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8 - 54 cases $15.97 $1.33 /pc
55 - 109 cases $15.51 $1.29 /pc
110+ [pallet] $15.14 $1.26 /pc
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Product Update: December 11, 2017

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the quality and availability of this product. We've transitioned to a new painting vendor for all of our black straight sided tumbler jars.

What's Different?

  1. The color coating is now on the outside of the jar.
  2. The coating allows the flame to be more visible.

We hope this information will help you decide if these new jars will be suitable for your line.

- The CandleScience Team

Sleek and modern, our Black Straight Sided Tumbler Jars have a glossy outer coating that diffuses candlelight for a softer glow.

We also carry the straight sided tumbler jar in clear, white and amber.

How much wax will it hold?
Wax Weight (to fill line) - 8.5 oz.
Volume (to overflow) - 11.16 fl. oz.

Looking for a lid? Try our silver or bronze metal flat lids.

Made in the USA

Need packaging for this jar?

Try our kraft and white straight sided tumbler boxes! Specifically designed to insure a perfect fit, our tumbler boxes "pop" into shape in seconds. See more features ❯

Height 3.375 inches
Diameter 3.1875 inches

Average Rating:

(based upon 30 reviews)

Just wanted to take a moment to commend CS for outstanding customer service. I did a review two days ago on the black tumbler that was not in favor of the product. Amanda from CS personally gave me a call and we quickly came up with a resolution. CS is aware of the problem with the black tumblers and they are working to fix the issue. In honesty, I probably won't order any more of the tumblers in black until the paint issue is resolved, but I do love CS products and will continue to be a loyal customer. I never had an issue where I needed customer service, but as pleasant as the encounter went that makes my loyalty even greater.

We had been waiting for a while now to order these particular tumblers as CS was on backlog themselves. I was a little disappointed when I got my order to find that a couple of the jars were damaged to the point where we would not be able to sell them. We found what appeared to be swirled smudges and knicks or dings on a couple of tumblers. At the cost to buy and ship these tumblers, you would think that everything would be in order.

Updated review

Unfortunately, I have to revise my review after some testing.

Paint falls off from the front easily which is definitely not an improvement.

When I showed this to our private client who has waited for these new ones to come in they rejected them on the spot and we have to order new ones for them from overseas.

Happy with the new tumblers

I'm very happy with the new tumblers. Coating is finally consistent and they are all black on the outside and still with a shiny finish.


I was excited once I seen these tumblers back in stock, and improved despite some of previous reviews. I am just starting my own 'at home' business and thought these would be the perfect jars to start with for a quality product. I can say that despite shipping being nearly the same price as a single box of jars, that it arrived quickly. Opening up 2 boxes I discovered much what has already been talked about before. Nearly if not every single jar has some sort of scuffing along both the rim and along the bottom of the sides where they seem to be rubbing in the packaging. I can see black paint on the dividers in the packaging as well. It seems like the insides are painted still as well, as I did a fingernail scratch on the inside and there's still black capable of coming off. These jars are NOT reusable at all. I imagine having to be extremely light-handed when cleaning them out for a new candle or reuse. Unfortunately as a startup at home business I have had extremely poor luck in finding the resources I need (two previous sellers have folded after purchasing a small jar stock, such luck!) and I can only hope that they read these reviews and do something about quality control when it comes to these tumblers. They are a beautiful product and I just hope they do something about the quality of paint and shipping damage. (foam covers over each jar would probably prevent the rubbing honestly) Till then I think I am going to attempt to find the similar jars elsewhere.


I had high hopes for the "improved" version of these tumblers but they're so disappointing. The black paint on the outside is messy, scuffed and incomplete. I use wraparound labels and due to the imperfection of the glass itself I have to reapply the label; now this process peels off the paint! So sad.

Not a fan of the painting on the outside of these jars!

I was so excited that these were back in stock after waiting so long for them. Unfortunately, once they arrived I realized they were not the same and the new ones do not survive shipping well. The outside of almost every jar has rubbing marks from the packaging. Where they touched the sides of the dividers the containers are even less shiny. I ordered 10 boxes of these! I have only opened 3 so far, the ones that had broken ones in them. They are more of a matt finish, I am concerned that any wax that gets on the outside is going to change the finish as well.

Excited for the new tumblers!

I left a previous review and I wanted to leave an updated one; I was so impressed with the Candlescience team contacting me personally via telephone to let me know they were working on improving these tumblers. Talk about exceptional customer service!

Needless to say I am incredibly excited to receive the updated tumblers and so pleased to see them back in stock.

Thank you so much CandleScience! 🖤

Going elsewhere for glassware

I love Candlescience but these tumblers have caused more frustration than success. There is virtually no quality control with the manufacturer. Many of the tumblers I've had to ditch because of bubbles, wobbly glass or dents; which make it impossible for wraparound labels. Beyond the lack of quality, the most frustrating part is the price (way too much for crap glass and throwaways) and I am going to CAP HERE BECAUSE IT'S MINDBLOWINGLY IRRITATING TO CONSTANTLY FIND THESE TUMBLERS OUT OF STOCK AT THE BUSIEST TIMES OF THE YEAR. Done, found a better supplier.


This review is for CandleScience itself. The jars are beautiful, but the fact that they haven't gotten it together with quantities before the Holidays is really disappointing. If you are someone thinking of using these and need a consistent supplier, LOOK ELSEWHERE. These along with the white and amber have gone on back order right in the middle of the busiest time of the year.

Underwhelmed and not 9 oz to fill

I'm with everyone else about these jars. The finish is not up to standard. Whatever clear coat they use on this is spotty and more glossy in certain spots. That being said, I'm still ordering more for the time being because they fit well with the white boxes they pair them with and I'm under a deadline. But seriously find some different ones because these should be better quality.

Also, they're definitely not 9oz to fill. Maybe 8.5? I'm still trying to get it down myself, but 9oz would overflow and then some. They ARE roughly 11 fl oz to overflow so I'm not sure how the fill measurement got messed up, but it did.

The Black Tumbler is too opaque

I like the look and feel of the container. You can't really reuse them unless you take care in cleaning them, they do scratch.
The major problem is that the Black Tumblers that I received have no light showing through the sides. From the side I had to check to make sure the candle hadn't extinguished. I was doing a multi batch test burn of the amber, white and black tumblers and the black ones might as well have gone out. They should show some flicker through the glass. Someone said they has a purple glow, something like that. Mine are dark, opaque.

Too expensive for a small business

The tumblers are lovely, but too expensive to be "painted glass". Also, for small businesses it a huge expense to incur. Please consider lowering the price of your colored tumblers.


I was excited to see Candle Science carrying other options for containers. Unfortunately, these black jars are very inconsistent. I currently have 5 cases and not sure what to do with them because of the imperfections found on several per case.


I LOVE THESE JARS but I wish the price will decrease a lot.

Decent jars

I developed my first candle line with these jars. They are very classy and hide soot from the igi 4627 wax that I use. Candlescience discontinued them for some time, but now I see that they are selling them again.

I will not be ordering anymore for two reasons: First, they may discontinue them again in the future. I have already found a different glass supplier that is more reliable and consistent. Candlescience is known for their oils, not their glassware. For hobbyists these will fit the bill but to produce on a larger scale I would suggest getting containers from a dedicated glass company.

Second, quality control is lacking. I would say that one jar out of every case I ordered had some deformity that made it unusable. Some had dents. Some were more square than circular. The diameters were not the same, etc... They just seemed pretty cheap and there were a fair number that I kept just for testing bc I didnt feel comfortable selling them. I do like the overall design and have searched for them elsewhere, but I have no desire to buy these particular jars again.

Love these jars!

I bought these because of how simple they look and the glossy black color. When they arrived, I fell more in love with them. They are just beautiful and will be a great addition to my candle line! Thanks Candle Science!

Beautiful Jars but way too pricey

Not colored glass, which might make the reason for the high price seem sensible. But they arent. They are simply painted glass. Beautiful none the less. They are great jars but the price is ridiculous to say the least. Add a jar and shipping and youve got to over charge your customers to break even. Please CS lower the price!!!

A decent little tumbler...

I love that these are jet black, but I also hate it! Not being able to see the flame through the glass is difficult when you're wick testing. The glass is also inordinately thin so this tumbler can get scorching hot. The glass is painted black on the inside and many of them could have used an additional coat.

I will say that these tumblers look sleek and they provide killer throws due to their wider diameter.

I really do like these jars. They are a little over priced though for PAINTED jars. I wanted black glass and didn't realize that they were just black painted jars. If you wash them too hard they will scratch inside. I like, but can be made way better.

Colored Jars

I've been waiting for Candle Science to get colored jars for awhile & these will make perfect jars for the men, but the price is too high. Plz lower the price, w/shipping it's just not worth the cost for a small business owner. Waiting...

Black Jars

I love these Jars but can't find Gold lids for them. The ones sold through CS look a little cheap to me Does anyone know where I can get some? Help!

Looks cool

I think these are very cool and pretty and I will most likely order them, but I would like to see the price come down a little

I love these sleek and modern containers. I just wish they were a tad thicker and taller. I use Golden Brands 464 and the CSN 26 wick and they work perfectly!

I love the black & white glasses but it would be great if the price dropped a bit..

too expensive

These are just way too expensive. Especially by the time you add a lid and THEN also for shipping.
These are great, but need to be much lower cost


I am in the process of making men's candles in the black jars. I'm currently testing out wicks, I tried Eco 14, there is no mushrooming but I did get some tunneling. I would love to know what size wick everyone else is trying for this. I am also using Golden Soy Wax 464 as well. Just a FYI these are lovely jars and I think they'll be a huge it.


Just Beautiful and well made I love them
bought black white and amber
Thanks CS


Just got these last week and they are absolutely stunning! I love the look of these they are so sleek!


Just received these yesterday along with the Kraft boxes! They are beautiful jars. I've been waiting a long time for candlescience to get colored jars. I hope these are here to stay!