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Our Wick Stickers Pro are highly heat resistant, have a low profile, and stick better than any wick stickers we’ve tested before. They are half as thick as our other wick stickers, allowing for less leftover wax at the bottom of container candles and a longer burn time.

This large size is perfect for our 3" and 6" wicks.

Wick stickers maintain a secure hold up to 180° F.

- Peel the tab from the paper and apply to the bottom of your wick assembly.
- Peel off the paper tab and press firmly to a clean dry surface.

Use Wick Stickers along with the EZ Wick Setter for perfectly centered and secure wicks.

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Made in the USA
Diameter 3/4"
Thickness 1/32"
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

(based upon 34 reviews)

Works Great

I go through a 1000 roll a week. I have yet to have a "defective" roll as people are saying. I use mostly tin. When I use glass I find that i have to make sure there is no dust, but that's on me not the sticker. I used to use a cheaper sticker that would come detached when i poured wax in, that's when i learned that you have to make sure your not too hot as that cheaper brand was only good for 160. I pour around 170-180 and never have a problem with these. Excellent as always.

NYC Nick

All of the reviews are accurate. Sometimes these stickers are amazing, sometimes they are lackluster. The last batch I ordered did not stick very well to the bottom of the vessel when I tried to tighten the wick for drying. The ones I ordered before were fantastic. They're just so inconsistent.

Great stickers

These worked perfectly! Sticks well to both container and wick! Low profile is a great plus!


I have purchased these wick stickers (not the roll) in the past with no issues however, the last two orders (not the rolls) of these 8/10 didn’t stick. Very disappointed and it was frustrating to see this after I poured all the candles.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We'd be happy to help. Our support team has reached out to you via email!

I also had one roll where it seemed like most would not stick. I soon quit using the roll because of the mess it created. I will say though, that I have used from a different new roll and they are great so I am hoping it was only one flawed batch. So far I do plan to continue using them.

Amy Schrock

I've been happy for the last year with these wick stickers until the last roll I purchased. This last batch didn't stick once I poured the hot wax and they were ruined. Seems like several others people have experienced this recently so I hope you figure out what caused this and fix it. I've been a loyal customer but this is disappointing :(

Glitzy Girl Candles
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your wick stickers, however, a member of our support team has reached out to better assist you!

Great stickers

These stickers are great for me, and I have not had any of the sticking issues as others have stated in comments. I've purchased all of the different pack size options as well, but have not come across any issues. These stick great!

Sparta Candle Co.

Looks like I'm not the only one experiencing issues with this once flawless product. This bad batch has created a total nightmare for my business.

Will not stick

I have bought these stickers before, and they have worked fine. However, My last batch was defected because while pouring the wax, the sticker came off.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the Wick Stickers Pro. A member of our support team has reached out to you to assist you further!

Bad Batch

I've been using these for forever but my last roll the wicks are just releasing and won't hold. I'm disappointed and hoping CandleScience will correct the issue quickly. I have a history of ordering these and have never had a problem. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars but this batch - NO GOOD. I'd say wait to order or call in and speak to someone before purchase. Something is wrong with the adhesive. CandleScience please reach out to me I've made contact with you I'd like to be refunded and have a new roll sent ASAP as I can't make any candles until I have tabs that work.

Devin Strickler
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We're happy to have helped!

Will not stick anymore

Just received a new order of these and they have separated from the wick once wax was poured Not sure what happened but I’ve had success with them in the past but this package is not good at all. In fact all the candles that I place came undone when using them.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team will be reaching out shortly!

Best Wick Stickers

Love the low profile of these wick stickers. I've ordered them countless times now and the only time I run into a stickiness-related problem is if I had forgotten to preheat my jars. I find they stay in place the entire time the candle is burning and I get a lot less wax left over at the bottom of my jars.

These are great - and so is customer service.

I have had issues with the stickiness of these in the past, but they are now resolved! Customer service is great & is on board to help whenever there's any issue with these or any CS product, just contact them! I have also learned that during humid months if I have my jars out of the boxes on my worktable, the humidity causes sticky issues so I've learned not to do this anymore! I am a pro-wick sticker lifer.

Sticky with simple maneuvers

I LOVE these wick stickers. They are super thin so you are left with much less wax at the bottom than you would be left with the regular wick stickers. I was getting a lot of complaints from people who bought my candles that there was too much wax left over once the wick was fully burnt, but since I made the switch to these wick stickers, I haven't gotten complaints (progress!). I do have one complaint (hence why it is 4 stars out of 5) and that is they tend not to fully adhere to the mason jars. Buyers beware: if you are going to use these with the mason jars from candle science, make sure to bend the wick tabs to a somewhat concave shape in order for the wick stickers to do their jobs. The bottom of the jars aren't flat, so you have to get the tab to get a similar shape as the jars themselves. If you don't bend the wick tabs when using the mason jars, these wick stickers won't do you much justice. A lot of people writing reviews say these aren't as sticky... in reality, they are SUPER sticky... but I just believe they aren't finding ways to get it to stick. I haven't tried using these on other jars and I do plan on making the switch to the straight threaded jars, so hopefully I don't have to bend the wick tabs to get these bad boys to stick. TL;DR these are great but you have to be aware of the type of jar you are using.

Lindsey R

I had switched to the pro series of stickers when they first came out and they were great. I just opened a roll of pro stickers I purchased in January and they are horrible. I can barely get any of them to stick to the bottom of my jars. The jars have been cleaned and then wiped with a microfiber cloth and they are still not sticking. It is almost like some of the rolls were miss marked and we were sent the older regular stickers instead.


These were amazing when first launched but something has changed. They do not stick anymore. They pop right off all glass jars. What gives?!

Kim - Heirloom Candles
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thank you for leaving a review. Our support team has reached out via email to better assist you!

I thought I would try these, but I will go back to the thicker stickers. They will no stick, I had to re-make a whole batch of candles, very disappointed with these.

Best Wick Stickers

The Wick Sticker PRO are the best I have come across in my candle production. I have been using the Wick Sticker PRO for over a year and I have never had an issue with either the stickers on the flat sheet or the 1000 roll not adhering to my glass tumblers. We do heat our glass vessels to 100 degrees prior to pouring for proper wax glass adhesion and the warm bottom of our vessels creates a secure hold and solid base for the wicks. The wick stickers stick every time, and they hold during the pouring process and for the consumer as they burn our candles with very little wax left over. I am happy and my customers are very happy that our candles burn all the way down leaving little wax in the vessels. All and all, great product. You won't be disappointed.

Pour & Penchant

Never have I had a problem with the wick stickers until now....poured 12 8oz Tins and 6 10oz jars and EVERY ONE of the stickers came loose. I have never had to heat anything before sticking. Not a happy camper. Wasted money.

Tall Pine Candles
Did something change?

I switched the Pro a while back and never had any issues with them. They've always stuck to the jars great/never had any lifting. Until my most recent order. They do not work at all. I was told the same thing as a previous reviewer below - heat the jars (which takes a considerable amount of time) and they'll stick fine. Doesn't work. They still lift. The stickiness is completely different compared to previous rolls I've had. CS what changed?

They don’t stick

I use the 8oz candle tins, have been for the last 3 years, and the normal stickers worked just fine. Then one day, the normal stickers started lifting up as soon as I poured on a new lot of tins (I use a box of 120 tins about every 2 weeks)... so I bought the pro ones... same thing. I’m wondering if there was a change to the coating on the candle tins?

Very Disappointed

Up until now I have had no problems whatsoever with the wick stickers from Candlescience. This last lot I received are absolutely awful. The moment I opened them I could feel the "stickiness" was different and they all lifted once I poured the wax. I was told to heat the jars, that perhaps the glass wasn't level etc. but why the sudden change when the previous ones worked perfectly. The strips of 12 were the best, the ones I received on the roll were definitely inferior and wasted me a lot of time. (Following the new directions failed also).

Pat Richardson
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We were glad we were able to help resolve this issue for you!


I have been in business for over 6 Yrs and have been afraid to change products. This has been the great switch. Love the tabs and they are quick and very easy. Thanks Candle Science!

SemiColon Soy Candles
CEO - Wisco Home Goods

I tried these today for the first time. We've been selling candles for 2 years, and I never knew making them could be so easy. We heat our jars to 170 degrees, because our oven doesn't go any lower. I was able to use the stickers and the Wicksetter to quickly put the wick in each jar. If you're worried about spending the money and getting no return on investment, these are a no brainer. I can't believe I waited so long to try them out.

HUGE Improvement

I've always loved the idea of these wick stickers, but I always had an issue with them - not necessarily with their staying and sticking power, but more with their size. Although they perfectly fit the diameter of the wick base itself, they were so thick that they caused too much wax to remain on the bottom of the candle after the final burns. No more. These "pro" version of the wick stickers are absolutely PERFECT. They are so thin that I nearly had trouble getting them off the paper, which is a good problem to have. They add NO noticeable height to the wicks themselves, and unless you are looking at them from the bottom, you can't even tell they are being used. I just bought both the single and multi wick setter devices, and these are the perfect companion to those devices. If you have been holding back for the same reasons I was, do yourself a favor and TRY these pro stickers out - you won't be disappointed!

Updated Review - Much Better!

I ordered these stickers a few months ago and wrote a negative review about the lack of stickiness... I contacted the company and they let me know that there was a defective batch and they sent me new stickers right away! The new stickers are incredibly sticky and work GREAT!


I was excited to try a new wick sticker that had a much lower profile. However once I started using them about 1/3 of my wicks lifting after pouring. I thought maybe it was the wick setter not being pushed down hard enough to create adhesion so I pushed every wick down by hand, but still they lifted off after pouring. Once I started using the regular stickies I had in stock the issue went away. I believe these don't have adhesive as strong as the originals and won't be using them again until the issue is resolved.

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for letting us know about the issues you had with these stickers! We were glad that we could help resolve it for you.

I had high hopes!

I love using the wick stickers. It makes wicking quick and easy. I use the regular large ones for most of my needs and saw these and thought, “even better!”
Professional they are not. About every 3 out of 10 wick stickers fell away from the jars once I pouted the wax! I even push my wick bases down with a butter knife to ensure they are adhered to the jars. These are not pro stickers. The other wick stickers are much better and you don’t have issues with them not adhering to your candle jars. I had double wicked some candles the night before, and they all had issues. Very dissapointed and I had such high hopes. Go with what works and buy the other wick stickers... I wasted money purchasing 1000 of these stickers! Oh well, live and learn.

Less sticky and hard to peel

I figured I'd try these "pro" stickers but I'm not really a fan. The backs are harder to peel off on these, staying stuck to the sticker and pulling the whole sticker off the sheet instead of removing the tab to expose the sticker. Then once I stick my wicks on them, everything basically just falls off the sticker sheet and I get a whole bunch of things stuck together, ruining several stickers at a time. The stickiness when inside the jar seems okay for now but the old stickers did just fine in that respect so I'll probably just stay with the old ones.

Brittany S.
Low profile? Yes. More sticky? Absolutely not.

I sprung for these after being a user of the regular candle science wick stickers.... these are far less sticky. They pop off the bottoms of my candles once I get my wick holder in place which the former ones NEVER did. I lost about 1/3 of my wicks once I get my candles set up for pouring. Horrible for productivity. I can’t imagine how they’re going to hold up in heat if they don’t even hold up at room temp. 2 stars for being low profile though as stated. I won’t be re ordering these. Did I get a bad batch?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you for contacting to us regarding your wick stickers. We checked our inventory and reached out to the manufacturer, and it does appear that we received a batch of Wick Stickers Pro that did not perform as expected. The issue has been resolved and we would love to help you further. Please reach out to us at and we'll make sure you are taken care of!

Owner - Ol' Factory

These are the best wick holders I have used. So happy to have prevented the "wick slide"!!

Excellent... but beware of jars with concave bottoms.

Personally, I never had a problem with the original Wick Stickers (as long as your jars are clean and dry) but I decided to give these a try. The new Wick Stickers Pro are excellent as well. My only issue is with a very small (1.25 oz) jar that I pour which has a very pronounced concave bottom. The lower profile of the Pro Stickers does not conform as well to the shape of jar. They still worked, as enough of the sticker was in contact with the jar to hold. Overall: Very Pleased!



best yet!

We were having some trouble with our stickers staying on the jars recently and tried these. Amazing! They are crazy sticky and love the low profile design. hoping to test out a candle soon to see the difference in how low the candle can burn. Thanks for coming up with a great new product!