labeling.


These are nice but not what I was expecting. Definitely not a black container. More of a deep grey. Not quite the luxury item I was hoping for.


Beyond Happy!

I ordered the Charcoal Matte & I can’t wait to order the White, I was totally impressed by the color & the weight , I love how my candles look in these vessels! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future, these have totally helped me revamp my line and I will be stocking up as much as possible ! Candle Science these are amazing!

Leah - Soulful Spirit Candle Co.

I ordered in both Charcoal and White. I’ve spent way too much time looking for ceramic vessels and I finally placed orders with a few vendors . These are great, I’m seriously loving them. The quality is on par with other ceramic vessels I ordered that were 2x the cost 😳. The ability to purchase lids and additional colors would be fantastic . But honestly , even without lids these look so nice.


Love these jars

I love these jars both the white and the charcoal grey. Will definitely be buying more.

Darla Gracia

So Nice !

These are beautiful jars. The color is awesome and feel very high end. I will be buying these jars again.


Gray, not so matte

The white ceramic jars are nice, however, the gray is not what I expected. Although the description says Charcoal, in my mind I still expected black or close to it. It is indeed a medium gray and it's not so matte. I have other matte jars from another company that reflects a true matte. These are more so semi matte. I will repurchase and recommend the White. Not so sure about the gray. Also, on the bottom of the jars, there is a permanent logo stamp from the factory its made from. Lastly, I was looking forward to a heavier ceramic to give a high end feel. These are on the lighter side. Hope this helps.